In the year 1440, the Gutenberg printing press became a reality.  A seemingly insignificant invention completely changed the societal structure of western Europe in the next few centuries.   A mechanical movable type printing technology introduced an era of mass communication.  This transcended borders and informed the masses launching the Reformation and the Renaissance.  The printing press threatened, then destroyed the existing power structure of the Holy Roman church and monarchies.  The ability to publish cheaply and quickly let the idea  of classical liberal thought to thrive.  The environment set the stage for the American Revolutionary War and the ending of slavery.  It created an information revolution.  That revolution took centuries.  Today the internet creates a new information revolution.  This revolution is moving a hundred times as fast, and is ten times as powerful.  The information revolution rolls on and the establishment and their minions are in panic.

The Information Revolution brought about by the printing press in the western world is an interesting study.  In 1440 the Holy Roman Catholic church ruled Europe as an overlord.  Kings, dukes, earls, and barons ruled their parcels of land and claimed ownership of the serfs that worked that land.  They also paid homage to the central command of the church.  If a noble went against the wishes of the overlord, the noble would quickly find their head on a pike.  The common population lived as serfs and held no power.

The technology of the printing press spread through Europe at the speed of a horse drawn cart.  By 1500 it produced over twenty million published volumes.  In 1517 Martin Luther published his “95 Theses” and this marked the beginning of the Reformation.  The key ideas of the Reformation were a call to purify the church and a belief that the Bible, not the Pope, should be the sole source of spiritual authority.   Luther and the other reformers became the first to skillfully use the power of the printing press to spread their ideas.

Nobody agrees on dating the end of the Reformation.  Some date it with the 1555 Peace of Augsburg which allowed both Catholicism and Lutheranism to exist in Germany.  Others date it at the end of the Thirty Years War and the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia.  I prefer the latter date.  What can’t be disputed is the religious rebellions and wars brought death to tens of millions.  At the end, the Holy Roman Church lost its overlord status in northern Europe and many Protestant theologies were created.

At the same time the Information Revolution brought death, it also brought positive change.  The Renaissance flowered into existence as the printing press enabled the spreading of ideas and knowledge.  It was a rediscovery of Greek philosophy and Roman law that spread an idea of humanism.  It launched advances in art, music, science, and self awareness.  Lasting from the invention of the printing press until the 17th century, it is the period of history that is considered the bridge between Middle Ages and modern history.

The Reformation and Renaissance set the stage for the modern power structure.  No longer did nobles hold absolute power, but surrendered authority to Parliaments.  Corporate giants such as the British East India Company gained license to do trade and colonize parts of the world. Money lenders established central banks that loaned money to governments with interest enabling an expansion of government resources and centralization.  Corporate giants and private banks became the quiet overlords over the new government structures of Europe.

At the same time the industrial revolution began.  Goods and services flowed into Europe.  Trade flourished and better farming technologies began to be used.  This brought a rise to the standard of living of the average person.  The creation of publications brought a spread of literacy and this brought new ideas into the public mind.  Out of it rose the ideas of Classical Liberal thought.  The idea of freedom from government oppression.  It also brought the ideas of socialism, or the ultimate goal of total government oppression.

In 1787 a new experiment began, the United States of America won its independence from Great Britain and the founding fathers created the Constitution.  The Constitution for the first time recognized that all men had natural rights.  Natural rights are rights granted by a higher power than government or God.  In this document, it stated, that the job of the government was to protect these rights.  The government’s job was to coin the currency and ensure sound money under a gold and silver standard.  America created an environment for free trade and the free exchange of ideas that never existed in the world before.

America ultimately surrendered to the overlords of power in Europe.  In the beginning of the Progressive Era in the late 1800s, America began foreign interventions for corporate interests.  In 1913 it surrendered its currency creation to a private central bank known as the Federal Reserve and passed a law creating income taxes to enable the servicing the interest on money borrowed from this private bank.

Ultimately the Information Revolution of the printing press came with mixed results.  The industrial revolution and technological age raise the standards of living for the common person.  Poor people in modern western cultures live better than kings of the Middle Ages.  They live longer, healthier lives and don’t suffer the restraints previously known.  At the same time, year by year western governments expand their powers to oppress their populations.  They fought massive wars killing tens of millions to combat the spread of Communism and Fascism only to adopt policies that are Communistic and Fascistic in nature.

The ideas of the first Information Revolution that freed the western world from the oppression of a central church and absolute power of monarchs ultimately failed.  Massive centralize governments answer to the whims of privately owned central banks and big corporate interests.  Year by year, they buy up the control of the free media to control the spread of information.  Each year they pass laws restricting and stripping freedoms from their own citizens.  In 1990s an new invention quietly became available to the common man, the internet.  The world wide web enables the instant communication of people all over the world and the public was given access.  It started what is now a Second Information Revolution.

I bought my first internet capable computer in 1998.  The internet seemed interesting to me.  I now could keep in contact with people anywhere with email and didn’t have to buy as many stamps.  My homepage listed links to news stories and this made my subscription to a local newspaper unnecessary.  Chat rooms that allowed real time communication through a keyboard to a person anywhere in the world at virtually no cost seemed a threat to the telephone companies.  How could they continue to charge ten cents a minute for long distance phone calls?  In my early days I saw some potential for revolutionary change.

Little else seemed of real use to me at that time.  The chat rooms seemed dominated by kids pretending to be adults.  The only two industries that seemed really profitable on the internet in those early days was porn and gambling.  I didn’t trust my credit card number being used online, so I wasn’t going to buy anything.

Eighteen years later I look back realizing I never imagined what would be happening today.  The very structure of America changed in those years.  Glass Steagull came to an end and regional banks all but disappeared as Wall Street big banks bought most of them.  Independent newspapers, radio stations, news websites, and television stations have been bought up by massive corporate interests. Six corporations now control 90% of the mainstream media narrative.  Government borrows at an ever increasing rate and national debt doubles every eight years.  This allows nonstop unconstitutional war in the Middle East destabilizing the region.  The government passes new laws and regulations strangling industry and many of these laws violate our Constitutional Rights.  The political establishment, to big to fail banks, and corporate industrial complexes lie to the public about all this with their control of the mainstream media.

As quickly as this totalitarian control structure grew over the last two decades, the new revolution began.  It began with computer programming experts creating cyber-security companies.  This small step allowed the public to protect their own communications from hackers, viruses, and malware.  The public’s desire to protect their own communication allows private companies to  create ever greater protections and these protections are outstripping the government’s ability to break them.  This gives rise to call to make these encryption technologies illegal, but the public resists.

In the 2000s, independent blogs and websites began to appear.  Ordinary Americans and Europeans that saw through the lies and propaganda of the mainstream media, so they began independent alternative news sites.  These bloggers research recently declassified and recently leaked classified documents to tell the real story.  A new narrative is getting out to the uninformed masses at a rapidly accelerating rate.  The tyranny of government corruption is being exposed.  Massive fraud committed by big banks is being reported on.  The public grows angrier with each crime that is not adequately punished or investigated by law enforcement.  The mainstream media is being destroyed by their lies being exposed.

In America, the last vestiges of the Constitution hold on.  With so many other rights being violated by unconstitutional laws and regulations, speech and guns have been retained to a point.  Social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook collude with the government to spy on the public.  They conspire to censor the alternative news stories by banning their view, or changing the formulas of search engines to make the articles less accessible.  They kick off and ban people they deem as controversial.  The mainstream media blasts the alternative news sites as tinfoil hat wearing crazies.  Mainstream media refuses to report on real news, while spreading propaganda to make the government and its totalitarian politicians look favorable.

The censorship is being outpaced as the alternative media reports on it.  Although search engines can be manipulated, too many people already woke up to the truth.  The establishment can’t stop word of mouth communication.  Nor can the government shut down of alternate news sites without the danger of public outrage.  These websites are supported by subscribers and donations from private citizens.  They continue to grow in popularity despite the attempts at censorship.

The social media giants that seemed to gain monopoly now face new challenges.  New social media companies such as Gab are being created. They promise an uncensored social media platform as long as a few basic rules are followed.  Already Gab gains people seeking membership faster than they are able to let them in.  Inside the platform is dominated with Donald Trump supporters and many Libertarians.  They seek a level playing ground for the exchange of ideas and are increasingly rejecting the censorship of sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  As much as the establishment elite want to stop the formation of new companies such as Gab, to try to do so risks anger of the masses.

This Second Information Revolution started quietly after the public gained access to the internet.  It is a struggle between an established elite, and an increasingly informed growing population that no longer want to be lied to or oppressed.  The struggle is to return to a limited government that serves the people, rather a government that is predatory on its people.  It is a growing desire to return to sound money and a fair playing field.


Now the Second Information Revolution is accelerating at a terrifying rate. Edward Snowden released tens of thousands of classified NSA documents. These expose the illegal actions of government spying on the American population.  It exposed the secret courts that issue warrants without proper due process.  Then WikiLeaks launches fresh attacks against the establishment elite narrative by releasing hacked documents and emails.  The most recent releases shows open collusion between the mainstream media and the DNC to rig the American electoral process.  It is creating a propaganda to keep an ignorant and compliant population.  Then there is Project Veritas that uses investigative journalism to expose the corruption of the DNC’s attempt to illegally rig our election by releasing their reports on internet platforms.

It is too late for them to hide their corruption.  Already millions read of the massive corruption, fraud, election rigging, and propaganda on a daily basis.  The facts come out more every day.  “You can’t stop the signal.” is a line in the movie Firefly, and it seems to be true today.

The private central banks and giant corporate interests that serve as the overlords of this system have begun to realize they are losing control.  With each keystroke, at a speed of on electron moving along a cable, the truth is being told.  They see their propaganda is failing and this threatens their system of stealing from the average person with impunity.  The government sees the danger and is militarizing local police forces.  They are hoping that their own soldiers and law enforcement officers will comply with unconstitutional orders and keep the public under control.  They see their power to control diminish as the truth of the corruption is exposed.  The media parrots the false propaganda, but can’t stop the leaks and hacks.  The information war rolls on, and it is far from over.

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  1. I do hope you visit on a daily basis. The pulse of resistance to what you describe in your conclusion can be felt there.

    1. I follow your site on a weekly basis and invite you to share my work on your site. At this point we need to work together to change the mainstream media propaganda narrative.

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