The Democrats, Deep State, And Mainstream Media Are Committing Suicide With The Fake Blame Russia Narrative

The last few weeks of hearings in the Senate Intelligence Committee have just astounded me.  The witnesses get called to testify and confirm they have no evidence of the Trump Russia collusion.  They have no evidence that Russia successfully changed a single vote via hacking.  The former DNI James Clapper did confirm that the supposed hacking was of the DNC and Podesta emails.  Former FBI Director James Comey did confirm that President Trump did not obstruct justice, but Loretta Lynch may be guilty of that charge.  Former Director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson confirmed he had no evidence of Russian hacking because the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to allow the FBI access to the DNC email server.  They have spun the Russia narrative so far, it is now incriminating them.  The Democrats, deep state, and mainstream media are committing suicide with the fake blame Russia narrative. Continue reading “The Democrats, Deep State, And Mainstream Media Are Committing Suicide With The Fake Blame Russia Narrative”

Vladimir Putin Showed Absolute Contempt For Megyn Kelly

I was curious to see Megyn Kelly’s interview on her NBC debut on Sunday June 4th.  Megyn Kelly left Fox News after losing her viewership due to her anti-Trump reporting.  She went full mainstream and began reporting the leftist propaganda message.  Personally I am not a fan of Fox, they are far too neoconservative in general, and that is progressive lite to me. Megyn Kelly got a reputation as a solid interviewer and I never found the reputation earned.  I decided to watch for myself and see how Megyn Kelly did with President Putin.  RT already showed Putin making a fool of her in St Petersburg on Friday June 2nd.  Watching Megyn Kelly’s edited interview on Sunday was good for a solid laugh.  Vladimir Putin showed absolute contempt for Megyn Kelly.  From his facial expression to his words, he treated her like she was nuts. Continue reading “Vladimir Putin Showed Absolute Contempt For Megyn Kelly”

Russia, The Ultimate Weapon And Excuse Of The Left And Deep State

As Trump returned from his 9 day overseas trip, Russia jumped back into the headlines.  The Washington Post published yet another unverifiable hit piece claiming Jared Kushner requested the Russians set up a secret and secure communications channel for Trump and the Kremlin.  Since the success of ousting Gen. Michael Flynn with unverifiable classified leaks, these leaks became the favored weapon to attack the Trump administration. Trump left on his foreign trip with Russia being used against him, and now returns with Russia being used against him.  The funny thing is the entire blaming Russia started as an excuse or deflection to keep the public from paying attention to the content of the WikiLeaks leaks.  WikiLeaks hit the left with the Clinton State Department, DNC, and Podesta email dumps. Russia was blamed.  Now Russia is the ultimate weapon and excuse of the left and the deep state. Continue reading “Russia, The Ultimate Weapon And Excuse Of The Left And Deep State”