#March4Trump Clashes Was Just More Proof ANTIFA Groups Are Domestic Terrorists

On Saturday an event #March4Trump was held in multiple cities around the nation.  I’ve been working overtime at my regular job and putting in a lot of time on a book I am writing on the election, transition of power, and first 100 days of the Trump administration.  Even with all that I have reviewed several hours of raw footage video on YouTube from the Berkeley Ca. event in particular.  This event turned violent unnecessarily due to the actions of the ANTIFA group that showed up to “counter-protest”.  I put counter-protest in quotes, because it is clear they showed up to intimidate and attempt to violently attack Trump supporters.  The #March4Trump clashes was just more proof ANTIFA groups are domestic terrorists.

The ANTIFA movements are becoming another target that I feel I need to strike with my writing.  The mainstream media is covering up for these groups that follow a communist ideology.  They use various names for their “anti-fascist” groups to make it look decentralized, but their funding comes from the same places.  The ANTIFA groups are getting marching orders from somewhere and are far more organized than portrayed.  Their goal is to disrupt, intimidate, and to use violence when they think they can get away with it to shut down free speech and peaceful assembly.  That is to effect political change through violence, which of course is the definition of terrorism.

That the lying mainstream media tells a false narrative of events, shows they are complicit with this communist terrorism.  Of course I shouldn’t get so irritated when I know the source of this particular reporting is from the San Francisco NBC affiliate.  San Francisco might as well be the Soviet Union considering the dominate political ideology, and NBC reporting has been supporting of socialist causes for decades.  But here is just a simple example of how these jackasses falsify the narrative.

The “March 4 Trump” rally in Berkeley on Saturday was advertised as a peaceful gathering, but violence broke out before the start of the actual event, and ended in 10 arrests.

A rowdy crowd gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park. Supporters and detracters of President Donald Trump, including members of the national group By Any Means Necessary, were joined by a large number of police officers, clad in riot gear. 

At first, people toted signs, chanted slogans and got into heated debates. Before long, Trump supporters were fighting counter-protesters and getting in their faces to show support for the president.

“The American dream is all but dead,” Trump supporter Mike Bee said. “We are here to protect it.”

That is how the NBC Bay Area affiliate began their article on the March 4 clashes and it is a load of crap.  Yes the Trump supporters showed up and began to group together to show their support for Trump.  This YouTube video shows early footage of the beginning of the clashes and it tells a different story.

The very start of the video shows the now infamous Based Stick Man who got arrested that day and charged with six felonies.  Him and the people around him are laughing that the mainstream media is portraying them as white supremacists.  Based Stick Man and a few others are dressed in protective gear and openly caring weapons.  Considering the violence at a Milo event a month ago at Berkeley, I may not condone those weapons, but I can understand it.  At the Milo event, peaceful people waiting to attend were pepper sprayed, punched, beaten senseless, and otherwise brutalized by ANTIFA rioters.  Knowing these ANTIFA groups intend violence, some Trump supporters are feeling the need to aggressively defend themselves.

Then we will go to the “large number of police, clad in riot gear” fiction this article creates.  From other footage I watched there were about 20 police officers that showed up around 12:30pm.  They look prepared but did not engage in the violent clashes for at least an hour.  3 minutes and 42 seconds into the above linked video a Trump supporter is herded, isolated, and then brutally gang attacked by the ANTIFA rioters.  There was not a police officer in sight, nor did they move in to stop this attack. So the police were present early on, but they were non-factor.  They might as well have been cardboard cutouts for the first hour of the clashes.  This forced Trump supporters to work as a group for their own self defense.

Then we look at the “Trump supporters were fighting counter-protesters” load of malarkey.  If that statement said Trump supporters in self defense fought counter-protesters, I would agree.  What they fail to mention is the ANTIFA group under the guise of BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), the group’s full name is just too long and stupid for me to bother typing, deliberately approached and then invaded the Trump supporters personal space.  That in itself is an aggressive act.  Then add that they carried metal bars, baseball bats, two by fours, smoke bombs, and pepper spray, and then initiated assaults on Trump supporters, holy cow a fight broke out. That is correct, Trump supporters felt they needed to defend themselves by retaliating against violence with violence.

That is what the lying mainstream media, in this case this NBC Bay Area affiliate reports to deceive the public.  They want to reverse the story, leave out facts, use deceptive language, to make the Trump supporters sound like the villains.  That false narrative is designed purposely to keep these ANTIFA rioters from being labelled as domestic terrorists.  The mainstream media is complicit in this domestic terrorism.  That shows the communists (progressives) in America have their team organized.

Of course the article is forced to report on a few truths.  They report on the weaponry I listed above, but make it sound like it was evenly distributed among the two groups.  When they list that 10 people were arrested, that makes is sound like the police took an active roll early in the clashes.  The police did not, they stood back and watched Trump supporters being assaulted.  It was not until Trump supporters fought back, that police moved in.

Now when it comes to the “new superhero of the right“, Based Stick Man, he screwed up.  I understand his desire to be prepared to defend himself. His mistake was carrying a shield and a stick that obviously was intended as a weapon.  If he had a carry permit for a firearm, he would have much better legal standing.  With a legal firearm, he could have shot and killed an ANTIFA rioter physically attacking him and it would have been self defense.  A legal weapon makes a big difference in this whole scenario.  It is a pity, because I sympathize with his desire to protect himself and his group.  The progressive left (communists) control the police and courts in California and he will probably get screwed due to that.

That brings me back to my opening statement.  ANTIFA groups from Black Lives Matter to BAMN to any others, are a loose affiliation that answers to an overlord.  They are the brown shirt soldiers being sent out to quell the masses.  They carry flags on long metal poles and use those flag poles to assault people.  Sometimes they lock arms and try to walk through whatever resistance is put up against them.  They attack people with different political beliefs with pepper spray and by throwing bricks.  No one died this time, but what about next time?

This use of violence to shut down free speech and the right to peaceful assemble is an act of terrorism and needs to be treated as such.  Under Obama these ANTIFA groups were given free reign.  They operated with virtual impunity as they torched Ferguson, Baltimore, Charolette, and many more.  They physically assaulted supporters attending Trump rallies all last summer and fall.  Even though the ANTIFA rioters commit multiple felonies, under the Obama administration they rarely were held accountable under the law.  I personally believe Obama is openly supporting these communist terrorists, because I can’t remember hearing him condemn them.

Something changed at noon January 20, 2017, Trump stepped into office. Even “very fake news” outlets like CNN had had to report that 217 rioters were arrested on felony charges in the inauguration riots.  It was a good first step in combating this attempted communist insurrection.  One way to quell these violent rioters is to arrest them and hold them accountable.  This forces even the lying media to acknowledge that these ANTIFA rioters are dangerous criminals.

The funny thing to me is that the ANTIFA idiots think they are “anti-fascists”.  What they really want is to shut down free speech and peaceful assembly.  In the name of fighting what they call fascism, they follow a communist ideology and use a lot of fascist tactics.  Now fascism is a bad political ideology that resulted in millions of deaths.  The ANTIFA idiots adopted the only ideology that is far more violent and resulted in over a hundred million deaths in the 20th century.

When you look at the people who make up their membership, you find a lot of teachers, college professors, students, and social workers. Sargon of Akkad does a great job of exposing this in his YouTube video.  He also explains the difference between the ANTIFA and Anarchist movement.  He rightly points out that these people are a cancer that needs to be destroyed.  You would think with their educational level, that these ANTIFA protesters would be intelligent, but their public actions show they are mentally unhinged and dangerous.

If the Trump administration and the Attorney General Jeff Session want to really shut down these groups, arresting the pawns is a good start.  What really need to be done is, they need to target the leadership and funding mechanisms.  Only by building criminal cases against the leadership can they truly cut out the cancer.  When that happens, we will find people like Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Loretta Lynch, and George Soros being charged with conspiracy, treason, and attempting to overthrow the legally elected Trump administration.  Yes, I believe it goes that high up and the Facebook video recently released by Loretta Lynch is a call to violence proving my point.


ANTIFA is a hard line communist movement that uses terrorism to try and achieve their political goals.  By splitting up into many small named groups around the country, ANTIFA gives the false picture that they are separate movements. They are not, they receive funding and support from the progressive (communist) establishment elite.  They are given marching orders on where and when to protest.  Umbrella groups like MoveOn.org give them material support and training.  This is a very organized domestic terrorist operation.  They need to be stopped before people start dying.

The actions of a few Trump supporters fighting back in Berkeley Ca. shows that this is heading in a bad direction.  I could have used examples from a few other places, but I chose this one.  Trump supporters are not the soft targets that ANTIFA likes to terrorize.  They are middle America, the working class citizens who legally own a lot of fire power.  It is only a matter of time and some flag wielding idiot committing felony assault will find himself dead.  If the Trump administration does not stop worrying about cracking down on legalized pot and name ANTIFA groups as domestic terrorists and start jailing their leadership and members, that will be the result unfortunately.

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