The Problem Is, PizzaGate Is Possible

In early November WikiLeaks released a new Podesta email that would go viral.  It showed that Tony and John Podesta actively participated in Satanic ritual spirit cooking dinners.  They joined in the Marina Abramovic occult ritual that used menstrual blood, breast milk, urine and sperm to create a “painting”.  As sick and twisted as that is, individual researchers dove into the thousands of leaked emails and PizzaGate was born.  I attempted to avoid this subject at first.  There were too many hoaxes, bad investigation tactics, and dangerous accusations being made with the slimmest of evidence.  I didn’t want PizzaGate to be possible.  The thought of an organized Satanic group of Washington elite raping and torturing children makes me queasy.  The problem is, PizzaGate is possible.

Until this article, I have taken no part in any release of information on this topic.  Against a strong desire to ignore, I started investigating eleven days ago hoping to disprove it.  Today I write knowing something is there.  How big in scope I do not know, but I am going to attempt to distill my findings in a series of articles to sort through what I can prove or assert with good evidence to make PizzaGate easier to understand.

This investigation has gone viral.  There are some very good links that have been uncovered.  Some investigators are producing good videos on YouTube siting their findings.  Others are going on wild witch hunts to cast accusation on the thinnest of evidence.  Then there are the hoaxes.  These appear both as attention grabs and deliberate attempts to sabotage the legitimate investigations.  PizzaGate is a tangled, confused mess and it needs to be identified for what it is and how it should be treated.

Their are two types of major kinds of investigations.  Police most often practice the first, which is solving a crime that has already happened.  Police arrive on the crime scene to gather evidence and interview witnesses.  This gives them a picture of what happened, then they have to figure out how the pieces came together.  They work backwards in time to prove a crime.

The second kind of investigation is most often done by our intelligence services.  This investigation involves targeting a known actor or actors from a piece of information and then gathering more information.  By doing this, intelligence agents find pieces of a complex jigsaw puzzle one piece at a time.  After finding enough pieces, they have to figure out how to fit them together to create a picture.  It is a painstaking, tedious job that forces a person to think outside the box.  Evidence from one actor may lead to another actor, and this expands the investigation.  If the investigation starts reaching too wide in following any random person who might possibly be involved, the investigation bogs down.

PizzaGate in my mind should be treated as an intelligence gathering exercise.  Some information is already out in the open and can be easily discussed.  Other information should be played close to the hilt.  Rather than revealing the methods of investigation to reveal a piece of thin evidence, that thin evidence should be kept quiet until it is developed into a solid source.  People may notice that Reddit has banned PizzaGate.  Possible criminal actors are shutting down their social media accounts or making them private.  The methods of investigation are being revealed too quickly and possible actors are changing their mode of operation.

In this article I am going to concentrate on the basics of how PizzaGate started.  It is going to deal primarily with John and Tony Podesta and James Alefantis.  This information is already out there and I believe already largely forgotten in the flood of new information everyday.  It is with this beginning that PizzaGate became viral in the first place.  This is the core of the developing picture that the initial pieces of evidence began to make.

We return to Tony Podesta the founder of the Podesta Group and the brother of John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.  For years his art collection has been a subject of controversy. Articles such as this one from the Washington Post discuss his collection. The artwork depicts paintings of half clothed children in positions of submission and being physically abused.  I guess according to the law, they are art and not pornography.  There is other art depicting torture and torment.  There are rumors that some of his collected art is so controversial that it has to be viewed in the basement.  That makes you wonder about the character of such a politically powerful family.

Then in the emails, we know Tony and John Podesta takes part in the spirit cooking.  The mainstream media plays this off as a trendy new fad.  I find that a total misrepresentation of the truth, spirit cooking is part of Satanic worship.  It is a black magic that promotes bloodletting for sacrifice.  It takes menstrual blood, urine, breast milk, and semen from willing participants to impart power to the master magician.  Living in Liberia for four years in the 1980s, I am familiar with sacrificial animals and people being used in ritual.  It is a dangerous practice that leads to murder.  It makes a person wonder what really goes on in these secret rituals.

Just as I thought the Podesta emails reached their strangest point, the evidence of a possible code being used in them surfaced.  This code used words like cheese, pasta, pizza, sauce, walnut, and others out of context at times.  It makes for playing a strange kind of ad-lib game.  Most investigators point towards this being a pedophile code and it might be.  I’ve been browsing through the Podesta and DNC emails from WikiLeaks and am still torn between pedophilia and drug use codes.  Considering Tony Podesta’s above mentioned taste in profane artwork, I will leave myself open on that question.

This code led PizzaGate to the next piece of the puzzle, Comet Ping Pong Pizza.  This is where the story gets bizarre.  The pizzeria located in NW Washington DC is owned by James Alefantis who is listed as the 49th most influential person in that city.  A mere pizza shop owner with so much power?  It was investigating this pizza shop that I felt my stomach turn.  Alefantis ranks far higher than 49th on my list of creepy people that I investigated.

I am not going to fool around and instead  go straight to the artists and musicians who put on shows at his “family friendly” restaurant.  Regularly posters containing strong sexual content are hung on the wall to advertise upcoming events.  The one I linked to here appears to be a full grown adult having sex with a small person with other adults standing around watching.  Two other small people lay on the ground awaiting an adult in a missionary pose.  Either Alefantis is into midget porn, or this depicts an illegal sexual act with a child.  I know because it is a painting people will argue this is art but I find it profane.  He likewise does art shows inside his establishment promoting artists that specialize in occult and graphic sexual images.

Of course publications such as the NY Times and Washington Post stepped up recently to defend Comet Ping Pong and Alefantis.  They show how “fake news” does so much damage to poor innocent pizza shop owners.  If the Times or Post were “real news,” I think they would ask Alefantis if he has a midget fetish, or if he purposely puts artwork depicting pedophilia on his walls.  Or perhaps if he would hang sexual scenes from Penthouse and Hustler magazines on the wall in their place.  At least Penthouse and Hustler scenes are from people old enough to legally consent.  His artwork depicts, under the guise of art, statutory rape and torture of children.

With that information in mind, it only gets compounded when Comet Ping Pong hosts bands like Heavy Breathing who openly joke of pedophilia. They promote these events as all ages.  That makes me wonder what kind of parent can ignore such artwork and events and bring their kids into that atmosphere.

Now of course the current question is whether Alefantis is running an organized child sex ring out of his establishment.  I can point to his menu which has an logo very similar to the FBI’s one for “child lover.”  The words “play, eat, drink” then form the acronym next to it, “P.E.D.”  That may be innocent or it might be a deliberate message to pedophiles.  I find it interesting that the logo for Besta Pizza two doors down from Comet was listed by the FBI as the symbol for “boy lover.”  Besta recently changed their logo.  Two establishments on the same block using FBI flagged symbols for pedophilia does ring alarm bells.  Then you add that they both sell pizza, one of the words repeatedly used as code in the Podesta emails.  Something stinks on this block.


There is too much information currently out there to break it all down. I am using this article as a platform for futher elaboration.  This is simple an for the basics.  From this article we can draw come very important conclusions.

  1. John and Tony Podesta participate in satanic rituals.
  2. Tony Podesta’s taste in art borders on the legal limits of child pornography and commonly depicts torture and death.
  3. There is a code being used to hide some sort of behavior in John Podesta’s emails.  Many believe that behavior is child sex trafficking.
  4. Comet Ping Pong and it’s owner James Alefantis regularly display artwork depicting criminal sex acts being committed on minors.
  5. Alefantis actively promotes musicians and artists with occult and pedophilia themes.
  6. There are two businesses on the same block that use logos suspiciously matching the FBI’s description of logos used by pedophilia rings.

In the future I will go into further detail.  My personal research and angles of investigation I will keep private until I have collected all the data I think I can collect.  To say something too early would expose my techniques and tip off possible offenders and allow them to change habits.  Hopefully I simplified the basics of what can be proven so far with PizzaGate.

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