Why PizzaGate Is Not Going Away Despite The Mainstream Media’s Desire

It becomes more amazing by the day as I surf through the media to find shocking stories not fully covered or hidden.  If you read my last article The Problem Is, PizzaGate Is Possible, you would think this topic would be making daily headlines.  It isn’t among the giants of the mainstream media.  When PizzaGate is discussed, it is to paint the alternate media as dangerous.  They even reached the point of creating a “fake news” list that includes real journalism like Breitbart and Info Wars.  The mainstream media wants to blind America from a possible Satanic sex trafficking ring involving the nation’s political elite.  The alternate media refuses to yield and continues to investigate what is known as PizzaGate.  They then share their articles on social media like Twitter and Gab. This is why PizzaGate is not going away despite the mainstream media’s desire.

Something I noticed is the lack of coverage on organized underage sex trafficking and child pornography investigations.  With a simple Google search I found this article about a child pornography bust by Ontario law enforcement in Canada.  80 people were arrested and 20 underage victims were identified in April 2016.  Law enforcement officials promise more arrests are coming.  I can’t remember hearing anything about it back in April, and there is little follow up coverage.  It made the mainstream news one day, only to fall silent the next.

If that sounds like a big child pornography operation, this one uncovered by Toronto authorities in 2013 dwarfs it.  400 children were rescued and at the time of this article, 348 people were arrested around the world.  This organized ring stretched through 50 countries and more arrests have been made since.  9 of those arrests were law enforcement officers.  The size and the scope of such a heinous crime being uncovered should be trumpeted.  Until a few days ago when I began actively searching, I can’t remember hearing about it.

Perhaps part of the fault is mine.  Perhaps because I didn’t search through every article published every day, my own ignorance is my own fault.  Maybe I remember a campaign in the 1980s and 1990s to claim organized Satanic child sex cults and massive child pornography rings were way over hyped. Wikipedia does a pretty good job of minimizing the subject.  I agree that people let their imaginations run away causing them to panic and believe things that are not true.  The lack of coverage by the mainstream media on the above listed stories is government driven.  If you look at the names of the accused listed at the bottom of the first article, you will notice a number of names were not released.  Why? Were they wealthy elite or politicians?  It makes one wonder.

The fact that law enforcement authorities have investigations shut down when they expose too much wrongdoing by government employees is well documented.  In 2010 a nationwide child pornography sting, Operation Flicker, was shut down after it revealed more than 1,700 Pentagon employees and contractors may have purchased illegal child pornography. This article written in July 2014 shows nothing ever came of the findings and that still holds true today.  That is a cover up on a monumental scale, and one that the mainstream media is complicit in by not reporting on it.

The mainstream media fails to do its duty and hold the government in check.  The government itself is criminal in protecting their employees from criminal prosecution in cases the government itself originally created.  Where there is smoke there is fire.  Far more criminal is the fact that the FBI on three separate occasions ran their own child pornography website. FBI created PlayPen and shared 23,000 images and videos of child pornography to lure in criminals.  It is incredible that the FBI became a major distributor of illegal child pornography, to entrap American citizens.  Rather than taking down such a disgusting site, the FBI instead became criminals themselves.

That is how it works in America.  The public is held to one standard of laws, and the government and the elite are immune to those laws.  The mainstream media is bought and paid for, and report what the elite want them to report.  The American population is fed a steady diet of propaganda and are expected to remain ignorant.

Perhaps England is beginning to break the habit of hiding the truth. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the growing coverage of Jimmy Savile.  Savile spent five decades sexually assaulting, raping, child molesting and humping corpses with impunity.  He was knighted into English royalty and was personal friends with the royal family.  A sick and twisted individual, the scandal on his behavior did not break until shortly after his death in 2011.  Even dead, the growing coverage by English media is damaging the image of government law enforcement, the government run BBC, and the political elite and royalty.  It is exposing that these entities actively covered up for Savile’s demented criminal behavior.

In America we still have a mainstream media silence on the organized sex trafficking occurring in our own country.  Something changed in America over the last decade.  The alternate media has changed the equation.  We can thank radio talk show hosts like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh for creating a new foundation of truth.  Then came Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart and they built strong internet media platforms of truth telling on that foundation.  Then independent bloggers and YouTubers started their own independent streams to expose the truth.  With the internet, the era of a captive audience to be fed constant propaganda is at an end.

It is through the inexpensive means of being able to research that I found out one of the most interesting facts that points to the possibility of PizzaGate being real.  It came from Andrew Breitbart on Feb 4 2011.

AndrewBreitbart ✔ @AndrewBreitbart

How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.

4:21 PM – 4 Feb 2011  6,025 Retweets  5,967 likes

A year before his death, Breitbart declared war on John Podesta.  He flatly accused Podesta of being a criminal and possibly knew something about PizzaGate.  At the time Breitbart was also exposing the number of rapes occurring with the Occupy movement.  His website pushed that narrative so hard that it was forcing the mainstream media to print counter stories in defense of Occupy.  It is possible that the above Tweet was referring to the rapes of underage kids in the Occupy movement, and the mainstream media silence surrounding it.  That media silence was driven by powerful political operatives like John Podesta.  We will never know with Breitbart’s untimely death.

What makes Andrew Breitbart’s death so interesting is the timing. Breitbart promised to release video footage of Barack Obama from his college days alongside former Weather Underground terrorists Bill and Bernardine Dohrn.  This footage was speculated to possibly derail President Obama’s run at a second presidential term.  Was Breitbart poisoned?  There are toxins that are almost undetectable that can simulate a heart attack.  Breitbart was officially declared dead at 12:19am March 1 2012 just hours before he was going reveal this video evidence.  Then the coroner who performed the autopsy on Breitbart died just hours before the release of the official cause of death report.

Some may say that me drawing such lines linking two mysterious deaths to the political elite like a John Podesta or the Obama administration is crazy conspiracy theory.  Is it?  We know John and Tony Podesta, two of the most powerful democratic political operatives take part in Marina Abramovic’s spirit cooking.  James Alefantis who owns Comet Ping Pong also is connected to her from his Instagram posts.  We know that her artwork depicts fantasized scenes Satanic ritual torture and murder.  If she goes so far as to create mimics of such gruesome scenes, would she actually perform them in real life if given the opportunity?  Would the people that follow and admire such work be willing to in real life, order an assassination?

These are the very real questions that are brought up because of the timing of the deaths of Breitbart and his coroner.  We know from John Podesta’s emails that him and his brother appreciate and follow Satanic ritual practice.  We know from Tony Podesta’s collection of artwork that he likes scenes of half naked children being abused.  The posters advertising art shows that hang on the walls of Comet Ping Pong allow us to know James Alefantis likes artwork depicting children preforming sex acts with adults.  Alefantis is ranked 49th as the most politically influential person living in Washington DC.  All of these things I document well in The Problem Is, PizzaGate Is Possible.  Then the question becomes, would these people be capable of running a Satanic cult dedicated to pedophilia, child torture, and murder?

Looking at the NW Washington DC block that Comet Ping Pong is located on, all the businesses are Hillary supporters.  Besta Pizza two doors down had an original logo known in the FBI’s pedophilia code for “boy lovers”. They changed that logo recently most likely due to the attention PizzaGate has brought.  The owner of Besta Pizza is Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DOJ.  That should have made him aware of what his original logo’s symbolism meant, but somehow he missed it. There is a skull and crossbones with 322 imprinted in the concrete sidewalk in front of the entrance to Politics & Prose bookstore. That is a known occult symbol.

Taking these facts leads me to believe this group all owns these shops and restaurants on the same block for a reason.  There are rumors of underground tunnels linking the properties.  It is possible that they are using these abandoned tunnels as a prison for kidnapped kids, but I have doubts.  Gas lines and electricity cables are most likely below the streets. Washington DC employs workers to maintain the sewers and other below ground utilities.  There is too much chance of having a random work crew stumble onto an underground prison.  Likewise, I find that the restaurants are used to perform illegal sex acts doubtful also.  I have worked in and managed in the restaurant and bar industries for 23 years, there is too much exposure to strangers and such illegal acts would be witnessed and reported.

My line of reasoning would turn to ownership of nearby properties to this block.  Is there a abandoned building or a set of row houses nearby owned by these people or the Podestas?  If they are operating a Satanic cult or an underage brothel, private property is a far more secure way of operating. The public venues of the stores and restaurants may just serve as a signalling post to pedophiles or cult members so they can make contact and purchase their illicit goods.

I think some of the answers lay in the artwork of Ria Pratt.  Alefantis is drawn to it and at first glance it will disgust a normal person.  Ria Pratt is one of Kim Nobles multiple personalities.  The images she paints of ritualized pedophilia, imprisonment, and torture by groups of adults comes from somewhere.  The Ria personality remembers such things happening to her as a child.  There are other cases similar.  That makes me believe such Satanic cults may indeed exist.  Alefantis and others like him create a market for such art, because it appeals to their mentality.

PizzaGate is leading to some interesting questions to the individual journalists of the alternate media.  How can we trust law enforcement to do their jobs?  The owner of Besta Pizza is supposed to prosecute the very thing we suspect him of being a part of.  The child porno rings in Canada reveal that law enforcement officers were charged with sex crimes.  Our own FBI is guilty of selling child pornography.

That leads to the question, if you find direct evidence of criminal child pornography or child prostitution, how do you report it?  If you share images or details online, that may cause you to be charged with distributing illicit materials.  Sharing with a corrupt prosecutor may cause you to have a sudden unexpected heart attack like Andrew Breitbart.

I think the answer in this, is if you do find incriminating evidence, share it as widely as is wise.  Contact not only the FBI and DOJ, but also the city police vise unit, the county sheriff’s department, and the state police with the incriminating evidence.  They can’t all be corrupt, and your best protection against retaliation is to get the information into multiple hands.  Once too many eyes are on it, you being the source becomes less important.  This will lead the criminals into ass covering mode rather than eliminating the possible source mode.  Being less important does not guarantee your safety, but it increases the odds you will remain safe.


My biggest question comes from the 24,600 followers of Marina Abramovic on Twitter.  Is it possible that a small percentage of these people that follow Satanic worship are actually willing to form a secret cult that kidnaps children to perform unspeakable acts in real life?  That in essence the core of the PizzaGate investigation.  The Podesta emails and Anthony Weiner’s computer being seized by the NYPD created the atmosphere and evidence to this scandal and investigation.  There are a lot of links between the Podestas, Alefantis, Kline, Abramovic, the Clintons, and even the White House itself.

There may indeed be a Satanic cult guilty of the crimes the PizzaGate investigators suspect.  Or there may be a child brothel being run by the elite operators in the Washington DC area.  From my introductory paragraphs, I show how the mainstream media will fail to do their jobs. They will seek to keep the public ignorant and to demonize those who are reporting on real news.  Law enforcement can not be trusted to follow through with investigations.  They seek to protect their own, and to protect their political masters.  Only by forcing the truth on too many, can we get them to act against these elite criminals.

PizzaGate is a movement of an increasingly awake American public to expose the truth.  There is so much to it that more will follow in my next article.  One thing is clear, PizzaGate is not going away despite the mainstream media’s desire.

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  1. Great article. great article. I think it would be interesting to look into what you mentioned about surrounding property in DC.
    There is a way through any County assessor’s office to check any address and it is public record to find the square footage I have had to do this for work and it also lists the owner and some tax records as well. This might be something to look into as far as surrounding empty houses or buildings in the DC area.

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