The Nunes Memo, Are Heads Going To Roll?

In the middle of January, Republicans in the House Intelligence Committee announced they wrote a 4 page memo on intelligence abuses.  It documents the Obama Justice Department and FBI abusing FISA laws to spy on members of the Trump campaign.  That spying was described as “shocking” and “disturbing”  It was the kind of illegal activity that would not only get intelligence officials fired, but send them to jail.  The spying was of political opponents in a Presidential election.  It was the FBI and Justice Department being weaponized for political purposes.  On Monday Jan 29 the Intel Committee voted to release the memo to the public.  The new FBI Director Wray read the memo and Deputy Director McCabe was told to stay home the next day.  It is now suspected that McCabe was very anti-Trump.  The question is, with the release of the Nunes Memo, are heads going to roll?

It is a good question, but to answer it, you have to look at recent history.  The subject the Nunes Memo is centered on is #RussiaGate.  The narrative that the Trump Campaign colluded with the Russians to hack the Presidential election.  Its a narrative started over 13 months ago and investigations have yet to produce any verifiable evidence.

The Trump Russia narrative started Dec 9 2016 when the Washington Post published an article based on an anonymous CIA source.  It alleged that Russia hacked the election to get Trump elected.  The purpose at the time seemed to be to discredit President-Elect Trump and change the Electoral College vote.  It failed.  As more information came out, the charge changed to the Russians hacked the DNC and Podesta emails and gave them to WikiLeaks.  Then the Russians and Trump Campaign colluded to weaponize the information given to WikiLeaks.  The release of those damaging emails changed public opinion enough to get Trump elected.

That was back when #Russiagate was simple.  Of course the only crime described above was the hacking and stealing the emails.  Collusion and the publication by a media outlet of the emails  are not crimes.  Even the hacking has been seriously challenged.  William Binney, a retired NSA officer of vast experience, wrote an article explaining why it was not a hack.  Simply put, the transfer speed of the emails was too fast for current internet capabilities.  The speed of data transfer matched the common speed of downloading to a zip drive at the physical site.  That meant the stealing of the emails was done by a person with direct access to the DNC server.  Regardless of this research, the American intelligence communities, mainstream media, and Trump’s political enemies ignore it.

That was when the Trump Russia collusion narrative was simple.  Classified documents were leaked that got General Flynn fired and forced AG Sessions to recuse himself from all things Russia.   Everyday more things were leaked and they clearly showed that officials of President Trump’s team had been spied on.  Then it came out that Obama administration officials made hundreds of unmasking requests on intelligence reports.  It allowed the people spied on to be identified.  This of course came after FBI Director Comey got fired, and Robert Mueller was assigned a a Special Prosecutor.  Mueller loaded his team to investigate Trump Russia collusion with Hillary Clinton supporters.  That was when this was still simple.

It then came out that the FBI and Justice Department submitted FISA surveillance requests in the summer and fall of 2016.  These requests were to spy on members of the Trump Campaign and Presidential transition team.  The number of leaked documents seemed to show that the FBI, CIA, and NSA went far outside their mandates from the FISA court.

As the Mueller investigation failed to produce any Trump Russia collusion evidence, they also faced lawsuits.  Several groups wanted access to the text messages of Peter Strzok.  He was an FBI agent recruited by Mueller, to be dismissed in August because he was politically compromised.  In Dec 2017, the first few hundred of his text messages were released.  In Jan 2018, more were released.

These text messages were from Strzok to his extramarital lover Lisa Page of the Justice Department.  Both were pro-Clinton and anti-Trump during the election.  They show Strzok was in charge of the Hillary State Department email server investigation and rigged it.  Strzok hinted at a “secret society” in the intelligence community actively working against the Trump Campaign.  They also discussed an insurance policy against the slim chance Trump got elected.  Then they also named a person named Andrew, suspected of being FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

McCabe was the Deputy Director who ran the FBI in the interim between Comey’s firing and Wray’s appointment to FBI Director.  McCabe also ran the Clinton email investigation and changed the language in the Clinton exoneration.  He changed the language of “gross negligence” to “extremely careless.”  This was in the description of how Hillary Clinton handled highly classified material.  The first term would have put Hillary in jail, the second is not used in the description of the laws that were violated.  That exoneration was also written long before the investigation was over.  It also became suspected that McCabe was one of the main illegal leakers of classified information to the media.  There is used toilet paper I find less dirty.

Anyway, now Republicans put together this 4 page memo.  The memo was sourced from FISA court documents  and other classified documents describing the requests for warrants.  The FISA court even publicly chastised the Obama Justice Department for abusing FISA laws.  Republicans claim the memo does not exposes methods or sources.  It instead describes repeated illegal abuse to spy on American citizens.  Republicans describe the behavior as like the KGB of the Soviet Union.  In it, high officials in the intelligence community are named for violating the laws.  It may also show that the Steele dossier was used as material to justify warrants.

The Steele dossier, that came out to the public in Jan 2016.  Buzzfeed was stupid enough to publish the completely unverified dossier loaded with fake dirt on Trump.  Fusion GPS was hired to do political research against Donald Trump.  Republican opponents originally hired the firm to do opposition research but fired them after very little was found.  The Clinton Campaign then hired Fusion GPS to continue the work.  By paying for any rumor he could find, the author, Christopher Steele created the document.  It never got published before the election because it couldn’t be proved as true.

The Steele dossier was also given to the FBI by John McCain and possibly others.  The FBI and Justice Department already appeared to be spying on the Trump Campaign illegally.  They may have then used the Steele dossier to secure a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page.  That would be using a fraudulent dossier knowingly as real evidence in court.  To get a FISA warrant, the request has to be approved at the highest levels of the FBI and Justice Department.  Those highest officials committed some serious felonies if they indeed did this.

So the question comes down to, are heads going to roll?  Well the memo has  yet to be released.  First President Trump has to approve declassifying the memo.  FBI Director Wray advised against releasing the memo on Wednesday or earlier today.  This is after reading the memo and telling Deputy Director McCabe to go on permanent leave until retirement.  There are even rumors he may fired McCabe.  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the number two in the Justice Department, is also against releasing the memo.  Then you have the idiots of the mainstream media and Democrats in Washington screaming against it.  Their liberal tears may turn the Washington swamp into a lake this week.

Fortunately President Trump has already shown a tendency to act against the advise of insiders.  He signed an executive order to get America out of the TPP.  Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords.  This fall he ordered the release of classified documents about the Kennedy assassination.  On Tuesday after the State of the Union, President Trump got caught on a hot microphone voicing support for the release of the memo.  Trump having been the victim of these FBI abuses has good reason to expose the truth to the public.  This may begin to prove that the Trump Russia collusion narrative is complete fiction.  It is a fiction created quite possibly as a soft coup attempt by getting him impeached on a lie.  That would be a soft coup orchestrated by the highest members of the Obama intelligence community.

The problem is that government has a history of not wanting to prosecute high government officials.  Peter Strzok text messages and McCabe’s actions showed they rigged the Clinton email investigation.  On June 8 2017, former FBI Director Comey testified the former AG Loretta Lynch pressured him on the Clinton investigation.  He described the investigation “as a hill not worth dying on.”  That clearly described obstruction of justice, but Loretta Lynch still walks free.  The Obama administration possibly illegally unmasked hundreds of Americans and none of them are in jail.  The lack of prosecution of high government officials persists under the Trump Justice Department.

Now maybe the Nunes Memo is as shocking as described.  I think President Trump will release it.  If not, in this internet age, the memo will get leaked somehow.  The public will have access to the material contained in the memo.  If Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Strzok, and Page are all implemented in committing multiple felonies, it will piss off the public.  If the public outrage is loud enough, there  will be prosecutions.

Republican Congressmen in the House Intel Committee hinted that this memo is just the tip of the iceberg.  It sounds like with the classified information they have access to, a lot more corruption needs to be exposed.  This is just a start.


This Nunes Memo is going to be released to the public one way or another.  I think Trump will do it because it will show #RussiaGate is fake news and always has been.  After a year of insider leaks, Trump knows this may be the fastest ways to get rid of the politicized upper management in the intelligence community.

Once this memo is released, it needs to be analysed for every illegal act it exposes.  New or alternative media need to broadcast the contents as loudly as possible.  WikiLeaks of the DNC and Podesta emails showed mainstream media is the mouthpiece of the political establishment.  They refused to report of the corruption that the emails exposed.  It will be up to talk radio, blogs, YouTube channels, and those few media companies like Breitbart and Hannity to expose the truth and inform the public.

I think some heads are going to roll.  “Who and how many?” is my new question.  Government insiders known as the swamp will work as hard a possible to protect themselves.  If they think they can just sacrifice a few Strzoks and McCabes to satisfy the public, that is all they will do.  The real trick will be how to keep the pressure up to continue on removing the corruption from upper management in our government.


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