WikiLeaks And The Shadow Brokers Are Inside Leaks From The Deep State

I’ve been contending for quite some time that the WikiLeaks releases of the Clinton State Department emails, the DNC emails, Podesta emails, and the Vault 7 CIA hacking tools and documents are all inside leaks.  Then the Shadow Brokers leaked last August that the had the Equation Group’s hacking codes last August.  The Equation Group is some shadowy organization within the NSA.  My guess they are highly compartmentalized like the Vault 7 CIA materials were, and both leaks are from deep state insiders.  The mainstream press, the US government, and especially the spy agencies don’t want to admit it.  Their Russia story is to deflect from their own crimes.  As a bonus they use the Russia lie to discredit the Trump administration.  I say WikiLeaks and the Shadow Brokers are inside leaks from the deep state, and I will tell you why.

WikiLeaks is currently releasing the CIA Vault 7 hacking weapons and subsequent documents to the entire world.  They are doing it in what I consider a responsible manner.  They are not releasing the weapons themselves, but enough to let the technology sector know where their devices and programs are vulnerable.  This allows those companies to develop security patches to stop further hacking and protect their customers.  It also exposes that the CIA cyber weapons arsenal is not safe and that embarrasses the CIA.

The Shadow Brokers just dumped a bunch of the NSA secret cyber weapons in their full code onto the internet on April 14.  Unlike WikiLeaks, the Shadow Brokers directly warned President Trump on April 8th not to forget his campaign promises after he bombed Syria.  On that day they dumped their older NSA cyber weapons that are mostly obsolete to stress they were serious.  Trump dropped a MOAB in Afghanistan, made more threats at Syria, and started escalating tensions with North Korea.  Now the NSA cyber weapons are available to criminals on the internet.  Friday May 12, the worst ransonware attack in history happened using one of those NSA cyber weapons.  Computers in 150 countries were taken hostage by the malicious software, and a ransom demand had to be paid or the data on those computers was destroyed.

Now the two leaks I just described are from small groups within the CIA and NSA.  They are carefully compartmentalized programs that most likely store their documents and weapons on computers not accessible to the internet.  That means in each case, a person with a proper security clearance had to physically download the data onto a thumb drive or similar device and smuggle it out.  Considering the size of the leaks so far, that might mean using 20 or 30 thumb drives.  These are insider leaks, and they are directly attacking their own organizations.

For some reason I started to believe last fall that there was a small group of disgruntled deep state insiders that were attacking the Clinton campaign.  I reasoned that a small group of recently retired and a small group still within the intelligence agencies had joined together to overthrow the establishment.  Where I am going with my theory is getting more evidence by the day to give it credit.  It may be that the people behind the WikiLeaks documents are also the same people behind the Shadow Brokers dump.  I will start at the beginning of my reasoning and bring anyone reading this up to speed.

Back when WikiLeaks first released the Hillary Clinton State Department emails back in March 2016, the blaming Russia stunk to high heaven.  The Russians could have hacked the emails.  That was very possible, since the FBI confirmed her private server kept in the bathroom of her home had been hacked by at least 5 separate parties.  I was trying to figure out the reasons the Russians would choose the beginning of the primary season to release them to WikiLeaks.  It didn’t make since because Congress, the Senate, and the FBI had been searching for those emails for a long time. If Russia wanted Hillary Clinton in jail, they would have released them sooner.  Those emails proved Clinton mishandle classified documents which is a felony.  Intent does not matter in charging and prosecuting that crime, regardless of what former FBI Director James Comey said on July 5th, 2016.

The incriminating evidence is the second reason the Russia story smells so bad.  First is several of the documents deal with a Special Access Program so secret, they couldn’t even say its name in Congressional hearings.  It is most likely an NSA connected satellite organization that operates under diplomatic State Department cover, and is black books funded.  Her possession of those documents on an unsecured server quite possibly equated to the level of treason.  It definitely was the kind of information unsecured could have gotten her impeached if she became President.  That gave Russia a reason not to share the hacked emails in hopes to blackmail a President Hillary Clinton later.  She was after all favored to win.

Those documents dealing with a highly classified Special Access Program gives the Russians a glimpse into one of our most secret spy agencies. That would give Russia some knowledge of the SAP’s capabilities.  It might have blown the cover of the identities of some of their operatives. By putting together known associates, and a little surveillance, Russia might be able to piece together part of its structure.  Those are both valuable bits of intelligence, and something the Russians would want to keep secret.  Your opponent will keep making the same mistakes if they don’t know they are compromised.  That means Russia giving those emails to WikiLeaks is bad strategy in the intelligence game.

At the time of the Clinton State Department email WikiLeaks dump, I didn’t know who to suspect, but Russia didn’t make sense.  It could have been Guccifer, or some kid in his basement, or a pissed off NSA agent that was mad about Benghazi.

Then the DNC and Podesta email leaks were dumped by WikiLeaks at politically strategic times.  The DNC emails came out just days before the Democratic National Convention. They were released 12 days after Seth Rich’s murder.  He was a DNC staffer who was said to be in contact with WikiLeaks by former homicide detective Rod Wheeler who is investigating the death.  Seth Rich made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks.  This is documented in an FBI computer forensics report done on Seth Rich’s computer.

The DNC refused to allow the FBI to examine their email servers.  Instead the DNC turned to an independent security company called Crowdstrike which is known for falsely blaming Russia.  The release of the emails showed that the DNC rigged the primary elections in favor of Hillary Clinton.  This caused Bernie Sanders supporters to become enraged, and that turned the Democratic Convention into a clown show. The emails also showed that the DNC orchestrated the violent protests during the spring and summer at the Trump rallies.  Worse, they had the protesters dress as Sanders supporters to discredit his movement.  It also exposed that members of the mainstream media were colluding with high ranking DNC officials to write stories favorable to Hillary Clinton.

Now it is possible that Seth Rich was working alone.  It is quite possible he was young and naive and found himself sickened at the corruption that the emails exposed.  He may have gone to WikiLeaks alone and given them the documents.  Even though the Obama administration, Clinton campaign, and the DNC all blamed Russia and the mainstream media bought it hook, line, and sinker.  I know that is BS.

Something didn’t fit for me with the Seth Rich being a loan actor scenario. William Binney, a 36 year NSA veteran turned whistle blower, who also built much of the NSA’s internet spying capability, didn’t believe the Russia story.  Binney pointed at the NSA because it hacks and stores all digital communication.  He said he suspected deep state insiders did it. When he made this statement, he also said the same about the Clinton State Department Emails.

That made sense to me.  What happened in Benghazi on 9/11/12 leaving four Americans dead was taken as a betrayal by the White House and State Department by our intelligence people.  Those dead Americans should not have been in Benghazi without proper security precautions.  When the attack started, Washington DC had hours to respond and instead did nothing.  Those people were left to die for serving their country.  Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama were directly blamed for deserting our people serving overseas.  America’s spies had a very good reason to be angry.

I know a bit about how intelligence operatives work.  I grew up the son of an intelligence operative living all over the world.  They are strategic thinkers and work towards achieving goals.  Signals intelligence is one way of getting information.  Another way is human intelligence or developing contacts.  It is quite possible that a deep state insider, or a small group that is disgruntled decided to attack the political establishment.  They may have had the security clearance to access the Clinton State Department emails.  Then they may have downloaded them onto a thumb drive and delivered it to WikiLeaks.  With Seth Rich, they may have found a disillusioned young man sick with the corruption. That would allow them to worked with Seth Rich on releasing the emails. Whether Seth Rich was working alone or with a group in the intelligence community, it got him shot twice in the back.

Then in the middle of August a group called the Shadow Brokers disclosed that they had the NSA’s cyber hacking weapons arsenal.  They claimed to have the codes from what is most likely a highly classified and compartmentalized organization within the NSA called the Equation Group.  They were offering to auction off the cyber hacking weapons to the highest bidder for a million bitcoins. (about $600,000,000 at the time) The sample codes they released were authentic and dated to around the middle of 2013.

The New York Times article I linked to I found hysterical.  The Times is clueless in its reporting.  They keep making the claim that the cyber weapons were hacked, as though by an outside force.  They also allude to the fact that the Russians call the NSA the Equation Group.  My bet would be that the Russians refer the the NSA as the NSA and the compartmentalized Equation Group within the NSA as the Equation Group. Then they bring up the documents that Edward Snowden smuggled out of the NSA and never think it might be another internal leak.  They also failed to find it fascinating that WikiLeaks made a statement saying they had the same files as the Shadow Brokers.  I started to suspect there were insiders looking to destroy their own agencies and NSA was a target.

Then came the Podesta emails and I became sure of the strategic nature of the three email leaks.  The Clinton State Department email leak gave momentum to the Sanders campaign and it seriously challenged Clinton. The DNC email leaks happened right before their Convention and turned it into chaos that the mainstream media could not hide.  I was still up in the air but suspicious of the Shadow Brokers disclosure and current auction.  The Podesta emails lasting an entire month right before the election was a calculated strategic attack against the Clinton campaign.  It was drawn out over the full month to keep it fresh in the minds of Americans who are trained on the 24 hour news cycle.  It kept Americans seeing new Clinton corruption exposed every day before the election by the alternative media.

I wrote Is There A Deep State Coup Occurring? on Nov 4, 2016 for a number of factors.  The strategy of the email leaks through WikiLeaks seemed clear to me.  Then Steve Pieczenik released this video announcing that a group of deep state insiders were overthrowing the existing order through WikiLeaks.  Pieczenik is a long time deep state operative.  His assertion that the coup was just now occurring was silly because it obviously started with Clinton State Department emails if not before then. He was correct on one thing, on Nov 8th, the American public took to the voting polls and Donald Trump was elected.  The man who promised to drain the swamp in Washington DC won. The political and corporate establishment hated Trump and mainstream media lied about him, but Trump beat the odds.

Interestingly the WikiLeaks Podesta email leak ended right then and there. Only weeks before, Julian Assange claimed to have enough material to keep it going until December.  Then in December the Shadow Brokers announced that the auction was over and they dropped out of sight. Trump took office on Jan 20th and I felt certain the WikiLeaks in 2016 had all been aimed at bringing down Hillary Clinton.  I wondered if President Trump was just the lucky recipient.  It was possible that the leaks were also aimed to help him win the election.  That was still a question in my mind.

After President Trump took office it didn’t take long for the deep state leaks and mainstream media narrative long to get out of control.  Since December they had concocted the story that Trump and Putin conspired to hack the elections.  The mainstream media screamed that Trump was a Russian puppet on a daily basis.  The deep state anonymously leaked all kinds of crazy conspiracy stories to the press without presenting any evidence.  Then after leaking that National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn talked to the Russian ambassador before Trump took office, Flynn resigned on Feb 13.  The Trump administration retreated against the false Russia narrative by the establishment and mainstream media for the first time.

Three day later WikiLeaks release CIA documents showing how they interfered in the 2012 French elections.  The CIA and mainstream media were hyping that Russia interfered in our elections.  Suddenly proof hit the internet showing how the CIA interfered in foreign elections.  The CIA’s own documents incriminated themselves for election interference.

It is possible that documents such as those had been hacked.  I doubt such routine espionage was hidden on compartmentalized servers, but the timing of the release spoke volumes.  The Trump administration fought against the Russia false propaganda but had just been staggered. Suddenly WikiLeaks got CIA documents to discredit the CIA.  Clearly the disgruntled insider deep state leaks were happening and they were leaking to help President Trump.

The mainstream media ignored the WikiLeaks while the alternative media broadcast them loud and clear.  The mainstream media and deep state leaks pressed their attack on Russia hacking the election.  Soon they had AG Sessions on the ropes and then on March 7 WikiLeaks released the first of the CIA Vault 7 document leaks.  The first release showed that the CIA could change computer forensics to make any hack the CIA did look like it came from another country.  Before the internet and Photoshop a picture used to be solid evidence, now computer forensics could no longer be trusted.

WikiLeaks was clearly releasing the CIA cyber hacking weapons documents, not only to expose that the CIA can spy on anyone, but the timing speaks to an attempt to aid President Trump.  Sadly Trump has gone along with the establishment and the mainstream media in trying not to mention the WikiLeaks revelations.  WikiLeaks has completely discredited the CIA’s claim that Russia hacked our elections.  It even discredited any supposed proof that Russia hacked the Clinton, DNC, or Podesta emails.  President Trump could join the alternative media in exposing the CIA corruption for what it is, but he hasn’t.

WikiLeaks continued with their CIA Vault 7 document dump on March 23rd and has continued with weekly dumps.  There are now nine CIA document dumps on their cyber hacking capabilities.  The amount of information is staggering.  That the CIA lost control of such an arsenal ought to have the American people screaming for the CIA to be dismantled.  Instead the mainstream media keeps the Russia deception going while the FBI quietly begins an investigation for who in the CIA leaked the documents to WikiLeaks.  Now the Trump administration is looking to charge Julian Assange for espionage as a non-state intelligence actor. They look to take down WikiLeaks and its staff on similar charges.

Perhaps that is why I am not very surprised about what the Shadow Brokers did on April 14.  They clearly warned the Trump administration to remember their campaign promises.  People laugh about the grammar of the language used in that post out of ignorance.  How you write is like a fingerprint.  You grammar, phrasing, syntax, use of vocabulary and punctuation are all searchable and identifiable.  If the Shadow Brokers are deep state insiders like they claim, they had to file a lot of reports.  To write a post without disguising their use of language would be like leaving a fingerprint.  They dumped those cyber weapons so that they would be used just like in last weeks ransomware incident.  Now the entire world is pissed at the NSA for losing their cyber weapons.

The mainstream media and the deep state doesn’t want people to know they have a rebellion within the deep state.  They can’t hide it though. The Shadow Brokers made a new announcement last night promising more zero day hacking weapons dumps in June.  Today cyber security experts admitted that whoever is behind the Shadow Brokers is most likely an American deep state insider.


People within the intelligence community take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The CIA and NSA have been operating outside the Constitution for a long time.  Since 9/11, they have targeted American for illegal spying at an ever increasing rate. That has led to an upswing in whistle blowers.  Now it appears that a group may have targeted the CIA and NSA cyber hacking weapons around the same time.  That points to more than one person working together.

When you put it with the backdrop of the Clinton, DNC, and Podesta email dumps through WikiLeaks, it points toward a small group trying to achieve a specific goal.  There goal is to overthrow the current corrupt system.  That the Shadow Brokers and WikiLeaks claim to have the same NSA hacking exploits makes me suspicious.  I think the people leaking to WikiLeaks may also be the Shadow Brokers.  They were using WikiLeaks to take down Clinton and to help Trump.  Trump in turn broke promises and betrayed them, so now they look to enrage the world to take down the deep state.  This is unreal if my theory holds water.

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