A week ago today I sat before my computer skimming through headlines and stories.  Trump gained a massive formerly silent population when Amish leaders endorsed Trump and urged their religious followers to actively vote.  Hillary’s machine for rigging the election became more apparent with every Project Veritas video.  Trump barnstormed through battleground states and others considered safely blue.  In all of them, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, it didn’t matter, his crowds were enormous. Those crowds represented new voters.  Each day WikiLeaks exposed more media collusion with the Clinton campaign.  Their propaganda narrative to destroy Trump hit the network and cable channels, their publications available at every gas station sat available for public consumption.  The election was in question.  I looked at what Trump promised, and what he needs to do if he won the election.

I called the election at roughly 10:30pm at work.  My boss swung by and asked how the election results were going.  I replied that I saw Trump getting a minimum of 282 electoral college votes, and most likely more. After work I sat at my computer reaffirming my earlier call.  States like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania went for Trump.  This wasn’t a victory, it was a landslide.  Trump received the religious vote and the votes of factory workers now unemployed.  I skipped through mainstream channels watching the reactions of the paid political establishment pundits and it was comedic.  The mainstream media anchors looked shell shocked.  Turning to Info Wars I found the group in full celebration as they predicted this result weeks before.  Stephan Molyneux released a short video singing the Star Spangled Banner.

It wasn’t until Wednesday morning that the true weight of America’s decision pressed home in my mind.  Donald Trump won and now was the President Elect of the United States.  I didn’t start off supporting Trump. Eighteen months ago I tossed my hat into Rand Paul’s bid for the Republican nomination.  Rand Paul best represented my values.  I watched Trump’s announcement to run and I liked his speech.  What he said about illegal immigration I agreed with.  Trump’s refusal to not be politically correct appealed to me, but I didn’t take him seriously.  My decision was made at that time.

After the first Republican debate I started to take Donald Trump seriously. I still supported Rand Paul as my first choice, but had Ted Cruz as my second and Trump as my third.  As it looked like Rand Paul wasn’t going to receive the support needed, I dug into Ted Cruz’s background.  I found an establishment insider carefully disguised to appear an outsider.  Cruz supported not only the existing wars, but an escalation.  His talk showed he wouldn’t shy from attacking Russia.  As Rand Paul stepped down, I tossed Ted Cruz off my list and found myself conflicted with the fact I found Donald Trump the best option standing.

I held hopes the Libertarian Party would present me a candidate that I could throw my support behind.  They chose Gary Johnson and Bill Weld who I don’t consider Libertarians.  Gary Johnson changed over the last few years and I now view him as Democrat Lite.  The Libertarian Party sold out their values in the hopes of getting a large enough voting block to get matching federal funding in the next election cycle.

Trump I liked, but I also disliked him.  I’ve run companies and I know being a CEO is being a dictator.  I was a benevolent dictator when I took two failing companies and turned them back into profitable enterprises. Donald Trump is far more successful than I ever dreamed of being as a CEO and has much more experience being a dictator.

The biggest problem I see in our recent government, is that Presidents rule through executive order.  Theodore Roosevelt set this trend with his presidency starting in 1901.  Roosevelt wrote more executive orders in his eight years than all other presidents before him combined.  Our presidents have become progressively more dictatorial ever since.  Trump represents one of America’s most successful dictators in private enterprise.  He is about to become the President with the tools of the IRS, DOJ, FBI, and other unconstitutional agencies at his fingertips. That though frightens me to a point.

On the other hand, I learned from running businesses, a benevolent dictator most often runs the successful businesses.  I improved staff morale while cutting operating costs.  I brought in new ideas to grow sales that were initially resisted.  Resistance I simply forced out of my  way.  I increased sales, reduced operating costs, and downsized staff and was rewarded with a profitable bottom line and a staff that trusted me.  The companies had been run by tyrannical dictatorship before me.  That was large part of the reason they had been failing.  Bad ideas, the lack of new ideas, forced bad policy, and high turn over was dooming the product.  Trump has an exponentially more profitable product than I  created.  That points to him being a benevolent dictator in his business practices. Becoming President wouldn’t change that character issue of Trump, and with that realization I reluctantly sided with Trump.

It wasn’t until Trump seized the nomination of the Republican Party that I truly became a supporter.  Donald Trump announced a desire to return America to the rule of law.  He blasted the corruption in the Department of Justice stifling the investigation by the FBI into the Clinton’s.  He spoke of the corrupt climate of DC insider politics and the need for it to be cleaned up.  Trump promised that the elite would face the consequences of violating the law the same as average Americans.  This won me over.

Now on Wednesday November 9th, the enormity of the election result settled in.  Hillary Clinton, the ultimate establishment globalist insider, the potential tyrannical dictator, had been defeated.  She represented only more of the same or worse, and that would destroy the hope a freer America forever. Against election rigging, open collusion of the mainstream media to brainwash the public with anti-Trump propaganda, and massive to big to fail banker and corporate financing, Trump defeated the establishment machine.  His presidential run exposed the depth of the corruption in the Republican and Democratic Parties.  His victory left me in shock.

I almost sat down to write an article Wednesday to rejoice, but then decided to step back for a few days to consolidate my thoughts.  The public reaction I wanted to see.  How would the mainstream media digest the news?  Would Hillary supporters accept the results?  Is Trump going to soften his positions and not follow through with promises.?  Will the alternate media get so lost in celebrating their victories to expose the truth that they lose the narrative?  What is the first thing Trump has to do to secure the continued support of skeptics like me?  The last four days have been telling and shaped what I believe is happening and what may happen.

The mainstream media is so disconnected from the public mindset that they have doubled down on their propaganda.  The first question bleeds right into the second question.  A George Soros backed organization, MoveOn.org immediately on Wednesday organized protests in over 200 locations around America against the election of Donald Trump.  These protests turned violent and have persisted every night this week.

Listening to CNN or MSNBC cover these events, you would think that anarchists are creating the violence in the wake of peaceful protests. Anarchists is a false label, MoveOn.org is a communist movement. Anarchists would not protest against Trump’s promise to downsize the government.  Anarchist’s goals is to shrink the government as much as possible.  So don’t mistake these protests as being infiltrated by anarchists, these people are paid communist agitators.

That brings me to the second false term of these “protests” as covered my the mainstream media.  When the crowds of protesters turn to blocking traffic, burning and breaking property, and violently attacking people, they are no longer protesters, they are rioters.  The mainstream media changes the meaning of language to deceive the American public.  They refuse to acknowledge these “protests” are a Soros funded, communist organized riots.  This is deliberately using violence to try and change a political process.  That is the definition of terrorism.

That brings me to the third question which bleeds into the question of the mainstream media narrative.  Immediately calls went out with articles calling for a healing and for Trump to work with the establishment politicians.  Trump’s victory speech softened his tone towards Hillary Clinton and recent events and are worrying as he seeks to set up his cabinet. Establishment characters like Chris Christie, John Bolton, and Reince Priebus litter the landscape.  It will be difficult for a Trump administration to operate without including some of these elite establishment insiders that helped secure the feuding Republican voting base.  The question of if Trump is softening on position is worrying when he says prosecuting Hillary Clinton is a back burner issue.

The question of the alternative media is also conflicted.  Info Wars, Breitbart News, and Drudge Report are still in celebratory mode.  Other sights like Liberty Blitzkrieg are already scrutinizing every rumor of policy coming out of the Trump camp.  The alternate media is gloating of their against all odds victory in helping elect Trump, but even so soon afterwards, they are paying close attention to what is happening.  They stated that it is their job to hold Trump’s feet to the fire.  The alternate media will turn on Trump if he backs off of his campaign promises.

So what can Donald Trump do when he first steps into office on Jan 20th 2017 to keep the skeptics on board?  He can establish the rule of law.  If Trump is smart, he will select and honest professional law enforcement officer or dedicated prosecutor to positions running the Department of Justice and the FBI.  He can pick a judge that will uphold the Constitution to the Supreme Court.  For the Department of Homeland Security, Trump can select a principled outsider not under the influence of the establishment.

By taking these actions, the prosecution of Hillary Clinton and the rooting out of DC corruption can become a back burner issue for Trump.  Trump can use the dictatorial powers of the President to appoint the Directors of these unconstitutional agencies, Trump can delegate that issue.  By selecting people willing to enforce the law equally against the elite, the grand juries will be convened giving the Clinton investigations real teeth.  While the issue is on the back burner for Trump, the fire in the FBI will reignite morale and the desire to see justice done.  A benevolent dictator knows how to delegate to get things done.

Using his dictatorial power, Trump can allow the Border Patrol and ICE agents to do their jobs.  As illegals, especially the ones committing crimes, are arrested, detained, and deported, the illegal flow of immigrants will slow.  As America’s laws are applied and consequences for violating these laws are felt, the desire to immigrate illegally will dampen.  The reduction of illegal immigrants will free up jobs to average Americans seeking employment.  By reducing the illegally cheap labor pool, businesses will be forced to offer more attractive compensation packages.

By establishing the rule of law, Trump can also use his dictatorial powers as President to lead by example.  He promised to honor the Constitution and currently has the power to write or repeal executive actions.  He can take past executive actions and void them.  The more executive actions he repeals, the more America can return to a true rule of law.

Such freedom for investigators to do their job will also strengthen the ability of cities, counties, and states to deal with the insurrections on our streets.  The current communist planned riots occurring across the country can be properly dealt with.  People have the right to assemble, they have the right to protest, but they don’t have the right to destroy property or assault people.  By Trump establishing the rule of law, local governments will feel empowered to make their communities safe again. This will win the support of people like me and the general public.  That will leave Donald Trump free to pursue his new trade deals and other important work.


It is by initially be being a dictator that Donald Trump may be able to move America back towards a more Constitutional path.

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  1. So many things to unpack here, but I’ll go with just one: illegal aliens.

    Trump has promised to double CBP and *TRIPLE* the number of ICE agents with a directive to do their jobs without hindrance. 

    He’s also promised to cut all federal money to sanctuary cities. The mayors of L.A. (Hispanic, of course) and San Francisco are in full-blown panic mode as are the mayors of the over 300 cities that have either codified this travesty or do it with a wink and a nod. 

    As long as the laws that are on the books are enforced (including the very severe penalties on employers for hiring illegals, which include penalties of $10,000 + 5-10 years in prison) the flood of illegals swarming back to Mexico and Central America will astound the people much more than Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback”.

    And that’s just for starters.

    Me? I can’t wait to experience all the shadenfreude. It’s gonna be absolutely delicious.

    1. Yes I did pack a lot of information into that article. But I am only skimming the surface on what more I could have included. It is tough to stay focused, my concerns are the validity of what Trump promised, what he can easily deliver on, what the “Progressives” or otherwise known as communists are doing, and how we can fight that narrative. That is the simple version even though it is not that simple. So when I write, I address multiple problems in a single article.

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