The Insane Leftists Have Openly Allied With Radical Islam, They Are Suicidal

On Saturday June 10, Act for America staged marches and rallies in 28 cities against Sharia law.  For any who wonder, Sharia law is a hard line Islamic philosophy on how people should behave themselves.  It supports female genital mutilation.  If you are caught being a homosexual, you should be thrown off a cliff or tall building.  As a woman, if you leave your house without an escort and get raped, you are subject to being stoned to death or beheaded.  It advocates honor killings of your kids that violate the Sharia code.  It is some sick stuff, and Islamic groups have been trying to get it recognized as valid law in America.  Sharia represents not just a law, but a totalitarian system of governing.  Act marched against it and the anti-fascist groups, feminists, and LGBT communities counter marched. The insane leftists have openly allied with radical Islam.

Personally I am starting to wonder if the anti-fascist, feminist, and LGBT groups are suicidal. If you look at the anti-fascist flags and read their literature, you realize that they are hard line communists and anarchists. They ignore that under communism in the 20th century, conservatively 100 million people were murdered by their own governments. That is people killed purposefully, mostly by starvation by the communist government that is supposed to see to their means. In places where the governments collapsed due to coups, financial collapse, and other reasons, a state of rape, strong arm robbery, and very high murder rates exist. As critical of government as I am, I recognize that a rule of law and an enforcement mechanism needs to be in place to keep order. To the anti-fascist groups, this reality doesn’t exist. They want violence and advocate it’s use to shut down anything they disagree with.

If the anti-fascists are bad, the feminists are incredibly stupid.  They are taking to wearing hijabs and burkas to stand in solidarity with Islam.  The feminists are so stupid that they don’t understand that those articles of clothing oppress women.  In Sharia law, women have to cover themselves head to foot with face veils so they don’t tempt men to sin.  That clothing is forced on women and they have no choice but to comply.  If they don’t comply in countries that follow Sharia law, they will be arrested, beaten, and sometimes executed.  The western feminist ignores this and wears the Islamic clothing proudly.  The are oblivious that they are supporting a system designed to ultimately enslave or kill them.

This may seem like a rant, but the LGBT morons that joined in the counter marches are completely suicidal.  The anti-fascists march against anything they deem as supporting President Trump.  Feminists join them in support of a religious legal system that would enslave them.  The gay and trans activists join to support Sharia that would see them executed for their sexual practices.  Not even humanely executed, if such a thing exists, but to be taken to the top of a tall building and be thrown off.  It utterly defies logic and proves the left has gone insane.

This simple video from Info Wars shows how incredibly hateful the leftist protesters are.  The Austin police were not paying attention the Act for America protesters.  Those protesters were peacefully assembled and were making speeches about why Sharia law is incompatible with the Constitution.  The counter marchers on the other hand wore masks to hide their identities.  They carried bullhorns and whistles to disrupt the speeches and carried flags that double as clubs.  When politely asked to explain their purpose, instead of answering they assault the person asking the question.  This wasn’t isolated as this We Are Change video shows. In it an anti-fascist protester throws piss on Lauren Southern.  These protesters should be treated as terrorists.

Those videos you won’t see on the mainstream media in either print or on TV.  Much like this CNN article, The mainstream media make the claim it is a give and take.  They make it sound like the ACT for America protesters are actively fighting with the counter protesters and vice versa.  What they don’t mention is that none of the ACT protesters are wearing masks to hide their identity.  The ACT protests were all properly permitted and announced.  Counter protesters arrived in mass with noise makers, weapons, and wearing masks to violently disrupt legal gatherings.  They provoked the violence and largely get away with this criminal behavior. Why?  Because the lying mainstream media fails to report the truth.  This allows the leftist politicians that run the big cities to order their police to stand down and allow the anti-fascists to commit assault and property damage.

The mainstream media articles are even worse than that.  I personally don’t know much about the organization ACT for America.  According to CNN they are a far right wing group that is registered as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  What CNN does not tell you is that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists almost anything to the right of socialism or communism as a hate group.

What ACT does I don’t completely agree with, but America has an immigrant problem.  Our current policies are bringing in large numbers of 3rd world immigrants that often are illiterate in their own languages and are set to fail economically.  That forces many of the immigrants immediately onto welfare and condemns them to living in poverty in America.  Since welfare puts just enough food on their plate, many just ride the system and grow angry at their plight.  This has led to the Boston marathon bombing, San Bernardino and Orlando mass shootings and many other deadly acts of terror in America.  Anyone wondering where are current immigration policies are taking us, look at Europe.  That will be America in a few years.

I know some bonehead on the left will start screaming racist at that last paragraph, but I don’t care.  In my mind, there is nothing wrong with immigrants, but it needs to be controlled and we should only be importing the best.  I don’t care where someone is from or even what religion they are.  They should have the educational level and language skills needed to compete in our economy.  If they can support the cost of their own immigration into our country, from where ever, I’m fine with it.  The minute my tax payer dollars are used to fund their immigration I have a problem with it.

That brings us to the real problem behind these protests.  We bomb the shit out of Iraq, and then import the homeless.  Afghanistan was a hell hole before we militarily occupied their country after bombing the rubble to smaller rubble, then we allow tens of thousand to immigrate.  Now after Obama and Hillary destroyed Syria by creating ISIS, we are bringing in a bunch of Syrians.  Think any of those refugees we created might have a reason to want some revenge?  How many trillions of dollars would we have saved without those wars?  Or better, how many of the current refugees would not have lost their homes and loved one and would be currently living in their own countries?

That brings us back to the problem of bringing in so many often illiterate Muslim immigrants.  The only thing these immigrants have been educated in often times is the Koran.  In America, without a good education, earning a living is very difficult.  So the immigrants get stuck in the welfare trap and don’t assimilate into our culture.  This allows radical Islam to seduce the disillusioned immigrants into terrorist groups.  ACT for America is correct that we are creating our own crisis.  As the Muslim population grows, that gives them voting power to alter our laws.  Sharia is not followed by all Muslims, but it is being advocated by enough.  It is a cruel system and is not compatible with the Constitution.

What is really funny, is ACT for America was actually protesting to support women’s and LGBT rights.  The anti-fascists, joined by feminists and LGBT groups were counter protesting for the right to be killed and enslaved.  The leftist protesters as always, turned to violence in an attempt to cause political change.  That is the definition of terrorism.  The mainstream media doesn’t report on the truth, and the leftist politicians turn a blind eye.  These Muslim immigrants stuck in the welfare trap represent future Democratic voters to the leftist politicians.  The leftist terrorists disrupting peaceful legal protests are the Democrats current voters.


The protests last week seemed to defy reality.  The cancer of leftist political correctness is destroying our country.  It has warped the left into becoming suicidal.  They want to convince you that to oppose Sharia law is racist.  First, Islam is not a race but a religion.  Sharia law is not practiced by all Muslims, but it is enforced in many Sunni and Wahabi sects.  Those sects are responsible for a large portion of Islamic terrorism.  America needs to stop the inflow of refugees and immigrants that follow Sharia. Especially those educationally crippled in their ability to become productive citizens.

I grew up in the 3rd world and don’t want to see America become the 3rd world.  We are pretty close to a banana republic at this point anyway.  The leftists quite literally are advocating for national suicide by protesting in favor of Sharia law.  That makes me literally laugh at their suicidal tendencies.  If enough radical Islamic refugees get into America, the feminists are going to find themselves as sex slaves.  The LGBT communities will start taking long swan dives.  As for the anti-fascists, they will either be praying in a Mosque, or be getting beheaded.  They are nuts.

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2 thoughts on “The Insane Leftists Have Openly Allied With Radical Islam, They Are Suicidal”

  1. I have to disagree with a portion of your article, an important one, stating, “Counter protesters arrived in mass with noise makers, weapons, and wearing masks to violently disrupt legal gatherings. They provoked the violence and largely get away with this criminal behavior. Why? Because the lying mainstream media fails to report the truth. This allows the leftist politicians that run the big cities to order their police to stand down and allow the anti-fascists to commit assault and property damage.”

    You can’t really mean that, can you? You’re saying criminals get away with violence because the media fails to report the truth? Really? And this allows politicians to order their police to stand down? I don’t think so. This has nothing to do with the media, and everything to do with enforcing the law of the land. If criminals get away with violence, it is because the rule of law was not applied. And without laws we have anarchy. It’s quite simple really. Until the law is obeyed and enforced, then criminals will continue their violence.

    We have to ask why isn’t the law followed? Why are our police ordered to stand down in direct violation of the law? Why are sanctuary cities allowed to continue in direct violation of the law? We, as citizens of the United States, have no protection if the laws made by lawmakers at the very top, are not followed and are violated and ignored. I believe the only option left open to us is to fight back and protect ourselves, with any and all means possible. If the government fails or refuses to enforce the law, which seems to be a common, everyday occurrence of late, then they should also realise that we are not going to submit to violence, but will fight back. If the government does not step in now and start enforcing the law, then God save us all…..

    1. I just recovered an old article that I wrote on March 31 about the Huntington Beach Ca. Antifa and Trump supporter clash. It will be the first article when you click on my page. The Antifa people are willing to attack people who actually bring their kids to a peaceful protest. The reporting as I not in that article was just plain false. I watched the raw video of that event and all of the violence was initiated by Antifa. The Trump supporters acted in self defense. If you read the mainstream accounts that I linked to, you see that they report as though it is a give and take. As though the Trump supporter are as much of a reason for the violence as the Antifa people. That is a lie.

      The police did absolutely nothing about the felony assaults taking place early in the clash. They clear stood back because they were ordered to do so. The mayor of Huntington Beach is the most likely culprit for that happening. At the Battle For Berkeley 2 or 3, an alternative media guy asked the police why they were doing nothing and a clearly unhappy officer answered, “You will have to ask the Chief of Police that question.” That non answer was actually that police officer saying he was under orders to stand down.

      I am not speaking of some grand conspiracy. The leftist media has the same interests as the leftist mayors in these big cities. Because of that the police are ordered to allow Antifa to commit felonies and the media refuses to report the truth. I don’t think they collude, but they have they have the same interest in driving a narrative. You don’t see this stuff happening in Atlanta, Birmingham, or other more conservatively governed America. The reason is simple, the police will haul their ass to jail for breaking the law.

      The problem primarily lay in the east and left coast and few central big cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Austin. Where Democrats (who are basically communists now) are in control, the Antifa movement is protected and supported. The mainstream media (who only report communist propaganda) supports that narrative with misreporting and lies.

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