The Comment Stream, Where Deeper Thought Starts

Running my own website is a learning process.  Between my Twitter and Gab social media accounts I rack up a fair number likes, reposts, and quick complimentary messages on my articles.  I appreciate that, but one thing I am really finding more interesting is when people make full comments on my website.  When a person reads and appreciates what I have written, but challenges me on a point of disagreement or say where I am lacking or negligent in my  argument in their view, is fascinating to me.  I often find myself agreeing with their point but realize I look at the world a bit differently.  Their comments force me to think, and I like to reply.  The comment stream, where deeper thought starts, actually makes me learn more about myself as I give an unfiltered reply.

The comment section is really where I feel my website is lacking the most right now.  I am currently just using the software the Bluehost Theme came with.  It forces me to approve comments which I find tedious, but it is a spam blocking technique.  I will change that software soon so the comments go up automatically.  Any non-spam comment goes up on my site whether it agrees with me or not.  So I just need to make the commenting process easier.

A recent comment came across from a reader and who is helping me with my writing.  She posed some concerns that she has, that she feels I fail to cover.  On every point I found the concerns valid, but I also spent time figuring out why I left them out of the particular article.  After replying to her comment I reread everything and liked the entire exchange.  The exchange was not of vehement disagreement, but of constructive criticisms and points of view.  That created a dialogue and a real conversation.  It led to me thinking deeper on an issue I found important enough to write about in the first place.

The comment came on my recent article, The War Between The Mainstream Media and President Trump.  The reader took time out of her day to reply to my article, and I put in a fair amount of time to reply.  I thought it would make an interesting article.  Something a little different, but some food for thought.

From the reader:

In referring to the paragraph where you speak about not liking the wall because it reminds you of the Berlin wall and could, perhaps, be used to keep Americans in rather than illegals out, I note that nowhere in your message did I hear you speak about the drugs that are pouring into our country. These drug cartels have free, open range to pass in and out of our country at will. I feel this is perhaps the biggest danger to US citizens. I grew up in Arizona and the stories I’ve heard about the threats made to border agents and their families if they don’t cooperate or look the other way would make anyone fear for their life. This is the message Trump has always included when speaking about the wall. These are the “bad dudes” he is referring to. They are criminals and are truly dangerous. I don’t think any average person will ever understand the true threat our open borders possess and what needs to be done, specifically, to protect Americans. I believe Trump knows and I believe he is going to do just that, protect me and everyone else. Amen and thank you very much.
And on another point, I think the radical left held up Trump’s Immigration ban because they needed to get more terrorists into the country before they were stopped. I cannot understand why Trump seems to be taking his time on the alternate executive order. I am worried about all the illegals/terrorists flooding in before he can get the ban back in place. I am sure he has it under control, but it makes me worried.
And one last thing. You spoke about the censorship of the internet and how you found that amusing, specifically the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act that has been voted into law. I was deeply trouble when I first read about this law and still concerned today. If this censorship is allowed to continue, it cannot bode well for any of us. What is being done to fight this? Have you heard anything from Trump regarding this? It now appears he has been tapped during the election and I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. I think Obama did more damage in the last 60 days in office than in all his 8 years combined.

All three points were excellent and made me sit down and analyse my own views on the topics.  That made me reply because I really wanted to clarify my positions.  It is the kind of debate I love.

With it came my unfiltered reply from my mind, and not a researched and edited article that I normally produce.

Wow Kerryn, you are putting in some great questions as to my line of reasoning. I will break down my thought process on each one of those three because you do make very good points. My mind doesn’t so much concentrate on the symptoms, which I agree are very bad, but what is causing the overall sickness and how it might be cured. I know some people don’t like my positions because I refuse to fight human nature and try to stay as logical as possible in suggesting solutions. Please take my reply with a bit of a grain of salt because I agree with the damage and danger that you are talking about, but that damage or danger might be greatly diminished if we stop treating symptoms and start enacting solutions.

You are correct that I don’t bring up the dangers of what our useless War on Drugs have created on the southern border. Prohibitions do not work. The prohibition on alcohol created an incredibly violent atmosphere around the distribution of alcohol inside America in the 1920s and 30s and a lot of people died and went to jail over someone like me wanting a vodka tonic. If alcohol were illegal today, I would break the law regularly so that I could have my drink after work or dinner before going to sleep.  Alcohol is a drug I choose to use as a wind down to a very busy day and my drink or two hurts no one. I know people who smoke pot, do coke, pop pills, and worse. I don’t partake in their drugs, but I don’t demonize them for using them. Saying drugs make people violent is actually the same argument as guns kill people. Violent people who happen to use drugs commit acts of violence, much like violent people find a gun a good tool to commit violence.

We waste over $50 billion a year fighting the War on Drugs. Because 30% of the population is willing to violate our drug laws on a daily basis, that sets up the Drug Cartels to set up virtual monopolies to smuggle drugs into America. This subsidizes the the coyotes to increase the flow of illegal immigrants into our country because they can be used as mules to transport the drugs. Since they don’t want to go to jail for their activities that puts them in direct conflict with our law enforcement agencies. Our drug laws are greatly increasing the illegal immigrant flow, endangering our law enforcement people, and creating violence when unregulated gangs compete for turf to sell their illegal drugs.

On a personal level I hate cocaine, heroin, meth, and all these other things people choose to do. I have watched good friends destroy their lives using those drugs, but I also know a good number of alcoholics that did the same with vodka or bourbon. I deeply disagree with Trump and Sessions on their desire to expand the drug war. The Drug Cartels actual want Trump and Sessions to take this action because states making pot legal cut into their marketplace. Legalization of drugs will actually cause the Drug Cartels to go out of business because they would be replaced by legal regulated vendors that could be taxed and would have the protection of the law. In 1900 you could walk into a department store and buy opium or cocaine. You had addicts like you do today, but you didn’t have the problem of violence, mass incarceration, or cartel subsidized illegal immigration that you have today.
Trump’s travel ban is a good idea and I thought fairly well written and initiated in its original form. Under the current laws on the books I believe that the travel ban was lawful, but it was stopped, by what I refer to as, the politically promoted and appointed deep state. The ninth circuit court is a result of 28 years of neoconservative and progressive administrations. Neoconservative Republicans are not interested in conserving the meaning of the Constitution, but are totalitarians looking to increase their own personal power, and the power of the government to subjugate and rob the general population. The progressives are somehow worse and I pretty much view them as communists and they want an absolute destruction of the Constitution and America. These two groups appointed those three judges not as impartial jurors but as political activists. Now we are witnessing the result of the corruption of our courts. I think that is why Trump is delaying on the second order. He is attempting to draft a document to be so perfect that even the deep state will not protest.

Trump is attempting to dismantle the deep state, but finding it more difficult than he expected because they control certain aspects of the court. That is why getting his Supreme Court nominee into place is so important. We and Trump are facing a long and dirty and nasty fight to dismantle the corruption in Washington because it is entrenched, fortified, and well armed. I give Trump a lot of credit for how much he has achieved so far.

I find the attempts at censorship funny because I see it as a complete act of desperation by the elite establishment because they have lost control of the narrative. Is the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act frightening? YES! It is part of why I started my website. I really thought Hillary Clinton was going to win and this website is my act of defiance. This website was started figuring I would be named an enemy to my own government for exposing their corruption and there was a good chance I might go to jail under a Hillary Clinton administration. I find fighting to preserve my freedom of speech a worth while cause.

The establishment, which includes the too big to fail banks, various industrial complexes, neoconservative and progressive politicians, and media empires made a mistake when they allowed the public access to the internet. The internet was originally planned as a way for the government to gain control over everyone’s financial transactions. Control the money and you control the people. You can see how they used bank card and credit cards to diminish the public’s use of cash. That means most peoples’ financial transactions are electronic 1s and 0s that the NSA can track, control, and disrupt. Now they are talking about taking society cashless. Cash is hard to track and much harder to control. They want to implement totalitarian control.

But the internet has also increased the ability of people to communicate ideas and information. It allows me to write my articles and to publish a book without the filters of politically correct publishing houses that used to dominate our country. People like you and me are why the internet is so dangerous to the establishment. They made the chess move to take away our ability to control our own finances, but opened the door to people like us to communicate and inform others who previously were following their false narrative.

What is funnier, is that Act to attempt governmental censorship gave power to the Executive Branch to use. That means the establishment gave that power to Trump and he views CNN, NBC, ABC, the NY Times, and the Washington Post as his enemies. The establishment just armed the guy who wants to take them down. I find that hilarious.
I have to think about some lunch. You have great points and genuine worries that I understand and don’t disagree with, but I look a little outside the box when viewing the world around me.

The exchange of ideas and views I thought where good enough to share them for a purpose, so I asked for that privilege.

With your permission I may actually want to use this comment stream as a post on my website. That was just me unfiltered.

And since I have some very cool, intelligent, and awake readers, I received that permission.

As far as your comments go regarding the wall, I want to say that I totally agree with everything you say and feel the same. I would just add that I personally feel it is important that Trump protects our borders at all cost. Obama has had 8 years to flood this country with terrorists in order to fulfill their globalist agenda. He has to stop them. I just hope it isn’t too late.
I also agree with your views regarding the internet and censorship. The globalists are vicious in their attempts to silence the awakening giant. Too late, yet they continue to try. The problem is they have too much control and we are trying to fight them on their own turf. I am waiting for the day when someone creates a platform that excludes interference from those that would seek to silence us, much the same as blockchain has been created to block the big banks and middle, money sucking, controlling man from interfering with financial transactions. We can always hope.
As for your request for my permission, it is granted with my blessings.


We are currently in a time of a new revolution that is not only going on in our country, but around the world.  The internet has opened doors to exchanging ideas and learning the truth about the world around us.  The printing press changed the balance of power from the church as the overlord and the nobles as the lords, to central banks and industrial powers being the overlords and the parliaments and elected politicians being the lords.  It created revolution and strife, but also enabled the average person to gain a better standard of living.  The system it created is not perfect, in fact it is horribly corrupt.  The internet has created a new information revolution and the established order is coming apart.

It is a time of uncertainty and we need to have discussions like those above to hopefully achieve a better life for our heirs.  It is smart people being able to voice differing points of view and to be able to hash them out civilly that a better future can me attained.  I know many voters are under the impression that President Trump and his Cabinet can drain the swamp alone.  They can’t, they need our open support and backing by the masses to succeed.   We also need to stand up and oppose the Trump administration on points we don’t agree on.  We didn’t elect a god and king, we elected a man to represent our values and desires for an honest government.  Conversation like that above, is how we wake more people up to this.

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