A few weeks ago during a slow period at work, me and a coworker were discussing all of the craziness in the news.   We got to the subject of terrorism quickly and he asked.  “How much do you worry about being the victim of terrorism?”

I laughed, I knew he was asking me because I had grown up overseas and often looked at things differently than many people.  “I worry more about crossing the street on my walk to work or to Publix.”  I replied amused.  He looked at me questioningly.  “It’s the odds.  I have a far greater chance of being run over in the crosswalk by some idiot texting while driving than being shot, beheaded, or blown up.” Continue reading “CIRCLE OF FEAR”


When I returned to America in May 1991, I was an 18 years old conservative minded kid that knew that drugs were evil.  I grew up hearing and believing most of the antidrug propaganda of the 1980s.  Drugs caused people to do bad things and they were addictive which made people do worse things.  Drug dealers were evil and would sell to anyone including kids.  They also fought turf wars and that was the primary cause of murder and attempted murder in America.

Continue reading “THE WAR ON DRUGS, A WASTE”


I look at the wars we fight around the world and shake my head in shame.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and a number of countries in Africa, they all have one point in common, none of these conflicts do we fight with the intention of winning.  I am not even going to start with the morality of being in these conflicts, I am just going to look at the strategy.

President Obama has said that our goal with ISIS is to contain, degrade, and ultimately degrade ISIS.  Really?  Pinprick air strikes while sending in weapons that ultimately wind up in the hands of ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliates? Continue reading “FIGHTING WARS TO LOSE”


Why do I write?  Simple answer, I get a lot of personal satisfaction out of writing.  Putting words to paper is a way for me to express grievances and to clarify thought.  It allows me to feel a sense of accomplishment for communicating an idea.  In this answer, it is a selfish act, but a selfish act that I feel may benefit others.

This particular blog I am starting because of one of the most pressing concerns facing America and perhaps the world today, our government.  The authoritarianism, intrusiveness, and corruption that is growing at an exponential rate in our government today is particularly alarming. Continue reading “WHY I WRITE”