Rachel Maddow Made An Idiot Of Herself Over Trumps Taxes, At Least It Was Funny To Watch

I caught wind of this on Twitter last night after being called into my regular job.  Rachel Maddow had a big scoop on Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns and would air it in a few hours.  Without a TV to watch I stayed tuned to Twitter, Gab, and Facebook waiting for something to break.  Half an hour before her show the White House popped Maddow’s balloon by releasing the details of those tax returns.  Then I watched as people I follow, openly laughed at her report.  When I finally got home I watched it on YouTube myself and it was so funny I had a hard time drinking my vodka tonic. Rachel Maddow made an idiot of herself over Trump’s taxes, at least it was funny to watch.  SNL ought to be jealous of the comedic value.

For anyone who hasn’t watched Rachel Maddow go unhinged into an 18 minute rant of conspiracy theory that bends that bends reality backwards, watch it here since NBC killed all the links on YouTube..  I put the full one hour show in that link so you can see how a 29 minute exclusive report to open a major news show turned into absolutely nothing.  I think MSNBC executives watching realized how insane Maddow sounded with her accusations based on possibilities with no proof sounded, and cut her off.  They brought in a real anchor to finish the show to most likely try to regain some credibility on reporting actual news.

I guess to explain the hilarity I found behind this fake news story by Maddow, I will take it from the top.  I watched it last night over a drink and again this morning and I laughed just as hard the second time. Laughing at the same joke twice is rare for me.  On this the punch line is just so rich, it was worth the second laugh and now a third as I watch it again.

I am of the belief that the mainstream media, which over 90% is owned by 6 people regularly lies to the public.  The media is part of the establishment of the progressive left and neoconservative right that has controlled America for over 100 years.  That establishment is a cancer that is destroying our country.  It has destroyed our farming, ranching, manufacturing, the value of the dollar, and now seeks totalitarian control. Donald Trump, love him or hate him, his election was revolutionary in nature because he wants to destroy that establishment.  I like a lot of what President Trump is doing, and strongly oppose a few of the things he is doing.  Due to the mainstream media’s continuous lies, conjecture, and outright propaganda, I keep finding myself in position to defend Trump and that annoys me.

That is my rant, let’s get to Maddow being an idiot.

Rachel Maddow blew up Twitter hours before her special report on Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return.  TV news is a ratings game and she was driving ratings.  Maddow alluded to having a big scoop or possibly something damaging on Donald Trump due to this tax return.  Her initial Tweet about the tax returns got 152,000 likes, 84,000 retweets, and 22,000 comments.  It went viral and since Trump has legally refused to release his tax returns, it sounded like a big deal.  That of course caused people to gain interest, which drove viewers to actually turn on MSNBC at 9pm. Judging from current ratings, MSNBC is really having a tough time attracting an audience.

An hour later the White House released the truth about Trump’s 2005 tax returns.  That reported that Trump paid $38 million in taxes on an income of $150 million.  That meant that Trump paid 24% of his income to the government.  Now the source of the 2005 tax returns was David Cay Johnston who writes on his own website DCReport.org.  In fact his article points out very early on that Trump did nothing wrong.  Trump instead of paying taxes like the 1%, actually paid a lot more than he had to, and paid like the bottom 50% of Americans.  Trump, who bragged about paying as little taxes as possible because he was smart, actually lied.  He didn’t take deductions available to the exclusively rich, and paid more than he had to by $33 million.

So poor old Maddow had he big story blown out of the water half an hour before her show started.  Like so many of the retards in the media elite, she didn’t let that stop her.  She started her show with an 18 minute monologue that amounted to a conspiratorial rant that left tears in my eyes because I laughed that hard.

In the first minute of her monologue, Maddow didn’t start out too badly. Maddow wanted to stress how incredibly important getting this document was.  She wanted to stress that there must be some mind blowing information that she was going to reveal.  What she failed to disclose to her audience was the nature of this leaking of Trump’s 2005 tax return.  If anyone without the consent of Trump leaked this tax document, it is highly illegal.  It is a felony crime.  If Trump himself, or someone at his command leaked this tax document it is not illegal.  Regardless of who leaked it, legally or illegally, it is legal for Maddow to report on it.  She did reluctantly admit to this fact much later in her special report.

Maddow then went on to point out that every president since Richard Nixon has released their tax returns to the public.  Donald Trump is the first president in 40 years to refuse to do so.  Then Maddow points out that when Nixon did reluctantly release his tax returns, he got caught cheating.  The IRS ordered Nixon to pay $500,000 in back taxes due to this.  She goes on to point out that Hillary Clinton released her taxes going back to 1977.  This is where I started laughing because Maddow omits that the Clinton Foundation is under criminal investigation by the FBI.  She doesn’t mention that the Clinton Foundation posed as a charitable operation but most likely was used as an avenue for bribery by foreign and corporate powers.

Instead Maddow tries lamely to hint that since Nixon got caught cheating after initially refusing to release his taxes, Trump is guilty by association. To Maddow, no evidence is needed to cast that allegation.  A full three and half minutes were spent by Maddow trying to allude that Trump is obviously cheating on his taxes because he has not released his taxes.  Not once does she present any factual or even logical argument, but makes a completely emotional argument.  Maddow also seems to deliberately point out the fact that after repeated IRS audits, Trump has been charged with no crimes by the IRS.  Her lack of evidence is mind blowing.

I shouldn’t laugh so hard, this is a dangerous line of thought.  This is how many innocent Russians got thrown in Siberian gulags by the USSR due to an accusation of a neighbor who didn’t like them.  Maddow wants Trump to be guilty because she says so, but presents no real evidence to support her case.  She wants the public to hate Trump on falsities and wants the government to prosecute President Trump without due process.

After this is where Maddow goes completely unhinged.  Now she travels into the Russia conspiracy theory that the CIA and mainstream media has been pushing for months.  I am not even going to bother linking to all the articles I have written debunking this BS narrative.  Just scroll through my website and every other story I have written exposes the Russia BS for lacking factual evidence.  There are dozens of other alternative media sources that also regularly blow the Russia BS out of the water including WikiLeaks with their most recent Vault 7 document dump.  MSNBC doesn’t report on the fact that the CIA can hack anyone’s devices and change the forensics to make it look like the Russians did it.  No, Maddow believes if she keeps telling the same lie enough, it will become the truth.

Maddow goes on her tin foil hat journey by pointing out that Trump bought a $40 million dollar property in 2004 in Palm Springs Fl.  He then sold that property less than 4 years later to a Russian oligarch for $100 million dollars.  She’s right, that is an interesting fact.  She raises the question that Trump’s taxes might reveal whether he upgraded that property making it that much more valuable.  What she fails to disclose is that less than four years later means Trump sold the home before or in the early stages of the 2008 housing bust.  It takes months to officially close on a property after the initial sale.  At that time due to the too big to fail banks giving home loans to anyone with a pulse, housing prices were skyrocketing.  Yet another lie by omission.

To Maddow, this was obviously a bribe.  She alludes to this accusation over and over and over again but presents no concrete evidence.  Maddow instead stresses thin links between this Russian oligarch and Trump business interests to try to show Trump has been on the take with Russia since at least 2008.  By only presenting only one side of her argument, Maddow repeatedly implies that President Trump is guilty of accepting foreign bribes and is guilty of treason.  At least Maddow was smart enough not to make a direct accusation and declaration and left it up as a very strong opinionated possibility.  That will most likely save NBC from being sued for slander and libel.

After the 18 minute deranged rant, Maddow finally interviewed David Cay Johnston.  I think the Boston Herald headline, “Shattuck: Rachel Maddow left with nothing after fake news report” hit the nail on the head.  Not only did Johnston confirm that Trump did not break the law, but he paid more than he had to.  Trump could have used a tax loophole that he wants to get rid of to only pay around $5 million in taxes that year.  Johnston also disclosed that Trump himself might have leaked the document because it is so favorable to legitimacy of his honesty.

After an 18 minute rant of pure lunacy, Maddow was left with absolutely nothing.  When MSNBC cut to break, they came back on air with a new anchor reporting some real news.  I think the corporate executives realized by the Twitter backlash that they just got called out as fake news.  Judging from the multitude of article being written even by mainstream media outlets mocking Rachel Maddow, the entire country today is laughing at her moronic behavior.


The mainstream media from NBC, ABC, to CNN and I can’t leave out major newspapers regularly lie to the public.  They do this because they are owned and controlled by the corporate establishment.  That establishment pays for and curries favor from the political neoconservative and progressive establishment that keep creating unconstitutional laws.  President Trump is their enemy and they know it.  He threatens to tear down their system and create one that he likes.  As much as I would like to voice my disagreement with the Trump administration on a few of my concerns, I can’t while the mainstream media is so busy lying.  Their lies force me to write stuff like this.

The mainstream media is already doomed from what I can tell.  Too many people paid attention to what WikiLeaks released in the DNC and Podesta email dumps.  Many in the public are aware that the mainstream media and political elite collude to misinform the public.  That will just keep making alternative reporting like my own grow in popularity.  They can’t control me or what I publish, so I call it like I see it.  Now Maddow has to figure out that she committed career suicide last night and disappear.  At least I really got a good laugh watching her do it.

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