ANTIFA Is Pushing Trump Supporters To The Brink And This Needs To Stop

I originally wrote this on March 31. Thanks to I was able to recover it.

On Saturday March 25 there were a series of pro-Trump rallies around the country. Quite a few of them met with disruptions from ANTIFA or “anti-fascist” movements. The videos of these anti-fascists committing both petty and felony crimes flooded YouTube and some of the alternate news sources I pay attention to. Currently I am writing a book on President Trumps election, transition of power, and first 100 days in office. That requires a lot of time and research. Events in Huntington Beach Ca. I found interesting enough to take time away from that project to write this. It is because these anti-fascist groups are dangerous and out of control ANTIFA is pushing Trump supporters to the brink and this needs to stop. Continue reading “ANTIFA Is Pushing Trump Supporters To The Brink And This Needs To Stop”

May Day Devolved Into Leftist Violence

I forgot I was posting all my stuff on  That will allow me to recover my April and May articles that I accidentally nuked.  That means I only lost part of Jan, Feb, and March. This one I wrote on May 2 2017.

My earliest memories of May Day were of it being a communist holiday.  I first remember it from being in Moscow USSR as a kid.  The Soviet military marched on parade for the population during the day before the government put on a massive fireworks display after sunset.  The parade was to remind the population who owned the firepower that controlled the Soviet Union.  The fireworks was a display of a circus and bread to make the general population happy.  The Soviet Union like all communism and socialism failed.  Yesterday was a May Day that showed communist and socialist discontent and violence.  May Day devolved into leftist violence and for some reason it surprised the mainstream media. Continue reading “May Day Devolved Into Leftist Violence”


Last night I watched news from Charlotte NC blow up my Twitter feed for a second night.  Tuesday Sept 20, 2016 a black man, Keith Scott, 43 was shot and killed by Brentley Vinson, 26 a black police officer. This shooting occurred when Scott would not drop his hand gun when repeatedly ordered to do so.  The officers were called to the scene to address another issue.  On arrival they found Scott getting out of his car holding a handgun.  Scott refused to drop his gun after repeatedly being ordered to and the officer shot him four times.  This is the official story, and is yet to be proven absolutely  accurate.  Black Lives Matter, America’s ISIS took to the streets hours later despite this evidence.

The reason I would call Black Lives Matter, America’s ISIS is that they really don’t need the truth or confirmation.  Their aim is to create chaos, destruction and terror by agitating an already angered community. Continue reading “BLACK LIVES MATTER, AMERICA’S ISIS”