President Trump Is The Master Troll, And The Media Is His Victim

Right now is an interesting experience for me.  I have fallen behind on writing on my website because I am working on a book I want to publish in May.  Between research, writing and trying to keep up with the pace of current events, I feel like I am going nuts.  There is one thing I feel I really need to post today.  The media is baffled by Trump.  They keep latching on to the wrong story and broadcasting crap.  All the while Donald Trump is writing executive orders to move his agenda along like I expected.  He has done more in the last month than most presidents do in their first term.  To read the New York Times and Washington Post, or to listen to CNN, you would never know this.  Why?  President Trump is the master troll and the media is his victim.

To me this seems obvious but so many people are missing it.  Trump realizes that 90% the mainstream media is owned by six people.  He understands that they are part of the existing establishment of the neoconservative right and the progressive left.  They own what the population is fed as information, and that shapes the beliefs of the people. He also knows the media has become lazy and dishonest.  Between his Twitter account and his press briefings, Trump knows he can trigger the media into reacting in anger.  He can throw in that comment that captures the headlines.  His most recent was telling CNN’s Jim Accosta that he was changing CNN’s status from “fake news” to “very fake news.”

To me, I just had to sit back and laugh my ass off as I watched it live.  It was brilliant and I knew the sarcastically snarky declaration would dominate the headlines.  Why did I find it so brilliant?  Simple, Trump faced two recent defeats that were gaining air time.  The first was the resignation of General Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser due to media, CIA, and Department of Justice collusion and hit pieces.  Second was the 9th Circuit Court issuing a blocking of his executive order on banning travel of individuals from seven countries.  With the words “very fake news”, Trump changed the mainstream media’s narrative and his defeats lost steam as a headline attention grabber.

Having been accused of being a troll on a few occasions, I understand the process.  Personally I wanted to start my website to expose government corruption.  I wanted to write about the historical aspects of where it began and how it was implemented.  It was to educate people on what is really going on that drove me to buy and create this site.  Instead I keep finding myself drawn back to mainstream media lies and how the government’s deep state feed and drive those lies.  So I post my articles on my victims, otherwise known as the mainstream media,  Twitter and Facebook feeds.  I want them too see me calling them out as liars.  So that makes me a troll according to people I offend.

Of course this is the definition of an internet troll straight from Wikipedia.

In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtrl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll’s amusement.

I find the definition lacking when it applies to people like me.  The work I do deals in truth, so my “inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages” are really saying, “hey look here, this is why I know you are full of crap”.  Trump is doing the same thing and so is his press secretary Sean Spicer.  They continually call out the media on their lies and omission of information to change a hostile narrative.  Trump knows the mainstream media is the enemy, so he tricks them into getting offended by his comments and Tweets to change the narrative.  This makes him the master troll.  He gains effect, where I am largely still ignored.

That leads a person to ask a very simple question.  Why would Trump want to misdirect the media to attack him on one topic rather than another topic?

The simple answer is that he wants to enact his agenda with as little attention as possible.  I could go back to his January 11 refusal to accept a question from CNN reporter Jim Accosta when he first called CNN “fake news”.  That one was not tough, BuzzFeed and then CNN had reported on a piece of fiction supposedly supplied by a reliable intelligence contact about a secret CIA report that left Trump available to blackmail by the Russians.

That the “report” had been out on the internet for months and no one reported on it ought to give anyone a clue.  An educated eye reading would spot that it obviously was not an intelligence report at all.  If I had to guess, it was a complete work of fiction put together by someone who works in the deep state.  That person is dissatisfied with the bullshit bureaucracy they are surrounded with and the power it possesses.  That led them to publish that fiction to discredit their own deep state and whoever was dumb enough to report on their fiction.

By calling CNN “fake news” that day, President-Elect Trump diverted the story about him and Russian hookers creating golden showers on a bed Obama slept on, to CNN getting called “fake news”.  He called a lie a lie, for being a lie.  He did it publicly while on live television, so beyond the media’s control to divert the message.  This caused the media to concentrate on reacting in outrage to CNN being accused of such a vile thing and to forget about the fraudulent report for the most part.  When they did have to bring up the fraudulent report, the mainstream media did have to admit that report was a load of crap.

Then Trump really one upped himself right after the inauguration.  Trump called out CNN for lying about the audience size that watched his inauguration.  This act of trolling was truly priceless.  The mainstream media seized on the opportunity to report on Trump’s massive ego and narsassism.   They truly wanted to believe that Trump really cared about the issue at all.  It took a full week before I read an article that spotted the truth I saw after two or three days.  Trump used the crowd size argument as cover to start enacting his agenda.  He signed executive order after executive order publicly to start the process of change, and it got lost in the noise.  The media was to busy being triggered about crowd size for a full week and it ignored his use of executive power.

While I sat there laughing at the media for being retarded, I also carefully watched the executive orders that Trump was enacting.  I am not a fan of executive orders and have studied the history of them.  Theodore Roosevelt was the great grandfather of this practice of dictatorial power to bypass congress.  He was a progressive republican, and wrote more executive orders between 1900 and 1908 than all of the combined presidents before him.  He set a dangerous format that shifted power away from three branches for balance, and took the power to the presidency.  Obama was worse than George W. Bush who was worse than Theodore Roosevelt.  We now have an all powerful position of President with a powerless Congress and politically active Supreme Court, and Trump is taking advantage of that.

When I wrote What Trump Promised, and What He Needs To Do just after the election, I warned to expect two things.  The first was that Trump needed to restore the rule of law.  Rule of law disappeared sixteen years ago, and I could make a very good argument on twenty seven years ago.  Too big to fail banks are not held accountable for fraud.  Hillary Clinton should be in jail for having an unsecured email server hidden in her home with super high level classified material on it.  Military industrial complex corporations get away with charging outrageous amounts of money for products and their contracts are not pulled.  With the appointment of Jeff Sessions, and Trumps current moves, rule of law is being restored.

The second thing to expect was for Trump to start as a dictator.  I spent enough time as a CEO to know, business is a dictatorship.  When I made a decision it was final until someone persuaded me otherwise.  Trump is a CEO on a level a thousand times more successful than I was.  He is looking at being a president as being a CEO.  Everyday he is making decisions and those were the promises he made.  He is used to risking his own money, so is used to delivering on his promises.  Although I am not a fan of the dictatorial power of executive orders, President Trump is using them to roll back the unconstitutional power of the federal government.  As closely as I am watching, I like most of what he has done.

What the mainstream media fails to realize is that Trump is a master troll and they are his victim.  He has figured out how to take his message straight to the people without the filter of the media altering his meaning. The media is too stupid and lazy to understand when they get triggered and go off on a rant, that Trump uses it as a cover to enact his agenda.  Even better and more hilarious is that he uses their rage to actually get them to report about how his Cabinet is still in the process of being approved.  The media doesn’t want to report about the Senate delays in approving these people but the master troll forces them to.

Of course Trump’s most recent trolling expedition was to point out what a mess Sweden has become due to mass immigration.  The media immediately called Trump out as a liar for claiming the Islamic refugees are causing any kind of problems in Sweden.  The fact is that Sweden heavily censors their media and government statistics to hide the truth of their problems.  The night after Trump’s speech, much to the consternation of the triggered and outraged mainstream media, riots broke out in a Stockholm suburb forcing the mainstream media to report on it. This of course was forcing the media to report on the truth which countered their previous narrative, just making them look stupid.  That allowed Trump to delay on finalizing his rewriting of his travel ban executive order with little media attention.


The mainstream media in my opinion is lazy, stupid, and far too politically motivated.  Trump, love him or hate him, represents a change that was elected into office by working class America.  He is not part of the existing order and is promising to tear down that existing order.  He uses the weakness of the media to troll them into reacting to deflect from what he is doing.  Trump has been very effective in that.  Few people seem to understand that Trump is a master troll.  Fewer still understand that Trump has enacted twenty eight executive orders at my last count (I am really busy with my book so struggling to keep up) of which twenty five I approve of.  I can live with that.

The mainstream media needs to stop acting like a spoiled teenage girl and take a chill pill, drink a beer, and calm down.  They need to figure out Trump keeps triggering them to misdirect the narrative because he knows they are not honest.  If they continue on their current course, the mainstream media is going to find itself bankrupt, just like the corrupt deep state bureaucracy is going to find itself unemployed.  The mainstream media needs to stop lying to the American people, because many people are awake to the lies.  For some reason I have a feeling in four years the daily press briefing will have Breitbart and Info Wars reporters asking questions with me on a skype line to ask my own.

Until then, this is just fun to watch and write about.


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