The Mainstream Media’s War On The Truth

With the election now over and Donald Trump the victor, you would think the mainstream media might retreat from spreading establishment elite propaganda.  They haven’t and that is apparent over the last nine days. Not only has it not stopped, but the false narratives have intensified.  I think I called it a doubling down in my last article What Trump Promised, and What He Needs To Do.  They are accelerating toward what I am calling the mainstream media’s war on the truth.  It is a war to misinform the public by omitting facts, making up false facts, using misleading language, and demonizing the alternative media which is now changing the narrative.

Just watching Donald Trump’s 60 Minutes interview, I shook my head at the omission of information, fabricated information, and misleading terms. Leslie Stahl brought up the current “demonstrations” going on against President Elect Trump in many cities around the country.  She also talks of the “many reports”  of instances of Trump supporters harassing and intimidating minorities.  Trump replied quite factually that some of the protesters were paid and that he had not heard of the reports about his supporters.  Stahl then questioned Donald Trump on the honesty of his statement.

Lets start with the mythology the mainstream media is creating about these demonstrations.  First, is these protests aren’t peaceful or spontaneous.  In places such as Portland Or. and Oakland Ca. the demonstrations degenerated into full blown riots. Police in Portland Oregon arrested a large number of protesters for property damage and violence.  Of those arrested, 60% of them were from out of state. Zerohedge had a good article on this.  It says that these professional protesters were organized and transported into Portland by the Soros funded Then they started vandalizing and destroying private property while taking to the streets to block traffic.  They are not protesters, but are rioters.  The words demonstrations and protesters is misleading language.  These are organized and planned demonstrations and riots by an organization,, that supports Hillary Clinton.

Leslie Stahl makes clear that she is ignorant of these facts.  As a professional journalist working for CBS, I can only assume she is either incompetent or a liar.  Project Veritas released videos exposing Democratic organizations dedicated to creating staged demonstrations and paying for professional agitators. sent out emails to start organizing these demonstrations on Nov. 9th.  They have a very large email address list, that for some insane reason includes me.  For Leslie Stahl to be a professional journalist and be ignorant of this level of organization or the evidence of paid protesters is negligence.  That makes me believe she is incompetent.  She works for a major media company whose own local channels have reported on the monetary damage done in these riots.  I can’t believe she isn’t privy to this information, so that makes me believe she is also a liar.

The next part of the false narrative comes in the fake fact that there are many reports of Trump supporters are harassing minorities.  Trump again rightly points out it is a very rare occurrence and says for any doing such things, to stop it.  Leslie Stahl just keeps harping on this false narrative anyway.  By doing this, she is attempting to cast blame on Donald Trump for all of the problems and violence.  She refuses to acknowledge that Trump did not bus in the protesters.  There are no videos on YouTube of Trump supporters beating up minorities.  Stahl ignores that there are many videos of people physically attacked for being a Trump supporter.

Then as a defense of the protesters, Leslie Stahl brings up the point that it appears Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.  That is true if you ignore the large number of illegal aliens that Obama urged to vote.  If you ignore the reports of dead people voting, people voting multiple times, and voting machines flipping votes, Hillary did win the popular vote.  If you remove an estimated three million fraudulent and illegal votes, that no longer holds true.  The narrative of the mainstream media about the vote count is misleading on the surface and downright false when investigated.

That is the problem the mainstream media is having on their war on truth.  Any American with a smart phone has access to the internet.  With a little educated research they can use search engines to check data.  The mainstream media tries to claim they are free to report the news, but six corporations own 90% of the major media.  If a mainstream reporter goes off a chosen narrative of the executives they are fired for it. Greg Hunter and Sharyl Attkison are prime examples of respected journalists who were fired for trying to report news contrary to the chosen narrative.

The mainstream narrative is held hostage by their paid sponsors.  These sponsors are the military industrial complex that provides paid pundits as commentators to the networks and newspapers.  War is a profitable business for them and they need stories to create fear to justify their wars. The healthcare industrial complex provides doctored studies, paid experts, and buy advertising spots to push their drugs.  The Sharyl Attkison link above uses the example of how possibly dangerous drugs are promoted as safe.  The too big to fail banks finance loans to mainstream media and buy advertising time.  They also provide paid commentators to push certain investments.  They don’t want the massive fraud they commit against the people that I wrote about in The Silent Coup, Big Bankers Became Untouchable, to become common knowledge.

These corporate forces not only control the lobbyists in Washington DC who buy the support of politicians, they control the mainstream media’s news narrative.  A new force has arisen in the age of the internet.  This new force is the alternate media.  It started with talk radio, but the access of information on the internet has made the sharing of information incredibly easy.  The rise of Breitbart News, Info Wars, and Zerohedge has dug into the truth behind the narrative.  Independent actors such a Stephan Molyneux, Greg Hunter, SGT Report, Wall Street For Main Street, and many more interview analysts blackballed by mainstream media. Independent bloggers join forces with those listed above to investigate the truth.  As the truth of government corruption and corporatist control is exposed, the mainstream media is losing credibility.

The loss of mainstream media credibility became painfully apparent in this election cycle.  In this video Stephan Molyneux breaks down a New York Times article Trump Is Testing The Norms Of Objectivity In Journalism.  The article published on August 8 2016 excuses the media for being dishonest in reporting on Donald Trump because they hate them. There is no reasonable argument made against Trump.  The author admits it is fine to mislead the public with lies.  It is an admission of guilt.

WikiLeaks took the alternative media to a whole new level and destroyed the mainstream media’s narrative of objective reporting.  They received John Podesta’s emails and released them over a period of a month right before the election.  The DNC emails that WikeLeaks released in July already greatly damaged the image of mainstream media objectivity.  In them are clearly written collusion of members of the media to bring a favorable narrative to the campaign of Hillary Clinton.  This is reporters asking the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign to vet and approve their work. The big corporate donors chose Hillary Clinton as their Presidential candidate, and the mainstream media followed that narrative.  In the past, the mainstream media controlled the messaging that the public heard, with the internet that is no longer true.  Donald Trump won the election for this reason.

Now nine days after the election, the mainstream media declared war on the fake news sites.  The mainstream media turned to legacy social media such as Facebook and Twitter to block fake news content.  They produced a list of websites to be flagged.  There are fake news websites out there, some of them are listed. That list also includes Breitbart, Info Wars, and Zerohedge who report real news.  These three alternate media organizations broke more real news this election cycle than any of the mainstream media outlets.

Yesterday Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg wrote a strong article exposing the prejudice of this list of website.  In his article he sights this as an example.

What do almost all of these sites have in common? They published a lot of anti-Hillary Clinton articles over the course of the election, which collectively helped to swing the contest for Trump. That’s the real transgression committed by these websites.

Interestingly, I didn’t see Slate on this list despite publishing one of the most blatant pieces of fake, pro-Hillary news propaganda of the year just a few days before the election with the following, quickly debunked, monstrosity:


Even Snopes rapidly dismissed the claim, yet Slate is nowhere to be seen on the “fake news” list. If you are pro-Hillary, you apparently cannot be “fake, misleading, or clickbait-y.”

Krieger continued in his article to explain Twitter’s outrageous attack against what the consider alt-right media.

Of course, this is just one battle in the status quo’s attempt to silence alternative voices. Twitter is on its own mission following Hillary Clinton’s election loss. As USA Today reported this morning in its post, Twitter Suspends Alt-Right Accounts:

SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter suspended a number of accounts associated with the alt-right movement, the same day the social media service said it would crack down on hate speech.

Among those suspended was Richard Spencer, who runs an alt-right think tank and had a verified account on Twitter.

The alt-right, a loosely organized group that espouses white nationalism, emerged as a counterpoint to mainstream conservatism and has flourished online. Spencer has said he wants blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Jews removed from the U.S.

Heidi Beirich, spokeswoman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, told USA TODAY that the center had asked Twitter to remove more than 100 accounts of white supremacists who violated Twitter’s terms of service. She also pointed to two alt-right accounts that had been verified by Twitter, including Spencer’s.

This Spencer character doesn’t appear to be a particularly nice guy, and Twitter can do whatever it wants, but what concerns me is the overall trend. Namely, how information gatekeepers are suddenly panicking to demonize or ban alternative voices following Trump’s election victory.


After losing the information war in the election of Trump, the mainstream media is escalating their attacks on the truth.  They are taking off the gloves to discredit people like me who pick apart their narrative.  As revealed in the Podesta emails, the establishment wants the American public to remain ignorant and compliant.  They are now lashing out in desperation as their profits shrink.  The New York Times profit was down 95% in the third quarter compared to last year.  Twitter is currently laying off 8% of its workforce.  With only 30% of Americans saying they can trust mainstream reporting, the mainstream media is dying.

The grassroots efforts of individual bloggers, radio and YouTube hosts, and larger new alternate media companies are winning the war.  The mainstream media and their elite masters fear this fact.  In their death throws, they will pull out any dirty moves that they can to stop this movement.  They want to convince America that Trump and his supporters are a hateful basket of deplorables.  To succeed they need to shut down the freedom of speech and with it the alternate media. The alternate media will keep gaining in popularity by delivering the truth.  The fight to do so unimpeded by the establishment will be brutal, but it must be done.

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