Russiagate Might Blow Up In The Establishment’s and Deep State’s Faces

This is an article I originally posted in late March after the March 20 House Intelligence Committee hearings.  The hearing showed that there was no verifiable evidence of either Russian hacking or Trump collusion. WikiLeaks strategic documents dumps seemed to bolster the Trump administration’s case for being innocent.  This was the start of Russiagate coming apart.  Thanks John who uses who has many of my lost articles saved on their memory.

Monday March 20, 2017 hosted the House’s Intelligence Committee’s investigation of what I call Russiagate at this point.  It is the left leaning political establishment’s claim that Trump colluded with Russia to effect the outcome of the presidential election.  The neoconservative right has hopped on board because they hate Trump also.  Of course the politically promoted and appointed officials in the intelligence communities and federal law enforcement happily participate.  Then the mainstream media reports on it as though unproven allegations are facts.  Russiagate became more as illegally leaked classified information showed Trump and his people were being investigated and monitored.  Trump turned the argument to these illegal leaks and the need for them to stop.  After yesterday’s testimony, I am starting to think Russiagate might blow up in the establishment’s and deep state’s faces.

This eight month campaign started at the end of July after the release of the DNC emails by WikiLeaks just before the DNC Presidential Convention. These emails showed collusion between the mainstream media to create a narrative favorable to the Clinton campaign.  The media wanted to hurt both the Sanders and Trump campaigns.  They also showed that the DNC sent agitators to the protests against Trump rallies dressed as Sanders supporters.  These agitators were to create a hostile atmosphere increasing the chances of violence to inconvenience Trump supporters. This also was to make Sanders supporters look dangerous and deranged. Last they showed the political elite controlling the DNC rigged the Democratic primaries against Bernie Sanders. This allowed Hillary Clinton got the Democratic nomination.  In short, they exposed the high level of corruption within the DNC.

They didn’t want people to actually read the emails that were in no way classified.  The emails were not government documents, but the documents of the Democratic Party which is a private entity.  Officials decided they needed a boogieman to blame to divert the American public’s attention.  They chose Russia.  The intent was to dredge up old Cold War fears, to divert the attention of the American public.  The information exposed was so damaging, the the Democratic party turned to their media allies to lie to the public.  CNN’s Chris Cuomo even went so far as to claim it was illegal for Americans to read the Wikileaks, which is a lie.

With the beginning of the Podesta email dump in October, the rhetoric to demonize Russia became even more elevated.  The Obama administration and Clinton campaign desperately wanted to distract the American public’s attention from the massive amount of corruption being exposed. Their demonizing of Russia got so bad that I wrote this article because they seemed ready to risk war with another nuclear armed nation.  To them, risking a nuclear catastrophe was worth keeping the American public ignorant to their corrupt ways.  That seems pretty insane to me.

When Trump won the election, something changed.  Now they wanted the narrative to be Trump colluded with the Russians to steal these private emails so Wikileaks could release them.  The deep state intelligence community was already trying desperately to tie Russia to Trump.  The democratic party and their mainstream media operatives latched onto this story.  November, December, and January, Russian hacking and possible Trump collusion became everyday headlines.  There was only one minor detail these idiots kept leaving out, verifiable evidence.

Trump turned the narrative over when he brought attention to the fact that leaks out of his administration were felony acts.  The leaks were classified material that was being shared with mainstream reporters and highly illegal.  Then on March 4, Trump accused the Obama administration of tapping his phones.  Basically Trump accused the Obama administration of opening politically motivated investigations into his campaign while he was running for president.  Then Wikileaks stepped into the ring to assist his narrative again.  First in February, they released classified CIA documents showing how the CIA interfered in the 2012 French elections.  Then on March 7, Wikileaks released the Vault 7 highly classified documents exposing the CIA’s hacking tools and that the CIA lost control of these weapons.

That brings us to yesterdays intelligence briefing and a few of the things it verified.  I also want to bring up several of the things it left out.  Both are just as telling and both are just as damaging to Russiagate.  This is why Russiagate is a bomb with a lit fuse and it is going to blow up in someones face.  I am coming to the belief it is turning against the political establishment elite and the deep state.

The first thing I can take away from this five hour marathon is that James Comey confirmed there is no evidence linking Trump associates to the Russian government.  This is confirmed in the fact that Comey confirms Trump associates were investigated.  It was reported in November that the FBI had been granted a FISA court warrant to investigate Trump associates.  Comey finally confirmed that information in yesterday’s hearing.

That brings into question this farce about wire tapping.  Comey claims that there was no wire tapping of Trump Tower or Trump associates.  A junior congresswoman blew the lid off that narrative.  The Edward Snowden leaks in 2012 showed how the NSA mass downloads everyone’s cellular and internet communications.  The FBI regularly intercepts Americans phone calls by using fake cell towers.  They had a secret warrant allowing to investigate and monitor Trump’s associates.  They just don’t need to actually physical tamper with wires anymore to do this. Maybe there wasn’t wiretapping, but there were intercepted communications.

Since this FBI effort started in July 2016, the Obama White House should have been notified at least twice about this investigation.  That means Obama should have been personally aware of this situation even if he didn’t order himself.  Interestingly, Comey never notified the House or Senate about this investigation of Trump associates until March 2017.  This makes me believe Comey was intelligence gathering against the Trump campaign during an election for political purposes.  It also strongly supports Trump’s argument that the Obama administration tried to interfere in the election.

That brings us to Trey Gowdy’s questioning of Comey during the hearing. Gowdy exposes the one illegal act that is actually proven during this entire Russiagate process.  Leaking classified material to the press is a felony. The leaking of General Michael Flynn’s name to the Washington Post in reference to a classified transcript of a phone conversation was an illegal act.  Then when Gowdy presses Comey on whether these leaks are being investigated, Comey will neither confirm or deny.  All of this is done under the guise of not revealing whether the information leaked is real or fake classified material.

Now I move to what the politicians of both sides of the establishment, the deep state, and the mainstream media want to hide from Americans.  The WikiLeaks and the 100% perfect record they hold on only releasing real documents.

They first released the documents showing how the CIA interferes in foreign elections.  Using the CIA’s own documents that were somehow leaked or otherwise stolen, they show interference in the 2012 French election.  This came out while the CIA, FBI, political establish, and mainstream media keep trying claim Russia rigged our elections.  The problem is, they have no proof.  Their declassified report on Russian hacking lists ways Russia could have hacked into our systems, but no proof.  They keep trying to shift the American focus to Russia so that we forget about their own illegal behavior.

Perhaps if they could provide a picture it would be worth a thousand words.  Pictures used to be proof.  That all changed with the creation of Photo Shop.  No pictures are stored digitally online and are subject to editing.  You can’t trust pictures as unaltered anymore.  Why is this important?  Because of what the Vault 7 leaked documents show.  They show that the CIA can alter the digital footprints of a hack to frame other countries as the guilty party.  That allows them to change the forensics making it impossible to know who really hacked the DNC or Podesta emails.

Now the Vault 7 classified documents were supposed to be on a separate and completely isolated server to make it impervious to hacking.  Such highly classified material like these cyber-weapons would only be accessible to a limited number of people.  One of those people had to physically download that information, smuggle it out, and then upload it to the internet.  This leak was just as illegal as the leaks to the media against Trump.  That person made the CIA’s cyber-weapons available to every scumbag on earth.

Since someone on the inside leaked this information, it is blowing serious holes in the entire Russiagate narrative.  How can we believe a mainstream media that continually gets caught lying to the public?  How can we trust our law enforcement officials when they hide information from Congress?  The same holds true for our intelligence officials.  How can we trust the progressive and neoconservative establishments because they continuously lie?  It took a junior Congresswoman, who is too new to have been bought off by the system to expose Comey as a deep state insider.  The Russia narrative is changing away from being so toxic for Trump.  Now the concern for who is leaking what can’t be hidden.


The more the corrupt establishment in this country lies to the public, the more common their lies get exposed.  I am sure Russia had interests in our election.  My problem with this whole Russia narrative is the information being leaked to WikiLeaks in a very strategic fashion.  The DNC and Podesta emails was designed to expose the corruption of the Democratic Party and the mainstream media.  Then they exposed how the CIA is guilty of tampering with elections.  Then what should not have been able to be hacked, got leaked.  That points to an insider in the deep state trying to destroy it.

Regardless of which side is leaking for and against who, this is a dangerous game.  All of the leaks, those against Trump and those to WikiLeaks are highly illegal acts.  What started as a distraction and a delegitimization of President Trump, is now shifting into an unraveling of lies told by the establishment and deep state.  It is exposing the corruption in Washington DC and turning the general public against it. That leaves the establishment vulnerable to attack and the deep state in position to be dismantled.  That is why Russiagate may just blow up in their faces.

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