Comey’s Memo, How Many Laws Did He Break?

I have been mulling this over for a few days because my first thought on it seemed ludicrous.  Suddenly the New York Times produced a story about a memo Former FBI Director James Comey wrote about President Trump trying to influence an ongoing FBI criminal investigation.  According to the New York Times, this memo showed Trump, as the sitting President, was trying to obstruct justice.  The date and time of the memo seemed really wrong to me.  After that memo was written, James Comey testified under oath that he had not experienced any attempt at obstruction in any investigation from the White House.  If the memo existed, that meant James Comey had perjured himself while under oath.  That is a felony.  As I listened to better legal minds than my own, a bigger question entered my mind.  Comey’s memo, how many laws did he break? Continue reading “Comey’s Memo, How Many Laws Did He Break?”


Friday October 28th started off as any other day in this insane election season.  I woke up to make coffee, check my social media sites, and take care of daily chores.  I didn’t have to worry about my full time job until later in the day.  An hour later the FBI announced it is officially reopening the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.  I immediately knew this would not be done without a very good reason. Something changed and James Comey found his hand forced.  This is why Hillary might be toast this time.

Conjecture flooded the web and news sites.  Was it WikiLeaks?  Was it Project Veritas? No one knew the answer but the news of the reopening of the case exploded virally.  The closing of the case by James Comey on July 5th 2016 came as a grim disappointment to many Americans.  He all but indicted Hillary’s gross negligence in her handling of classified materials in his dismissal speech of pressing any charges.  Later we learned that an unrelated investigation by the FBI had turned up thousands of Hillary emails.  An outside investigation not under the constraints of the original investigation brought forth the new evidence. When I heard this I knew it was different. Continue reading “WHY HILLARY MIGHT BE TOAST THIS TIME”