The Democrats, Deep State, And Mainstream Media Are Committing Suicide With The Fake Blame Russia Narrative

The last few weeks of hearings in the Senate Intelligence Committee have just astounded me.  The witnesses get called to testify and confirm they have no evidence of the Trump Russia collusion.  They have no evidence that Russia successfully changed a single vote via hacking.  The former DNI James Clapper did confirm that the supposed hacking was of the DNC and Podesta emails.  Former FBI Director James Comey did confirm that President Trump did not obstruct justice, but Loretta Lynch may be guilty of that charge.  Former Director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson confirmed he had no evidence of Russian hacking because the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to allow the FBI access to the DNC email server.  They have spun the Russia narrative so far, it is now incriminating them.  The Democrats, deep state, and mainstream media are committing suicide with the fake blame Russia narrative.

I have been writing since October last year that the Russia narrative is a load of crap.  I called that the Trump Russia collusion narrative was beginning to seriously backfire in late March.  Unfortunately due to my own stupidity of not backing up my site regularly I can’t recover that article.  The gist of that article was that the Senate Intelligence hearings on March 20 confirmed that neither the FBI or NSA had any evidence of Trump Russia collusion.  That was confirmed with the testimony of then FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers.

Something else had happened that was far more important and was being carefully ignored by the political elite and mainstream media.  First WikiLeaks released on Feb 16 the the CIA”s own documents on how they interfered in the 2012 French elections.  This was important because at the time, the mainstream media was pushing the narrative that Russia was going to hack the 2017 French elections like they had hacked the American elections.  WikiLeaks seriously challenged that narrative by showing verifiable evidence that the CIA is guilty of election interference and the public had yet to see any evidence of Russian interference.

Then with the Senate hearings two weeks away, WikiLeaks released the first of the CIA’s Vault 7 cyber weapon documents. These documents showed the CIA had mastered hacking virtually any smart device or computer.  They could also change the digital forensics to frame virtually anyone or any country for the hack.  These documents were being absolutely ignored as it showed not only how the CIA could hack something and blame Russia, but how intrusive they have become.  Your phone, TV, smart refrigerator, and any other smart device could be used to spy on you at any time.  This also challenged whether any digital evidence of Russia hacking presented by the FBI, CIA, or NSA could be trusted.

This was all happening back in March and I really expected the Trump administration to seize on the WikiLeaks revelations for their own benefit. Between the failed testimony at the Senate Intelligence Committee by Comey and Rogers and the WikiLeaks documents they could have seriously attacked the Trump Russia collusion narrative.  Trump decided to play politics instead of go on offense.  That left him desperately fighting against scandal where his every action is portrayed as evil by the political elite and mainstream media.  Some claim he is playing 4-D chess, but I think he was scrambling.  Instead of taking a chance to go for the knock out punch at the end of March, he and CIA Director Mike Pompeo instead attacked WikiLeaks.

The funny thing is, whether Trump is a strategic genius or just getting lucky, the establishment is hanging itself.  In establishment, I am referring to the Democrats, a number of neoconservative Republicans, the deep state, and the mainstream media.  They refused to let go of the Russia narrative and instead doubled down on it.  Trump wisely fired FBI Director James Comey in early May.  He should have done this far sooner. Comey was the most likely source of illegal classified leaks from the FBI to the mainstream media.  These leaks were directed as attacks against the Trump administration.

What Comey’s firing did was ignite the mainstream media and Democrats in particular into expressing anger at the firing.  This was hilarious as many of the Democrats outraged at Comey’s firing had been calling for his firing for months.  As ludicrous as their actions seemed, it succeeded in opening a whole new set of Senate Intelligence Committee hearings. These hearings would provide the establishment with enough rope to begin hanging itself. The Obama administration was already in damage control mode due to the unmasking scandal.  The mainstream media was desperately trying to downplay the possibly illegal nature of the unmasking and spying on American citizens.

The testimony by James Clapper and Sally Yates was done in early May, but yielded several very important results.  Clapper confirmed that while serving as the Director of National Intelligence, he saw no verifiable evidence of Trump Russia collusion.  He also found no evidence that Russia successfully altered any votes in the 2016 Presidential election. Yates had to admit that the Obama administration unmasked multiple Americans but didn’t give a valid reason why.  Last that the supposed Russian hacking was of the DNC and Podesta email servers. His statement claimed that those emails were provided to WikiLeaks by Russia to damage the Clinton campaign.  That statement was made with no verifiable evidence presented.

Unlike a journalist, I have a habit of writing in essay form.  I open by stating a hypothesis, then write the body to present evidence to support the hypothesis.  After presenting point after point after point, I write a conclusion wrapping up my argument.

Journalists open with a click rich headline and an accusation in their opening paragraph.  Quite often the accusation is founded on an anonymous unverifiable source.  Then they write a narrative with a few facts and several assumptions to fit their political agenda for a few paragraphs.  Then they write the body in a boring fashion siting this source and this happening, before finishing their article by admitting they can’t verify their initial accusation.  That is how media writes fake news and gets away with it.  They bore the reader into not reading the whole article because they have to admit the truth somewhere.  The strategy is to get the reader to stop reading the article before they get to the truth.

Getting back to Clapper admitting it was about the DNC and Podesta email leaks, none of that was classified government documents.  That was the personal correspondence of the Democratic elite.  If Russia did hack those servers, they stole personal property and in no way directly attacked the election process.

The contents of those emails showed the DNC rigged the primaries for Hillary Clinton.  They also showed the DNC organized the violent protests at Trump campaign rallies.  The protesters were instructed to wear Sander’s apparel to make his supporters look bad.  Is inciting riots an illegal action?  They also showed the mainstream media colluded with top DNC officials to write favorable propaganda for Hillary Clinton.

The Podesta emails were worse if you can believe it or not.  They had direct correspondence dozens of prominent journalists to collude to misinform the American public.  In one email they admitted their goal was to keep the American public ignorant and complaint.  Other emails revealed what Hillary Clinton said in her secret paid speeches to Wall Street Banks versus what she said in speeches to the American public. They revealed that Hillary detested the American public.  Those emails also revealed that top members of the Clinton campaign were involved in occult rituals which is basically devil worship.  All in all, this email leak showed Hillary Clinton to be absolutely corrupt and hateful to her own supporters.

So Clapper’s admission that the Russia hacking was about the WikiLeaks releases showed that if Russia was the source, they hung Hillary with the truth.  In my own mind I would have to ask, why would Russia leak such information?  Hillary was the favorite to win the elections.  If Russia had the DNC and Podesta emails, wouldn’t it be strategically sound to keep it secret.  A President Hillary Clinton would be subject to blackmail by Russia if they let her know they had those documents.  They could threaten to dump them on the internet after she was in office, if she didn’t play ball with Russia.  Considering how corrupt those emails proved Hillary to be, I suspect she would have folded to the blackmail.  That would have left the American public ignorant to the truth.  Just food for thought.

Then getting back to the unmasking of American citizens, Yates admitted it happened.  This leaves the question of whether the DOJ will begin a criminal investigation into these actions.  The unmasking has been a major source of many of the illegal leaks coming out of the deep state against the Trump administration.  AG Jeff Sessions might have recused himself from the Russia investigation, but nothing is stopping him from creating a grand jury to criminally investigate the Obama administration for illegally spying on Americans.  Thanks to Yates the stage is set.

That moves us to the next testimony done on June 8 with former FBI Director James Comey.  We have to preface this with a little bit of a back story.  Days after Comey got fired, suddenly an anonymous source leaked to the NY Times that Comey kept memos on his discussions with President Trump.  The wild fake news allegation was that Trump obstructed justice by asking Comey to drop the Russia collusion investigation on former Nation Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn.  This story and all that followed in the mainstream media presented no verifiable evidence.  Trump, perhaps in a 4-D chess moment, chose to say that he hoped Comey stuck to the truth about their conversations, because their might be recordings.

I watched the entire June 8 testimony of Comey and wrote my own assessment. Basically Comey folded under oath and threw his own people under the bus.  Even though I consider Senate and Congressional hearings to be clown shows, sometimes a nugget or two of gold come out of them. Comey had to admit President Trump had never been under investigation for colluding with Russia.  He then confirmed that the Russian hacking narrative was limited to the DNC and Podesta emails.  Comey then confirmed the NSA Reality Winner leak was a nothing burger because Russia changed no votes.  Then he had to admit or be at risk of perjury, that Trump did not obstruct justice.  Finally for the nugget of gold, he then explained how former AG Loretta Lynch quite possibly is very guilty of obstruction of justice.

Under oath Comey admitted that Loretta Lynch pressured him on the Clinton email investigation.  Lynch instructed Comey to publicly refer to the investigation as a “matter” rather than a criminal investigation.  This was forcing Comey to use the language that conformed to the language the Clinton campaign used.  It was a tactic to downplay and minimize negative exposure to the public.  Comey admitted that he was concerned about this use of language but complied with it.  If any question as to whether Comey felt threatened into compliance, in his own words, “this wasn’t a hill worth dying over.”  That tells me he felt he would lose his job if he ran a real investigation into Hillary’s mishandling of classified documents.  That is a case for obstruction of justice by his direct boss AG Loretta Lynch.

That nugget of gold has now birthed a tree that is bearing fruit.  The Senate Judiciary Committee is now calling for hearing with Loretta Lynch. This one stinks so badly of obstruction of justice that even Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) are calling for the hearing.  Feinstein is a democrat and not protecting their own.  Graham is an anti-Trump neoconservative warmonger who normally would only act against Trump.  By doubling down on the fake Russia narrative, this latest round of hearings is now setting the stage to indict members of the Obama administration.  Although the Senate hearing will have no teeth, the DOJ might find Lynch’s future testimony quite interesting.

Finally we come to our most recent hearing with Jeh Johnson, the former Director of Homeland Security.  On June 21 he testified that the DNC denied access to the FBI and Homeland Security of their email server. The DNC instead decided to use a private security company called Crowdstrike to investigate who hacked their server. Crowdstrike has a record of lying and blaming the Russians when they are not guilty.  Johnson claimed to have reached out multiple times to assist the DNC with their server, only to be declined.  This means neither the FBI or Homeland Security have any verifiable evidence of Russian hacking of either the DNC or Podesta email servers.

This opens the door to asking, what is the DNC hiding from law enforcement?  If the DOJ chose to use the evidence provided by WikiLeaks, a number of people could be charged with conspiracy to incite riots.  The DNC refusing to allow law enforcement access alludes to them having far worse incriminating evidence on their email server.

Former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz quickly came out to call Johnson a liar.  Schultz was forced to resign her position as Chair of the DNC during the Democratic Convention due to the DNC email scandal. Currently her legal team is arguing in court that the DNC does not need to guarantee a fair primary election to Democratic voters.  Yes, they are arguing that they have a right to be dishonest and screw their voting base in a court of law.  Who would you believe, a discredited washed up politician, or Johnson who is testifying under oath?  Johnson’s testimony opens the door for AG Sessions to possibly investigate further into DNC corruption.

This of course opens up a whole new can of worms as in these testimonies, the topic of the fraudulent Trump pee fetish dossier keeps getting raised.  Fusion GPS was on the payroll of an unidentified Democratic ally of Clinton when it hired was to dig up dirt on Trump. They hired former British spy Christopher Steele who authored the work of fiction.  Due to this phony document being raised so often, the Senate Judiciary Committee is now threatening to subpoena Fusion GPS.  The dossier first got to the FBI in Aug. 2016.  The Senate wants to see any communications between Fusion GPS and the FBI or DOJ.  These include any communications with former AG Lynch or now acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe.


The Trump Russia collusion narrative has been phony from the start.  The Russia hacked the election narrative is just as fake.  That means all of these officials have perjured themselves under oath by pushing that narrative.  Further, they have lied themselves into a corner, and now are beginning to be forced to admit the truth.  Clapper and Yates threw Susan Rice and the Obama administration under the bus by admitting to the unmasking scandal.  Clapper also nuked the Russia hacked the election narrative by revealing it was about the WikiLeaks revelations.  Then Comey and Johnson stabbed Lynch in the back.  Johnson finished the betrayals by casting a light onto the corrupt DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Now the Trump administration has a real opportunity to go on offense with the DOJ and FBI and attempt to start draining the swamp.  They have all the information they need to validate opening criminal investigations. Taking this chance, Trump can get out from under the Russia and obstruction fake narratives.  Unfortunately it looks like the Trump administration is hiding behind lawyers.  Lawyers are risk adverse by training, so I expect the next Senate hearings will just expose more establishment corruption.  Like always, nothing will be done.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    Just two comments. I think it is interesting when Comey started speaking about the “matter” that he offered that information up, was not asked to disclose anything. Almost like he wanted to get it on the record. For what reason, I don’t know. Also, I don’t understand why this committee is investigating Trump and Russian collusion when everyone and his brother has testified that none exists. Why is the committee still there and whose job is it to get rid of them?

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