Is There a Deep State Civil War Going On?


Everyday we hear about all of the leaks to the media of classified material by government officials.  This information is being used to attack President Trump and his Cabinet appointees.  First, General Michael Flynn was forced to resign as National Security Adviser, now Jeff Sessions is being attacked.  It is clear that the politically promoted and appointed upper management of America’s deep state has declared war on Trump.  Chief among the deep state agencies acting against Trump is the CIA.  Now Wikileaks has somehow gotten damning evidence against the CIA.  The first showed how the CIA interfered in the 2012 French elections, and the second exposes CIA hacking tools and the fact the CIA lost control of them.  My suspicion is that both of these came from insider leaks.  It is a deliberate attack on the CIA.  I have to ask, is there a deep state civil war going on? Continue reading “Is There a Deep State Civil War Going On?”

#March4Trump Clashes Was Just More Proof ANTIFA Groups Are Domestic Terrorists

On Saturday an event #March4Trump was held in multiple cities around the nation.  I’ve been working overtime at my regular job and putting in a lot of time on a book I am writing on the election, transition of power, and first 100 days of the Trump administration.  Even with all that I have reviewed several hours of raw footage video on YouTube from the Berkeley Ca. event in particular.  This event turned violent unnecessarily due to the actions of the ANTIFA group that showed up to “counter-protest”.  I put counter-protest in quotes, because it is clear they showed up to intimidate and attempt to violently attack Trump supporters.  The #March4Trump clashes was just more proof ANTIFA groups are domestic terrorists. Continue reading “#March4Trump Clashes Was Just More Proof ANTIFA Groups Are Domestic Terrorists”