Update 6/11/17.  I have noticed this article seems to get a bit of independent traffic.  I refuse to change the title, because at the time I wrote it, alt-right did not mean neo-Nazi.  The DNC changed the meaning by tying a small minority group in with independent journalists that were conservative and libertarian.  I now call it the alternative media or new media since the left has so tainted the term “alt-right._

For anyone paying attention to the news, Hillary gave the ultimate conspiracy theory speech a week ago.  One of her topics, the Alt-Right.  In stories written after the fact, many people expressed ignorance of the Alt-Right.  With that gap in people’s knowledge, I thought I could help.  I decided to put together a beginner’s guide to the alt-right media or as I consider it, the alternate media.

What is the Alt-Right Media?

That is a good question.  According to Hillary Clinton the Alt-Right is led by such nefarious pseudo-news websites as Info Wars led Alex Jones and Breitbart News which was formed by the late Andrew Breitbart.  Hillary went on to accuse them of a grand conspiracy to smear her good name.  Behind all of it is the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.  Yes, the evil Russians who have a GDP equal to the island of Manhattan, are orchestrating vile propaganda against the Democrats and Hillary.



It was a hot afternoon in early July of 2010.  I was still adjusting to returning to Neighbor’s Pub as the Service Manager only three weeks before.  Coming back to the company after four years, I quickly began to identify a number of small changes that needed to be made with the staff.  None were major, but proper cleaning became my most important goal. I changed the server scheduling to cut labor costs while increasing staff morale. Then I put together cleaning duty lists.  I called it curing laziness.

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I looked at my friend with amusement as he complained about the economy.  He blamed all the wrong people, greedy businessmen, Wall Street, and capitalism.  As he paused I decided to insert my opinion.  “Your wrong, what is destroying the economy is government over regulation and the Federal Reserve creating counterfeit money.  The problem is the free range slavery laws they passed a hundred and three years ago.  That socialist system has slowly bled all of the wealth out of our country.” Continue reading “FREE RANGE SLAVERY”



I sat down at one of my favorite bars in the late fall of 2012.  Looking at the TV, I saw a good college football game on for a Thursday night.  Something decent to watch while I had a good stiff drink or two was just what I needed.  I needed time at a bar that I didn’t run.  I enjoyed my job being the GM of Dark Horse Tavern and Neighbor’s Pub despite the stupidity of dealing with the owner, but I also liked time away from work.

“What are you having tonight Mike?  420 and a Jager?”  The bartender asked.

I smiled and shook my head.  “No, I’ll do a Maker’s on the rocks.”

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I stepped of the plane a day later as we arrived at B.W.I. airport in Maryland in May 1991.  I was seriously considering joining the military, college really didn’t appeal to me at the time.  My parents lobbied me hard to attend University of Maryland.  I had good grades and scored high on the SAT when I took it at sixteen years old, and they felt it would be a waste for me to serve as an enlisted man.  I finally caved to their pressure and decided I could make a decision of the military if I didn’t like college.

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I just took seven months off of writing.  In January I realized I was not enjoying my writing because I was ranting.  Writing was a passion for me growing up because it was a creation of my imagination, or a well researched paper for a subject.  I stepped away from writing for twenty years to be drawn back to the keyboard and pen and paper to write about absurd and funny stories from my years as a bartender, server, manager, and GM in the restaurant and bar industry.  Once I started, I couldn’t stop, it was fun.  Writing and editing BARHOPPING: A Stumble Thru an Insane Industry was a blast for the first 80% of the book, and almost painful for the last 20%.  The final chapters showed the period of my life where I stopped laughing at the absurd and shrugging off the BS.

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Tuesday President Obama announced his new executive action to increase the background checks of potential gun buyers not only to licensed dealers, but to individual occasional sellers.  By this, occasional sellers may now be forced to go through through the licensing process in order to sell a personal item (gun) to another individual.

As I watched the mainstream media act like this wasn’t a big deal, I became alarmed at this Unconstitutional action.  My first thought turned to the average gun owner and how this would punish him.  If you own a 9mm and you want to upgrade to a different handgun, but want to sell your old handgun to help pay for the new one, you might now have to be forced to become a licensed gun dealer first. Continue reading “HIDDEN DANGERS – OBAMA’S NEW GUN CONTROL”


The Cold War was part of how I grew up.  In India, USSR, Germany, Liberia, and Zimbabwe I witnessed the effects the Cold War had on the world.  This has made it a topic of interest since my youth.  The enemy at the gates was the Soviet Union at the end of WWII.  Part of the allies, the armies met in Germany forcing an unconditional surrender of the Nazis, only to spark a forty-six year period of hostility.

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I was at work with no TV during the fifth GOP debate.  Since I wasn’t very busy, I followed the comment stream on Twitter and got a lot of amusement.  Before I got home and pulled up the debate on YouTube, I already knew it was going to be ridiculous.  Watching it, I was stunned.  Almost every candidate was advocating escalating and expanding our current wars.  The solution of every Republican and Democrat Progressive is, well let’s make it bigger and spend more money.  Only Rand Paul stood out when he spoke the truth in talking about Chris Christie when he said, “Well if you want World War 3, you have your candidate.

It made me wonder, does our federal government want WWIII?

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One thing I learned as I started trying to study history was that my understanding was incomplete.  Every time I went in depth into the subject, I kept finding the big boring demon of economics in the way of me understanding various subjects.  I only knew economics was boring because I had been told time and time again it was boring.  It wasn’t until I started learning about economics that I discovered the truth, Keynesian economics was boring, confusing, and complex, but Austrian economics seemed more like common sense, very logic based, and it captured my interest.

I’m not going to get into arguing about which one is better, but I am going to get into how learning about economics allowed me to understand that the US Dollar has already failed several times since the inception of the Federal Reserve. Continue reading “LICENSED TO STEAL”