Project Veritas Just Added Another Nail To CNN’s Coffin

President-Elect Trump called CNN “fake news” in a January press conference.  CNN had reported on a Buzzfeed story about a completely unverified Trump pee fetish dossier written by a private security firm called Fusion GPS.  The dossier was a work of fiction.  President Trump later upgraded CNN’s status to “really fake news” in his Feb 16 press conference.  93% of CNN’s reporting about Trump was negative.  Just last week CNN retracted a “fake news” story causing 3 CNN employees to resign yesterday.  The story was based off a single unverifiable anonymous source and was an attempt to smear a Trump ally.  Breitbart News blew it out of the water.  This forced CNN to change its policy on reporting on Russia.  Project Veritas just released a video of a CNN producer admitting the Russia narrative is a load of crap.  Project Veritas just added another nail to CNN’s coffin.

The mainstream media in general is destroying themselves.  90% of the mainstream media is owned by just 6 corporations.  With Fox News being the exception, the rest are very supportive of the progressive Democratic establishment.  Fox News isn’t much better because much of it’s reporting favors the neoconservative Republican establishment.  The progressives and neoconservatives really aren’t very different.  They could almost be called two sides of the same coin.  The mainstream media being controlled by so few people is dangerous in my opinion.  Several hundred executives in senior management control the narrative of 90% of the news produced. That allows them to misinform the American public.  Fortunately the internet has made it so they can be challenged.

On June 23 Breitbart News did an explosive investigative article showing CNN reported on an already debunked conspiracy theory involving Russia. The goal of the CNN story was to link a meeting between Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci and a Russian bank official on our sanctions list. CNN’s problem was Scaramucci’s meeting was with the Russian had already been investigated and the matter was closed.  Investigators found that nothing improper had occurred.  Basically Breitbart exposed that CNN attempted to refurbish an untrue rumor and sell it to the public to smear the Trump administration.

CNN later that day went into panic mode.  The Breitbart story had gone viral and CNN had been caught yet again lying to the public.  CNN retracted the story Friday night and issued the following statement.

That story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards and has been retracted. Links to the story have been disabled. CNN apologizes to Mr. Scaramucci.”

They later went on Twitter and posted this.

Even in panic mode, CNN couldn’t stop the bleeding as they were being labelled “very fake news.”  The thinly sourced article that they retracted was even being reported on negatively by other mainstream sources.  CNN President Jeff Zucker became personally involved in an internal investigation of the retracted story over the weekend.

Senate Democrats found themselves were being blamed as insiders point to the leftist staffs of members like Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) as being responsible for the retracted article.  The staff for Harris deny any involvement, but the Warren staff had not responded at the time of the Sunday Breitbart article.

CNN went further to cover their own ass and the Head of HR posted this tweet.

Monday rolled around and the reporter, editor, and producer for the “very fake news” article all resigned.  CNN went further and issued strict new rules on any reporting involving Russia.  Basically no one could report anything on Russia without it first being cleared at the highest levels of CNN’s management.

CNN was doing everything they could to attempt to keep their credibility and Project Veritas put out this explosive video Monday June 26.

Project Veritas succeeded in making a hidden video  of 15 year veteran John Bonifield, a CNN Supervising Producer.  The time of the recordings appear to be in May.  Bonifield admits that there is no evidence of Russia hacking the election or colluding with the Trump administration.   He admits that most of what they report on Russia is “mostly bullshit right now.”  Considering CNN has reported on Russia 15,694 that pile is getting pretty high.  At least farmers near CNN have a huge source of fertilizer.

Bonifield completely exposes the knowledge that they are reporting “fake news” goes all the way to the top.  CNN’s President Jeff Zucker stopped CNN reporters from reporting Trump pulling out of the climate accords and told them to return to the Russia narrative.  The reason given for such an order was ratings.  CNN had an audience that wanted the Russia narrative to be true, so regardless of fact or evidence, CNN was reporting as though it were true.  Bonifield admitted that Trump describing their reporting as “a witchhunt” was entirely accurate.  He also admitted they could have never gotten away with such reporting on President Obama.

The sickening part is how Bonifield brags about the illegal deep state leaks being great.  It doesn’t matter to him whether the leaks are true or illegal, but that anything that could be used to smear Trump was worth reporting on.  To CNN the truth doesn’t matter, but the business decision of getting rating does.  They have an angry delusional audience, so they feed them “fake news” for the advertising dollars it brings CNN.


Last week Breitbart blew the doors off CNN.  They exposed CNN in a “fake news” scandal so bad that 3 of their employees were most likely forced to resign.  Project Veritas just piled on, and I won’t be surprised if Bonifield finds himself unemployed.  My guess is that Altanta has large gay population and Project Veritas used a good looking young man to befriend Bonifield.  In a classic “honey pot” operation, and they got the CNN executive to drop his guard and be honest.  It is classic investigative reporting.  Breitbart nuked CNN just by doing basic research.  Fake news doesn’t understand the power of the internet.  The truth can mostly be found and exposed with good research or good investigating.

This one isn’t over.  From the sound of James O’Keefe’s statements, he has more videos coming.  I suspect he directed his investigators to target multiple mainstream media outlets.  By lying to the public, the mainstream media is slowly committing suicide.  The deep state and the political establish is also committing suicide with the Senate Intelligence hearings. The more they double down on the Russia narrative, the more it blows up in their face. Let’s just keep giving them rope.

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