Why Are The Politicians and Mainstream Media Turning On Antifa?

It has been an interesting week.  Something changed and it appears to be a victory for free speech.  Mainstream media started coming out with articles no longer defending the Antifa (anti-fascist) violence.  Media is being forced to cover the violent actions of these anarchist and communist groups.  On Sunday, Aug 27 2017 a small peaceful demonstration was disrupted by several hundred black clad nutjobs armed with shields, clubs, mace, bottles of urine, and more.  They injured 6 people including 2 that had to go to the hospital.  Mainstream media is still trying to downplay the violence but independent or alternative media exposed the truth.  Now Joe Scarborough of MSNBC denounced Antifa and Nancy Pelosi came out against them.  At last the left is having to acknowledge and denounce the cancer that calls itself Antifa.  The important question is why are the politicians and mainstream media turning on Antifa?

It might seem like a pretty easy question to answer, but the answer is a bit more complex than many think.  I have heard some say it is due to the alternative media covering Antifa on YouTube, in blogs, and larger independent media operations like Breitbart and Info Wars.  That is partly true, but that is only a small part.  This Antifa violence has been out of control since Nov 9 2016 when Trump won the election.  Alternative media have been covering the violence for nine months and it is only now that it went viral.

Others have contended that it is because President Trump denouncing the violence of the Alt Left.  That again is partly true.  Trump originally came out on Aug 12 2017 when the Charlottesville riot occurred and condemned the violence by many sides.  This caused the mainstream media to condemn him for not denouncing white supremacists.  That was a blatant lie, Trump condemned everyone involved in the violence, right and left. That gave progressive Democrats a platform to call Trump a racist.  It allowed neoconservative Republicans to withdraw support from their President.  Instead of backing down, Trump called Antifa the violent Alt Left in a press conference several days later.

A few have mentioned that the media and progressive politicians doubled down on supporting and defending Antifa after Trump’s denouncement. This encouraged Antifa to attack more moderate groups and now they went too far.  Attacking a prayer group in no way affiliated with fascists is so toxic, that now the media and politicians are finally forced to condemn Antifa.  That is not completely true either, Antifa has for months been attacking people who simply advocate free speech or support Trump.  The media and politicians had no problem refusing to acknowledge, report, or condemn on the Antifa violence.

The true answer is far more complex because all of the above answers are partly true because they are all part of the answer.  This is an avalanche that started small, but has been gaining momentum.  Now it is out of control.  The snow and ice that created this avalanche is in reality a mountain of leftist violence and the lies told by media and politicians about it.  The first crack in the ice began with the violence in the last term of the Obama administration.  That violence began allowing alternative media to become a bigger voice because they attempted to tell the truth. The more the politicians and mainstream media lied about Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas, and other Black Lives Matter riots, the more alternative media gained a trusting audience.

The riots of Ferguson were justified by a “hands up, don’t shoot” lie created by MSNBC and CNN.  Michael Brown never surrendered and he was justifiably shot.  Baltimore erupt in riots after the police gave a rough ride to Freddie Gray after arresting him.  All of those charges were later dropped.  In Dallas America watched as 5 police officers were killed and 9 more were injured by a Black Lives Matter supporter.  Identity politics became so violent that Americans watched with disgust as the mainstream media downplayed or flat out lied about it.  The politicians in Washington DC living in their own bubbles lied or ignored the violence and remained ignorant of their constituents growing anger.

The violence at Trump rallies in 2016 during the campaign was when the first snow and ice started sliding off the mountain top.  YouTube exploded with videos of Trump supporters being violently attacked by leftist protesters.  It didn’t make front page news unless it was a story about how the violence was Trump’s fault.  The mainstream media kept trying to claim that Trump supporters were violent.  The reality was they were the victims of numerous assaults.  Both the neoconservative never Trump and the progressive Democrats kept publicly denouncing the violence created by Trump and his supporters.  They just kept piling lies on top of lies angering working class America more and more.

It was due to this that alternative media grew massively in clicks and views online.  Independent journalists, commentators, and news analysts wrote and videoed alternative views trying to expose the truth.  Sites like Breitbart and Info Wars exploded influentially because their news most often was far closer to the truth.  The American public was waking up to the fact that the mainstream media and political elite were lying.  They were waking up to the out of control leftist violence that was being used on anyone to the right of Lenin.

The lies only drove more Americans into Trump’s camp.  Trump might be crass, rude, and at times seemingly uncultured, but he wasn’t going to bend a knee to political correctness.  He was willing to speak against our useless wars and the insanity of taking in refugees from countries America was bombing. Trump proudly announced his silly wall, but then discussed the importance of enforcing our immigration laws.  Trump was a clown that was making a mockery of the established order.  The primaries were a massacre as Trump mocked the establishment politicians for being out of touch and then beat them in their own states.  His election in November was the avalanche now in full motion.

The protests after the election were largely fabricated by the political left. Some such as Portland and Oakland descended into full blown riots.  The mainstream media covered the violence briefly and then buried the story. If America wanted to hear or read the truth, they turned to talk radio, Breitbart, Info Wars, YouTube, or small independent blogs.  The mainstream media no longer controlled the narrative.  More and more Americans read about the leftist violence and the name Antifa became recognizable.

At the inauguration on Jan 20 2017, alternative media descended on Washington DC in mass.  Project Veritas caught an Antifa group planning a chemical bomb attack on the Deplora-Ball.  Info Wars videoed average American Trump supporters being assaulted by Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups in the streets.  Even the mainstream media showed a black bloc march vandalizing a Starbucks and Bank of America.  It wasn’t until after Trump took office that the violence was cracked down on.  The result was over 230 rioters arrested, most on felony charges.

The violence that occurred after the inauguration is where the mainstream media and establishment politicians really failed.  They kept protecting Antifa by not reporting on, or flat out lying about the violence.  The reason was because their narrative is that the violence is initiated by the right and Trump supporters.  Mainstream media and the establishment politicians wanted Antifa to force the right into reacting violently so that they could record video evidence.  An entire narrative was created to enable Antifa to coax unbalanced people on the right to attack.

Then Antifa attacked people standing in line to attend a Milo Yiannopooulos speech. The Berkeley police not only stood down, but hid inside a building and watched the brutal assaults through the windows.   Instead of condemning the violence of Antifa on innocent people, shows like the Young Turks tried to blame 4chan.org.  They tried to change the story to right wing activists dressed up as Antifa people and attacked their own people.  Then CNN and many others in mainstream media parroted this pile of crap.  If you don’t believe me, watch this video.

This led to free speech advocates and Trump supporters trying to set up free speech rallies in Berkeley.  The mainstream media and establishment politicians began to get what they wanted, but not in the way they expected.  The first of the Battles of Berkeley took place on the March 4 Trump rally. Among the attendees, people like Kyle Chapman, also known as Based Stickman, showed up to protect people. They came in body armor with helmets, shields, goggles and their own clubs. Antifa attacked and these guys stepped forward to protect themselves and other attendees.  The police again stood down until Antifa started losing.  Then the police stepped in to arrest around 10 people, including Kyle Chapman.

The mainstream media spun the violence as a give and take.  They worded their stories as though to suggest that the right leaning protesters started the violence and the left retaliated.  That was a load of crap.  I can’t remember how many hours of raw footage I watched, but Antifa clearly attacked.  Kyle Chapman got arrested for successfully defending himself and others.  That was the problem the media and politicians didn’t foresee.  Hundreds of independent blogs, YouTube channels, Info Wars, and Breitbart used video footage to disprove the mainstream narrative. They showed the police standing down to allow the violence to happen.  Breitbart exposed the Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin for being a friend on Facebook of the riots organizer BAMN (By Any Means Necessary).

That led to the 2nd Battle of Berkeley on April 15 2017.  This time the free speech advocates and Trump supporters showed up far better prepared. Kyle Chapman inspired far more right leaning activists to arrive armored and armed.  They knew Antifa was going to violently attack them and that the Berkeley police would offer no protection.  Even though the police disarmed the right leaning protesters, they still fought back when attacked.  Lets just say that the day did not end well for Antifa, watch below.

The mainstream media and idiot politicians tried to again claim it was a give and take.  Then they went so far as to condemn Trump supporters because some 95 pound female porn star got punched in the face.  They completely ignored the fact that the porn star took to Twitter proudly to announce that she was “going to punch NAZIS.”  I hope she takes a dick better than she took that punch.  Again alternative media and raw footage on YouTube derailed the mainstream media’s narrative.  The right had stood up against leftist Antifa violence and clearly kicked some butt.  The third Battle of Berkeley was peaceful as the police suddenly were given orders to do their job and Antifa chickened out.

Then we fast forward to Aug 2017.  On Aug 12 Jason Kessler, a white identitarian, organized the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville Va.  All of the worst elements of Trump supporters made up a majority of the crowd.  Antifa was out in force and came armed and ready to attack.  Many of the “white supremacy” group came similarly armed and ready to counterattack at the first violence.  The police stood down and a riot ensued.  The result was dozens hospitalized and a lady dead after a mentally unbalanced White Nationalist drove his car into a crowd.

That prompted President Trump to come out and condemn the violence on both sides.  He condemned both Antifa and the “white supremacists”.  The mainstream media immediate lied and claimed President Trump would not condemn the “white supremacists.”

This was the mainstreams way of diverting the narrative.  The politicians and mainstream media were struggling for a way to demonize Trump. They knew the Russia hacked the election narrative has completely fallen apart.  In desperation, the mainstream media fell back to the leftist fashion of shutting down a conversation and called Trump a racist.  That was great for the political establishments.  Neoconservatives such as Paul Ryan came out publicly to denounce Trump for not denouncing “white supremacists.”  The progressive left went ape-shit mad with calling Trump a rascist.

That prompted Trump to do exactly what the establishment and mainstream media never expected.  Trump called a press conference so that he could denounce the violent Alt Left, otherwise known as Antifa. That prompted the media to immediately start writing articles and having TV clips defending Antifa.  Here is a clip of Don Lemon of CNN doing just that.

He is flat out lying about Antifa only protesting fascism.  Those crazy communists define anything that doesn’t agree with them as fascist.  The neoconservative and progressive politicians had no problem seizing this narrative and disavowing President Trump.  They had their talking point of how Trump was definitely a racist.  Only one thing had to happen for them to hang Trump with narrative, Antifa needed to go away.  Antifa after all was their monster, but they had no control of their monster.

On Aug 19 2017 Antifa and 30,000 other counter protesters disrupted and ended the Boston Free Speech Rally. They marched without a permit to stop a rally of a few dozen people to denounce free speech. The speakers and attendees were relatively moderate conservative and libertarian thinkers.  That didn’t matter to the counter protesters though, to them the rally goers were NAZIS.  Fortunately  the Boston police did their job and evacuated the the rally, then bore the brunt of the protest.  The mainstream media and political establishment lauded the peaceful protest. There was one little fact they couldn’t hide, the Antifa types attacked the cops by throwing rocks, bricks, and balloons filled with urine and feces. That caused 33 counter protesters to be arrested and video footage to flooded YouTube.

For a week the media and politicians got a pass, but on Aug 27 it all fell apart.  A free speech prayer group planned to have a rally in Berkeley. They actually cancelled the actual event due to Antifa threats, but a couple dozen decided to show up anyway. This was a diverse and very peaceful group. It included people of many races and some were not even Trump supporters.  The few decided to try to have a dialogue with their leftist counterparts.  When Antifa showed up they assaulted members of the prayer group and assaulted the media on hand documenting the assaults. The Berkeley police stood down and allowed Antifa assault people with deadly weapons.

Of course yet again this went viral.  The mountain of lies about the Antifa violence being out of control was completely exposed.  It now was rushing down as an avalanche to crush the media and political protectors.  They suddenly realized that the American public was aware that Antifa is a cancer that needs to be stopped.  The combination of their poorly concealed lies, the alternative medias continuous coverage of Antifa violence, Trump calling out Antifa by name, and the left being forced to cover Antifa violence is now bringing the condemnation of Antifa.

The hilarious part of this entire saga, is watching the mainstream media and politicians go into ass covering mode.  Suddenly Antifa is using fascist tactics in mainstream articles.  Nancy Pelosi officially condemned Antifa violence and hate.  Paul Ryan, after Nancy Pelosi, had his official spokesperson condemn Antifa in a spineless fashion. (Vote Paul Nehlen in the 2018 primaries please)  Suddenly the establishment’s rabid dog that was used to suppress the free speech needs to be put down.


Antifa was created by hard line communist thinkers.  Communism is the only political ideology responsible for more deaths than fascism.  It is always only one more murder away from being Utopia.  The progressive Democrats have funded, enabled, and protected the Antifa movement. Now the monster of their creation is firmly out of their control.  President Trump was proven right in coming out in his second press conference to condemn the Alt Left violence.  The mainstream media is complicit with the progressive in protecting and lying about Antifa violence.  The neoconservative Republicans played along with the narrative because they are spineless and it opposed Trump.  All of them need to be held accountable.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are domestic terrorists and need to be treated as such.  The DOJ needs to go after the leaders and track the funding.  Major funding sources and the leaders in Antifa movements need to go to jail for a very long time.  It won’t stop all of the leftist violence, but I think it would dampen it quite a bit.


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The Charlottesville Narrative Is Completely Bogus

I woke up Saturday to watch the Charlottesville riots and tragedy unfold. At first I read what the mainstream media said, then started watching raw footage.  The last few days I turned to alternative media sources for commentary for different opinions.  I started to realize that 90% of the accounts held a little truth and a lot things wrong.  Some of the “Unite the Right” attendees attended with the purpose of free speech.  Many also showed up with the intent to brawl.  Antifa and Black Lives Matter definitely came with the intent to brawl.  The police appear to have had orders to stand down.  The police definitely seem to have designed the situation to maximize the possibility of brawling.  It seems almost everyone is guilty.  To me, the Charlottesville narrative is completely bogus.

The “Unite the Right” rally was plagued with problems from the beginning.  The event organizers were Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer who both belong to white nationalist movements.  When the city of Charlottesville denied them the permit to hold the rally, Jason Kessler turned to the federal courts.  The ACLU, a leftist organization with some ethical standards actually argued for Jason Kessler.  Kessler had an actual line up of various right leaning speakers planned for the rally.  For white nationalists, alt right, or neo-nazis to congregate peacefully and speak should be protected and honored.  The federal judge ruled in favor of the “Unite the Right” rally being held.  I believe that was a correct decision.

Everything that happened after the court decision spiraled badly out of control.  First I will take the Friday night tiki torch march.  If Jason Kessler wanted really bad optics, the Friday night torch march succeeded.

Watching hundreds of white guys march around with torches while chanting “white lives matter”, “blood and sand”, and other such nonsense is disturbing.  This is something I would expect to read about in history books discussing the rise of fascism in the 1930s.  The slogans are the same and the optics are the same.  For Kessler to think this night march was a good idea is just plain stupid.  The morons that marched in the crowd proudly chanting became losers by earning equal stupidity points.

I am still not sure if the Friday night torch march was part of the judge approved protest.  Granted, the torch wielding protesters committed no arson.  They may have sounded stupid and looked menacing, but until a few Antifa people showed up at the end of the march, there was no violence.  Unfortunately, every time Antifa, or the “anti-fascist” movements show up, there is almost always violence.  If Kessler was trying to do something good for his movement with the Friday night torch march, he failed badly.  I’ll get into Jason Kessler later, because he is a questionable character.

The events of Saturday morning before the planned noon rally were dispicable.  The police appear to have intentionally pushed the “Unite the Right” rally into a small enclosed space subject to being attacked with projectiles.  Antifa and Black Lives Matter showed up with flag poles, baseball bats, bottles filled with concrete, mace, bear mace, and many other weapons.  Many of the “Unite the Right” protesters came with helmets, shields, clubs, and other weapons.  Right leaning protesters were forced by the police to walk through the Antifa protesters to get to their designated protest area.  The police, all 1,000 of them stood back and did nothing as the violence began.  In fact, the police retreated and disappeared as the violence began.  Then things got really ugly.

In the “Unite the Right” protesters defense, I will point out recent events in Berkeley California.  Antifa violently attacked Trump supporters standing in line to attend a Milo Yiannopoulos speech.  Multiple people were beaten unconscious and more had to go to the hospital.  Then Trump supporters attempted to hold multiple “free speech” rallies in Berkeley only to be violently attacked by Antifa.  Berkeley police stood down and allowed Antifa to commit multiple felony assaults.  The Trump supporters and free speech advocates finally decided to arm up and defend themselves.  This led to the “Battles for Berkeley” and a resounding beat down of Antifa. That created an outcry by the mainstream media and the police to finally start doing their jobs.  That allowed the final “Battle of Berkeley” to be a peaceful free speech rally.

Walking into Charlottesville, the right leaning groups knew they were walking into hostile territory.  The Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer declared his city “capital of resistance” against the President Trump.  He also led the action to get the statue of Robert E. Lee removed giving the cause for the “Unite the Right” rally.  After winning in court, Jason Kessler actually believed that the police would protect his rallies participants and allow them to speak freely.  Quite obviously, judging from the fact that only 500 attended and most of them were heavily armed, most of the attendees didn’t feel the same reassurance.  Watching the raw footage, many of the right leaning protesters seemed just as intent on causing violence once they were attacked by Antifa.

When you look at the content of the groups that attended the “Unite the Right” rally, I agree most of them I don’t support.  The white nationalist groups that dominate the planned attendees, I find little better than the “anti-fascists”.  The “anti-fascists” are violent communists and anarchists who openly declare it is fine to punch anyone they deem a NAZI.

The Southern Nationalists, White Nationalists, and Alt Right groups all identify that by being white, and believe they are being victimized by the left because of their skin color.  Unfortunately there is a lot of truth in that.  College organizations are calling for non-white days and spaces. Liberal college professors are attacked when they point out that is racist. Then you can listen to the equally racist chants that come from Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups and know they are anti-white.  Stunningly enough, the DNC itself talks horribly of white people in setting their policies.

Really?  “White people need to shut up.”  The feral left is creating the angry right.  Feral leftists are a recruiting poster inviting retaliation from the right.

Before I get into how bogus this entire narrative is, I am going to finish the story of what happened on Saturday.

After the police ran away and the violence due to Antifa attacking and White Nationalists counter attacking, a state of emergency was declared. The riot police magically reappeared and told the “Unite the Right” protesters that they were now an unlawful assembly.  The police completely ignored the fact that the Antifa protesters never got permits. They ignored that the violence was initiated by the insanely violent leftists.  In breaking up the legal protest, the police then forced the participants to exit through the illegal crowd of Antifa and Black Lives Matters scum.  This caused more fighting and injuries.

The “Unite the Right” protesters finally got away and Antifa and Black Lives Matters protester marched the streets in victory.  That led to the real tragedy of the day.  As feral and violent as the Antifa people can be, so can the morons attracted to White Nationalist groups be.

James Alex Fields Jr. was arrested by police after intentionally driving his car into a crowd of counter protesters.  It was a brutal and cowardly attack.  Fields belongs to a white nationalist movement, but is only an individual.  It appears he acted on his own and with the purpose to severely injure and kill as many people as possible.  He deserves the electric chair for his actions.

Unfortunately, his action has given the leftist mainstream media and politicians the ammunition they wanted to prove violence by the right. None of the news stories coming out of mainstream media admit the Antifa protesters were an illegal gathering.  They try to claim the fighting occurred on both sides equally.  Mainstream media refuses to report that Antifa and Black Lives Matter initiated the violence.  Media also refuses to ask why the police did not do their jobs from the beginning.  If the police starting making arrests when the first bottle filled with concrete was thrown, I don’t think the violence would have continued.  Now it appears that the police were ordered to stand down.


If the leftist mayor of Charlottleville, Mike Signer did issue a stand down order, he is the reason for the violence.  In a phone interview with Alex Jones on Sunday Aug 13th, Jason Kessler stated his intent on suing the city of Charlottesville.  If after securing the court’s ruling allowing the legal protest, the Charlottesville police were ordered not to protect the protests, whoever issued that order is guilty of enabling a riot.  They are the person ultimately responsible for 3 deaths and 35 people going to the hospital. Hopefully Kessler will follow through with his suet and the truth will be exposed.

Then we get to Jason Kessler’s background.  The Southern Poverty Law Center issued a report claiming that Kessler was formerly in the Occupy movement and an Obama supporter.  Kessler’s switch from an extreme leftist ideology to an extreme right ideology only became apparent in Nov 2016.  That makes me ponder Kessler’s real reasoning for holding a far right rally in such a hostile location.  He had to know of Mayor Signer’s extreme leftist politics.  University of Virginia has hardly been tolerant of conservative groups.  It makes me wonder if Kessler chose the location in hopes of inciting such violence.  By pretending to be a far right extremist, he may have lured the local extreme right morons who wanted to defend themselves violently right into a trap.

I know this may sound conspiratorial, but what if Kessler is a plant?  The Friday night torch march looked very similar to similar marches held in the Ukraine in 2013.  Lee Stranaham did a very good podcast explaining how George Soros foundations fund the leftists in Antifa, who use the same tactics of the fascists that overthrew the Ukraine’s legally elected government in 2013.  Unfortunately YouTube erased Stranahams material this week making it difficult to find his assessment.  Kessler’s torch march mimicked the torch marches of the fascists in the Ukraine.  Those fascists in the Ukraine also received funding from Soros foundations.  Perhaps Kessler’s plan ultimately worked?  Maybe Kessler works for Soros?

Here is the reason I bring this up.  Trump came out early on Saturday and issued a statement condemning the violence in Charlottesville.  He said this.

“We condemn in strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence — on many sides.”

That statement on the day of the violence was important for several reasons.  First President Trump did not have all of the facts.  What he did know was that the hatred, bigotry, and violence was being conducted by many sides.  The mainstream media seized on the fact that Trump did not condemn only the rioters on the right.  Media ignored that the communists and anarchists of Antifa and Black Lives Matters started the violence.  They did this to undermine the legitimacy of President Trump and it is dishonest.

Trump condemned everyone involved in the violence for good reason. The far left showed up create violence.  The White Nationalists and Alt Right showed up prepared to instantly retaliate and make the violence worse. Information was still developing around the guy who drove his car into a crowd.  I doubt Trump knew that the police most likely were given stand down orders.  Nor do I think Trump knew the police appeared to have set up the “Unite the Right” protest so that it was subject to direct attack. Trump showed he would not be drawn in to pick a side.  He instead condemned all sides in the violence.

The media and neoconservative and progressive establishment politicians had no problem picking sides.  They only blamed those trying to hold a lawfully permitted rally for all of the violence.  To them the leftist violence is okay because they are only punching NAZIS.  But what exactly is a NAZI to them?  In Berkeley a NAZI was any person who supported our 1st Amendment right to free speech.  During the inauguration on Jan 20th, a NAZI was anyone attending who supported Trump.  In Charlottesville the groups attending were far closer to the definition of NAZI.  I don’t agree with Jason Kessler or Richard Spencer’s politics, but I have never heard them call for violence.  The leftists of Antifa have a very broad definition of NAZI.

The oddest part of Antifa’s ideology comes from the fact they don’t know was NAZIs are.  Fascism adopted by Mussolini and Hitler had its roots in socialism.  The communists in Antifa choose to support their cause of socialism by centering on class differences.  Since whites are portrayed as the haves, they are hated for being more affluent than other minorities. What fascists do is practice their form of socialism by identifying as groups or nationality.  They say “I am a victim because I am white, therefore I will join the Alt Right because they will represent my race.” Funny enough by that definition Black Lives Matters is actually fascist. They say, “I am a victim of police violence because I am black, therefore I will join BLM because they fight against police violence against my race.”

Both communism and fascism are actually socialist totalitarian ideologies. Those ideologies closely mirror welfare state, high taxation, and smothering regulation beliefs of the progressives.  They also mirror the police state, spy on everyone, and control what you do in the bedroom ideology of the neoconservatives.  Since Antifa looks to destroy the 1st Amendment, therefore silencing actual conservatives like the Tea Party and Libertarian minded or Classical Liberal minded people like me the Antifa are excused and protected for violating the law.  They use the excuse that Antifa only attacked the Alt Right and White Nationalists as an excuse to press for more censorship.  Because the Alt Right and White Nationalists got lured into fighting back, they use a tragic death caused by a crazy person to undermine the Trump White House and to silence sane Americans.

The truth of Charlottesville is that it was an orchestrated attack against Trump supporters and Constitutional advocates.  Antifa was used to incite violence to trigger a mentally challenged person into committing murder. The left and the neoconservative right wanted the optics of a heinous act to undermine the President, and to demonize his base.  The mainstream media is all too complicit on relaying that message.  Alternative media is too disorganized to figure out how they finally got played.  It took 9 months, but the establishment got their talking points.


The political and corporate establishment desperately want to stay in control.  They have been funding groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter for a long time now.  They have grown out of the Occupy movement. Occupy was used for the purpose of deflection.  The establishment politicians stole taxpayer money to bail out the too big to fail banks.  They wanted to hide that theft, so used the Occupy movement to blame the 1% for bad economic conditions.  Occupy was used to blame the actual producers of wealth that employ the majority of Americans for the recession happening.

Now Occupy has become Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  They claim to be fighting police racism and violence and to be combating fascists.  What they are really trying to do is destroy the Trump Presidency and silence the 63 million voices that overthrew the establishment in November.  The inauguration, Battles for Berkeley, and Charlottesville have all had the purpose of goading the right into violent retaliation.  The Southern Nationalists, White Nationalists, and Alt Right are all close enough to actually being fascists and the establishment got the violence it wanted.

Watch out, they will now press for more censorship and use this event to shut down legit protests by the right.  They will use Trump blaming both the alt left and alt right for the violence to paint Trump as a racist.  It will be used as another reason to spy on Americans, silence the public, and impeach or censor Trump.


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Russiagate Might Blow Up In The Establishment’s and Deep State’s Faces

This is an article I originally posted in late March after the March 20 House Intelligence Committee hearings.  The hearing showed that there was no verifiable evidence of either Russian hacking or Trump collusion. WikiLeaks strategic documents dumps seemed to bolster the Trump administration’s case for being innocent.  This was the start of Russiagate coming apart.  Thanks John who uses inoreader.com who has many of my lost articles saved on their memory.

Monday March 20, 2017 hosted the House’s Intelligence Committee’s investigation of what I call Russiagate at this point.  It is the left leaning political establishment’s claim that Trump colluded with Russia to effect the outcome of the presidential election.  The neoconservative right has hopped on board because they hate Trump also.  Of course the politically promoted and appointed officials in the intelligence communities and federal law enforcement happily participate.  Then the mainstream media reports on it as though unproven allegations are facts.  Russiagate became more as illegally leaked classified information showed Trump and his people were being investigated and monitored.  Trump turned the argument to these illegal leaks and the need for them to stop.  After yesterday’s testimony, I am starting to think Russiagate might blow up in the establishment’s and deep state’s faces. Continue reading “Russiagate Might Blow Up In The Establishment’s and Deep State’s Faces”

The Democrats, Deep State, And Mainstream Media Are Committing Suicide With The Fake Blame Russia Narrative

The last few weeks of hearings in the Senate Intelligence Committee have just astounded me.  The witnesses get called to testify and confirm they have no evidence of the Trump Russia collusion.  They have no evidence that Russia successfully changed a single vote via hacking.  The former DNI James Clapper did confirm that the supposed hacking was of the DNC and Podesta emails.  Former FBI Director James Comey did confirm that President Trump did not obstruct justice, but Loretta Lynch may be guilty of that charge.  Former Director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson confirmed he had no evidence of Russian hacking because the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to allow the FBI access to the DNC email server.  They have spun the Russia narrative so far, it is now incriminating them.  The Democrats, deep state, and mainstream media are committing suicide with the fake blame Russia narrative. Continue reading “The Democrats, Deep State, And Mainstream Media Are Committing Suicide With The Fake Blame Russia Narrative”

Comey Self Destructed In His Senate Testimony And Shook The Leftist Narrative

Yesterday on Thursday June 8, 2016 James Comey, the former FBI Director, testified before the Senate.  His intent was to prove that President Trump and his administration lied about Comey repeatedly.  It was also an attempt to further caste suspicions of the Trump Russia collusion narrative, and to show Trump attempted to obstruct justice. Several Republican Senators chose to ask some real questions and Comey went into self destruct mode.  Due to former testimony under oath, Comey shocked the mainstream media by destroying their narrative.  Comey also revealed the real obstruction of justice was done by the Obama administration.  He revealed there was no evidence of the Trump Russia collusion.  Then he revealed that he orchestrated leaks around memos he purposely created.  In all, Comey self destructed in his Senate testimony and shook the leftist narrative. Continue reading “Comey Self Destructed In His Senate Testimony And Shook The Leftist Narrative”

The Facts And The Seth Rich Story Are Blocking The Attempt To Impeach Trump

The #Russiagate story is again falling apart.  The Democratic politicians latched onto the Russia colluded with Trump to hack the elections narrative in December.  Since then they haven’t let go. I thought that the FBI’s silly official report written on Dec 29th 2016 would sink the narrative.  The Grizzly Steppe report after all starts off with a disclaimer. Then it provides no evidence of collusion.  Some of its information and accusations have been heavily challenged.  The Democrats doubled down even when FBI Director James Comey and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified under oath that there is no evidence of collusion.  Now Fox News has released a story on the murder of Seth Rich. This story claims Seth Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks.  It captured momentum and now the Democrats are in panic.  The facts and the Seth Rich story are blocking the attempt to impeach Trump. Continue reading “The Facts And The Seth Rich Story Are Blocking The Attempt To Impeach Trump”

Comey’s Memo, How Many Laws Did He Break?

I have been mulling this over for a few days because my first thought on it seemed ludicrous.  Suddenly the New York Times produced a story about a memo Former FBI Director James Comey wrote about President Trump trying to influence an ongoing FBI criminal investigation.  According to the New York Times, this memo showed Trump, as the sitting President, was trying to obstruct justice.  The date and time of the memo seemed really wrong to me.  After that memo was written, James Comey testified under oath that he had not experienced any attempt at obstruction in any investigation from the White House.  If the memo existed, that meant James Comey had perjured himself while under oath.  That is a felony.  As I listened to better legal minds than my own, a bigger question entered my mind.  Comey’s memo, how many laws did he break? Continue reading “Comey’s Memo, How Many Laws Did He Break?”

This Inauguration Will Be The First Major Attempt At A Communist Revolution

This post I originally wrote on Jan 18, thanks to archive sites, I was able to recover it.  My bad for not backing up my site.

One thing I am learning about writing is that there are days that I feel like I am repeating myself.  On Dec 18 2016 the hype stood around the coming electoral college vote.  Only a week before the CIA began it’s attack against President-Elect Trump with a flimsy attempt to tie him to Russia. What was I saying at the time?  I was saying the real fireworks are going to center around Jan 20 2017.  The Establishment Is Testing For A Communist Style Revolution is what I saw coming.  Now Project Veritas is bringing out the video evidence proving my point from their investigative reporting.  The establishment politicians on both sides are totalitarians and they seek to destroy what America was founded on.  The left is much closer to communism in their attempt.  This inauguration will be the first major attempt at a communist revolution. Continue reading “This Inauguration Will Be The First Major Attempt At A Communist Revolution”

WikiLeaks And The Shadow Brokers Are Inside Leaks From The Deep State

I’ve been contending for quite some time that the WikiLeaks releases of the Clinton State Department emails, the DNC emails, Podesta emails, and the Vault 7 CIA hacking tools and documents are all inside leaks.  Then the Shadow Brokers leaked last August that the had the Equation Group’s hacking codes last August.  The Equation Group is some shadowy organization within the NSA.  My guess they are highly compartmentalized like the Vault 7 CIA materials were, and both leaks are from deep state insiders.  The mainstream press, the US government, and especially the spy agencies don’t want to admit it.  Their Russia story is to deflect from their own crimes.  As a bonus they use the Russia lie to discredit the Trump administration.  I say WikiLeaks and the Shadow Brokers are inside leaks from the deep state, and I will tell you why. Continue reading “WikiLeaks And The Shadow Brokers Are Inside Leaks From The Deep State”

The Establishment Is Testing For A Communist Style Revolution

This post was originally written on Dec 18th, 2016.  Thank you Bob for showing me how to recover it.

Ive watched America change over the last 25 years.  I grew up seeing communism, socialism, and dictatorships as I traveled overseas with my parents.  I never imagined such systems could be installed in my own country.  Each year I watched the American government has moved towards a totalitarian system.  The first Bush presidency began our militarily interventions overseas.  The Clintons began the age of mass incarceration and the ending of Glass-Steagall allowing the too big to fail banks form. Bush II legalized unconstitutional spying on Americans and watch lists.  Obama stepped on the accelerator and civil liberties are being signed away by the minute.  November 8 a change occurred with the election of Donald Trump.  America rebelled against the attempted totalitarian takeover of America by globalists.  This globalist establishment does have contingency plans that they have been installing for years.  The establishment is testing for a communist style revolution. Continue reading “The Establishment Is Testing For A Communist Style Revolution”