WikiLeaks And The Shadow Brokers Are Inside Leaks From The Deep State

I’ve been contending for quite some time that the WikiLeaks releases of the Clinton State Department emails, the DNC emails, Podesta emails, and the Vault 7 CIA hacking tools and documents are all inside leaks.  Then the Shadow Brokers leaked last August that the had the Equation Group’s hacking codes last August.  The Equation Group is some shadowy organization within the NSA.  My guess they are highly compartmentalized like the Vault 7 CIA materials were, and both leaks are from deep state insiders.  The mainstream press, the US government, and especially the spy agencies don’t want to admit it.  Their Russia story is to deflect from their own crimes.  As a bonus they use the Russia lie to discredit the Trump administration.  I say WikiLeaks and the Shadow Brokers are inside leaks from the deep state, and I will tell you why. Continue reading “WikiLeaks And The Shadow Brokers Are Inside Leaks From The Deep State”

I Just Lost Five Months Of Content

I just managed to destroy 5 months of work in a single go.  Why?  How?  I hadn’t bother to back up my website since the beginning of December. There is no good explanation other than I got lazy about something I did every month.  It wasn’t hackers or the deep state, but me that accidentally crashed my own site while working on a technical issue that I was not happy with.  I just lost five months of content and the reason is that I was being lazy.

That is five months of me publishing article showing the reasons the mainstream and deep state narrative about Trump colluding with Russia were false.  That was repeated stories showing how and why the FBI and CIA were falsifying information to drive that narrative.  It was five months of reiterating that the WikeLeaks CIA Vault 7 hacking tools leaks and the Shadow Brokers dumps of the NSA cyber-hacking weapons was an inside job.  That Russia isn’t behind the WikiLeaks, but most likely deep state actors.  It is an insurrection inside our deep state against the unconstitutional behavior of that deep state. Continue reading “I Just Lost Five Months Of Content”


When I served as the GM of two popular bars in Atlanta for three years, my employees knew they could ask me anything.  One of my better employees asked what frustrated me the most in management.  My reply was that being lied to insulted me the most.  A lie is disrespect,  it treats a person as though they are stupid.  What is true in business is also true in my personal life.  I made a choice back around that time to turn off the TV.  The mainstream media produces a non stop stream of lies and propaganda, and it was getting worse by the month.  More and more I read alternative blogs and watched various YouTube channels.  These produce better stories with factual information.  They were debunking the mainstream media propaganda.

Today we have multiple important issues going on and the mainstream media misreports on all of them.  The press portrays Donald Trump as a pervert while ignoring Bill Clinton’s previous sexual assault and rape accusers.  Black Live Matter strokes racial tensions to an all time high with a false narrative driven by the media.  America’s military faces off with Russia on a daily basis in Eastern Europe and Syria, while the mainstream ignores that our actions make us the aggressor.  On the financial channels you hear of an imaginary economic recovery because the Federal Reserve manipulates the stock market. Continue reading “DEBUNKING THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA PROPAGANDA”