Vladimir Putin Showed Absolute Contempt For Megyn Kelly

I was curious to see Megyn Kelly’s interview on her NBC debut on Sunday June 4th.  Megyn Kelly left Fox News after losing her viewership due to her anti-Trump reporting.  She went full mainstream and began reporting the leftist propaganda message.  Personally I am not a fan of Fox, they are far too neoconservative in general, and that is progressive lite to me. Megyn Kelly got a reputation as a solid interviewer and I never found the reputation earned.  I decided to watch for myself and see how Megyn Kelly did with President Putin.  RT already showed Putin making a fool of her in St Petersburg on Friday June 2nd.  Watching Megyn Kelly’s edited interview on Sunday was good for a solid laugh.  Vladimir Putin showed absolute contempt for Megyn Kelly.  From his facial expression to his words, he treated her like she was nuts.

Megan Kelly’s interview with Putin was a short, sweet 11 and a half minutes.  It started off badly for Megan and spiraled downhill from there. She opened with a question accusing Putin and Russia of directly interfering with the Presidential election.  Megyn went on to state while asking the question that America’s 17 spy agencies all concluded that Russia interfered in our election.  She also asserted that it is the consensus view of the general public also.  With this she asked Putin if he believed all the spy agencies were lying.

After watching Megyn Kelly interview Putin live for an hour at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, I knew he would own her on this.  Putin seems to have mastered the sound byte and displayed a solid sense of humor.  In the forum, he crushed the FBI’s Jan 6th declassified report on Russian interference.  He rightly pointed out that the report made accusations and innuendo, but presented no verifiable evidence to back it’s conclusions.  When pressed at the forum on the validity of the the report Putin said this and it got a solid laugh from the live audience.

“I saw what was happening,” he said, via the translator. “It was a big surprise for me too. What they are saying is just nuts. I never know where people spreading disinformation is coming from.”

When Megyn Kelly attempted to follow up and press the matter on possible evidence, Putin basically laughed and overwhelmed her saying this.

“What fingerprints or hoof-prints or horn-prints? What are you talking about? IP addresses? They can be invented, you know? There are a lot of specialists who can even make it so it comes from your home IP address as if your 3-year-old daughter carried out the attack.”

I found the hoof-prints and horn-prints a masterful stroke.  Mainstream media constantly portray Putin as evil or a devil.  Using the reference shows he is aware of this portrayal and holds it in contempt.  I think Putin is justified in this since his government is in favor of Christianity.  As for changing digital forensics, he is right again.  Wikileaks started making public the CIA’s Vault 7 cyber weapon documents that show the CIA can change digital forensics.  In fact, they can hack my computer from Langley Va. and make the forensics make it look like it came from Russia. These are the CIA’s real leaked documents that make this claim.

Getting back to the NBC interview, Megyn stepped on a landmine with her first question blaming Russian interference for Trump’s election win. Putin smirked and made a general reply again stating that there are hackers all over the world.  These hackers can be in Russia or France or South America or even the United States.  They can be skillful and like the CIA change their digital footprint to make the hacking look like it was done by Russians.

Getting nowhere with her questioning, Megyn attempted to switch to the unconfirmed collusion behind the Trump campaign and Russia.  Even Putin’s interpreter sound indignant in response.  Putin replied that he was unaware of any meetings between the Trump campaign and his Ambassador Kislyak.  He stated plainly that Ambassador Kislyak reports to the Russian Foreign Minister.  If something is of big enough importance, the Minister then reports to him.  Putin stated he received no such reports.

That wasn’t good enough for Megyn who wanted to keep pushing the Trump Russia collusion propaganda.  She pushed harder on the Jared Kushner meeting with Ambassador Kislyak to create a secret back channel for President-Elect Trump to communicate with Putin.  Putin again denied knowledge of any such meeting or request.  He then went further and called out the mainstream media for pushing their unverifiable lies saying this.

“To me, this is just amazing.  You create a sensation out of nothing and out of this sensation, you turn it into a weapon of war against the current President.  Well, this is, you know, you just, you people are so creative over there.  Good job.  Your lives must be boring.”

The rebuke was loaded with contempt at the mainstream media’s Russia hacked the election narrative.  Any who watched the St. Petersburg Forum heard Putin ask what was the disinformation that Russia supposedly spread?  He then pointed out that the WikiLeaks release of the DNC and Podesta emails were all real documents.  They were the words that the Democratic elite typed, sent, and received.  The corruption inside the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign exposed by WikiLeaks was all 100% real.  Those email leaks caused the Chair of the DNC to resign at the Democratic National Convention.  The Podesta slow leak over 34 days, revealed Hillary Clinton was corrupt and didn’t even like the American people.  Yes, the truth may have cost her the election.

Facts just don’t seem to matter to the mainstream media and Megyn Kelly represents it well.  Dr. Jerome Corsi just last week released a 3 part article that concludes that Seth Rich was the most likely source behind the DNC and Podesta email leaks.  Julian Assange, whose WikiLeaks has a 100% record of only publishing real documents, claimed publicly his source was a leak and not a hack.  He also on Dutch TV, alluded to Seth Rich being the source of the leak.  Assange has a good track record on releasing the truth, and the mainstream media refused to report on the content of any of these leaks.  In fact, Megyn Kelly’s interview did not have one reference to WikiLeaks.  Putin used WikiLeaks repeatedly at the Forum to make his points.

Megyn Kelly couldn’t resist the urge to make an even bigger fool out of herself.  She asked Putin directly if he had anything damaging on Trump. In framing her question she referred to the thoroughly debunked “golden showers report”. Putin’s response was scathing. He absolutely denied having ever met Trump or having bothered to collect intelligence on his activities when in Moscow.  Although I doubt Putin’s statement to be absolutely true, he is not going to waste his time with the fraudulent report.  He instead finished with this statement.

“Have you all lost your senses over there?”

Now I will give Megyn Kelly a little bit of credit for her final line of questioning.  She actually showed some balls by calling out Putin for ruling as a strongman.  Russian media figures that report negatively on Putin do have a habit of dying.  So do political opponents that gain too much support.  Russia cracks down hard on dissident groups.  She boldly asked him to give a message to those who believe he is repressive.

I found Putin’s answer pretty intriguing.  His reply is, why does America have the right to question how he runs his country.  Why does America have the right to demonize him and report falsely on him and his countries actions and policies.  He pointed out the Russia was moving towards a more democratic system.  Putin finished by saying Russia is willing to listen to comment when it sets the stage for mutually beneficial relationships to occur.


All in all, between the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and Megyn Kelly’s one on one interview, Putin made her look like an idiot.  He continually smirked at her questions laced with falsehoods in their formation.  Putin didn’t rise to the bait and get flustered.  At the Forum he spoke off the cuff and presented solid arguments.  Megyn Kelly let him speak at length and to go unchallenged.  In the one on one interview, the attempted narrative failed badly.  Putin’s hoof-print and horn-print remarks not only showed his contempt of American  mainstream media, but also that he has a sense of humor.  If you watch the Forum, he had a lot of the 4,000 attending laughing at the insanity of Megyn Kelly’s questions and assertions.

If Megyn Kelly was hoping to start her new NBC show with a bang, she failed badly.  Putin delivered the bang by dropping truth bombs showing that Megyn Kelly’s narrative is phony propaganda.  This interview is a black eye for Megyn, and a point on the scoreboard for Vlad.  Maybe Megyn will do better with her next big interview with Alex Jones tomorrow.  Alex isn’t a pushover either, so it will be interesting.

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