The Leftist Elite Created The Atmosphere For Shooting Republicans And A Summer Of Rage

Around noon on Wednesday I stopped working on the book I am writing on Trump and looked at the news.  The attempted mass shooting of Republican Congressmen at their morning baseball practice dominated the headlines.  Only a day before I wrote an article on how the leftists are going insane.  It was based on the counter protests that occurred Sat June 10 in support of Sharia law.  The anti-fascist communists, feminists, and LGBT groups were literally allying with radical Islam because they viewed it as opposition to Trump.  Sharia law would see many of those protesters dead or enslaved.  As I read on about the shooter being a Bernie supporter and in favor of socialism, I realized the toxic rhetoric from the leftist elite most like enabled him.  Their rhetoric also keeps driving the violent protesters. The leftist elite created the atmosphere for the shooting Republicans and a summer of rage.

When I talk about the leftist elite, I am not just talking about the politicians.  The Democratic Senators and Congresspeople that refuse to admit the legitimacy of President Trump is bad enough.  Their holding desperately onto the fake Russia Trump collusion narrative has been ridiculous.  Even worst has been Hollywood elite calling for blowing up the White House and for someone to assassinate Trump.  The mainstream media has reported over 90% negatively on the Trump administration. Their own reporters tweet for people to kill Trump also.  Their anchors call Trump swear words on their broadcasts.  The print and broadcast media outright lies regularly and omit facts to misinform the American people.

This is being done by the leftist elites in hopes of sparking a crazy person like James T. Hodgkinson.  It is being done to drive more angry leftists to participate in the anti-fascist groups.  They want these groups to show up and violently disrupt any rallies viewed as pro-Trump.  The result of today’s incident was one Congressman, two staffers, and two police officers wounded in an attempted mass murder.  The motivation appears to be that those Congressmen were Republicans.

The gunman this morning was quickly identified.  This allowed people to find his profile on Facebook and Twitter very quickly.   On March 22, he wrote on Facebook, “Trump is a traitor.  Trump has destroyed our democracy.  Its time to destroy Trump & Co.”  James T. Hodgkinson’s more recent disturbing posts were quickly pulled by Facebook and Twitter because they supposedly found the content not acceptable.  That actually looks more like the leftist legacy social media media trying to cover up the man’s ideology and lunacy.

I bring up the word cover up for an important reason.  Mainstream media’s reporting on this shooting is lacking in a very important way. The NY Times headline reads, “Virginia Shooting Suspect Was Distraught Over Trump’s Election, Brother Says“.  CNN was quick to interview a friend of Hodgkinson who claimed the man was upset about the current political situation.  Not once do the mainstream reporters question whether that was an acceptable reason for shooting at unarmed Republicans.  They downplay the vile unreasonable hatred that Hodgkinson must have felt to attempt to assassinate Congressmen in cold blood.  Mainstream media refuses to call the act what it is, evil.

You have to wonder what drove Hodgkinson to the point he thought killing Republicans was acceptable?  CNN did an investigative article into Hodgkinson’s life.  Even they can’t hide that he was an avowed socialist and fan of Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher.  Maddow’s show might as well be listed as fiction, and Maher regularly interviews extreme leftists. He had also joined several anti-GOP Facebook groups, including “Terminate The Republican Party;” “The Road to Hell Is Paved With Republicans;” and “Join The Resistance Worldwide!!”  These are all groups that advocate using violence against Republicans.  The CNN article can’t hide that Hodgkinson lived in a progressive and socialist thought bubble that violently hates anything to the right of it.

Then there are the recent celebrity publicity stunts that advocate killing President Trump.  Madonna’s speech during the Woman’s March on Jan 21 said that she often thinks of blowing up the White House.  Multiple big name mainstream reporters and anchors have called for Trump’s assassination since he won on Nov 9 2016.  Then we get to the Kathy Griffon beheads Trump photos.  Griffon supposed art seemed to imitate an act that ISIS would do.  Then there is this NY Shakespeare in the Park that graphically assassinates a Trump look a like on stage.  There are too many more actions by celebrities, Democratic politicians, and mainstream media figures to list.  Do you think all of these publicly announced desires for violence might cause a mentally disturbed man to act?

The leftist elite created the atmosphere for Hodgkinson to feel justified to act out his evil violent fantasy.  He wanted to kill as many Republicans as possible.  The thought bubble around him was filled with hateful progressive, socialist, and communist voices that advocate violence. Hodgkinson had a history of hitting women and driving drunk.  He sounded like a mentally weak and angry person.  Trump’s and the Republican Party’s victory in Nov seemed to have driven him over the edge.  All the hateful voices around him, gave him enough courage to act. Fortunately Congressman Scalise had a security detail from the Capitol Police.  Those officers stopped what could have turned into a massacre.

The reason this is so important is it happened so soon after last weekends protests.  ACT for America staged peaceful protests in 28 cities across the nation against Sharia Law.  Sharia advocates executing gay people, enslaving women, honor killings, female genital mutilation, and a lot of other sick stuff.  Those peaceful protests were violently disrupted by anti-fascist groups in support of Sharia Law.  The anti-fascists are communist, anarchist, LGBT, and feminist activists that show up with clubs, mace, loud speakers, whistles, large firecrackers, and other weapons to shut down anything they consider pro-Trump.  They tried to shut down the anti-Sharia protests even though Sharia Law would see many of them dead or enslaved.  The left has lost its mind.

These groups have a history of violently assaulting Trump supporters and causing property damage.  There were the Jan 20 inauguration riots. Those were followed by Berkeley riots to shut down a speech by the gay conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos. These were followed by the Battles For Berkeley 1, 2, 3 that followed in March and April.  The anti-fascist groups are clearly political terrorists that have no problem using violence.  In all these riots, the police were given stand down orders by the Democratic politicians that run these cities.  That allows the anti-fascists to get away with assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, and felony vandalism.  They feel enabled to use the violent communist ideology to shut down anything they don’t like.  They are enabled because they are protected from prosecution.

These groups hit a problem.  The Trump supporters and free speech advocates decided to defend themselves.  The anti-fascist groups are populated with teachers, professors, students, and spoiled rich kids and they got their butts kicked badly.  Trump supporters and free speech advocates include working class America, military and ex-military people, and many more who are toughened by being productive.  They aren’t the type to provoke violence regardless of the crap the mainstream media publishes.  When assaulted though, they will fight back and the anti-fascists learned that the hard way.

Last weekend showed that the anti-fascists are not about to quit.  Instead they are trying to improve their levels of threat and violence.  In Austin an anti-fascist group showed up with guns.  They marched in with their fingers on triggers.  I support open carry, but you don’t walk around ready to fire.  The anti-fascists are not exercising proper gun safety.  How long is it going to take before one of these hateful communists unloads a clip into the crowd they are protesting?

What is important to understand is that the anti-fascists are escalating their levels of threat and violence.  The mainstream media refuses to accurately report on the truth of their violence.  Instead the media tries to portray the violence as the fault of Trump supporters.  That is just not the case, the anti-fascist almost always initiate the violence.  The Trump supporters and free speech advocates merely act in self defense.  Our Democratic political leaders in charge of the big cities condone the violence by not arresting the anti-fascists for their crimes.  Celebrities get on social media and praise the violence.  The left is creating an atmosphere for a summer of rage.

What do I mean by a summer of rage?  Big money donors such as George Soros has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into supporting these communist groups.  They are setting up training camps and classrooms to learn how to be more effective with their violence.  Under the cover of left wing media and political protection they are planning to attempt a color revolution.  That is a revolution by making the country and cities ungovernable.  They do that by staging mass riots across the country that causes local law enforcement to fail.  It includes targeting what they perceive as enemies for beat downs or worse.  They are moving to cause a civil war.


President Trump needs to have his AG Jeff Sessions start treating these anti-fascist groups as domestic terrorists.  He needs to have his secret service start cracking down on the media, politicians, and celebrities calling for his assassination.  That is a call for violence and is akin to inciting a riot.  James T Hudgkinson’s attack on Republican lawmakers is a direct result of that.  Republican Senators and Congressmen need to stop being politically correct and start calling for these groups to be jailed.  Not just the groups, but the people funding them.  The anti-fascists are domestic terrorists, and the people funding them should be held criminally liable.

If we keep being politically correct, the anti-fascists will continue to escalate the violence.  Trump supporters and free speech advocates will only be pushed so far before they retaliate in self defense.  When that happens, there could very well be a lot of dead on both sides of this civil conflict.  The communists attempting their revolution will lose badly, but a lot of innocents will get caught in the cross fire. If it is not stopped more James T. Hodgkinsons will pop out of the woodwork to feel justified in mass killings. The government needs to act now.

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1 thought on “The Leftist Elite Created The Atmosphere For Shooting Republicans And A Summer Of Rage”

  1. You are preaching to the choir. The ones that need to hear are not listening and don’t care. This has been going on for a very long time and has been allowed to go on. No one has stepped in to stop this madness. We are now at the point where they (extremists) are just going to shoot us all to shut us up. Everyone can see the horror that is coming. It is here. Either they (the ones in power that have the power) take extreme measures now to stop it in its tracks, or take up arms to fight in the bloody war that is at our doorstep. Paying lip service is not going to save lives. Blaming each other is not going to make a damn bit of difference. Who cares who is right and who is wrong? I say we apply the strictest sense of the law and apply it now in each and every instance. To every person that hints at assassinating the President of the United States. Every politician that speaks publicly inciting violence. Every rioter causing harm and damage. Every extremest group causing harm to the citizens of the United States. All of them. Now. Before it is too late.

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