I Just Lost Five Months Of Content

I just managed to destroy 5 months of work in a single go.  Why?  How?  I hadn’t bother to back up my website since the beginning of December. There is no good explanation other than I got lazy about something I did every month.  It wasn’t hackers or the deep state, but me that accidentally crashed my own site while working on a technical issue that I was not happy with.  I just lost five months of content and the reason is that I was being lazy.

That is five months of me publishing article showing the reasons the mainstream and deep state narrative about Trump colluding with Russia were false.  That was repeated stories showing how and why the FBI and CIA were falsifying information to drive that narrative.  It was five months of reiterating that the WikeLeaks CIA Vault 7 hacking tools leaks and the Shadow Brokers dumps of the NSA cyber-hacking weapons was an inside job.  That Russia isn’t behind the WikiLeaks, but most likely deep state actors.  It is an insurrection inside our deep state against the unconstitutional behavior of that deep state.

Not only that, I lost multiple articles written on how the mainstream media is completely controlled.  90% of the media is owned by 6 corporations.  That means a few hundred corporate executives answering to a handful of CEOs controls what narratives the American public hears.  More often than not, the media lies to the public through omission of facts.  They report the facts that drive their agenda, and ignore the facts that go against their narrative.

What alternative or the new media is driving is a new narrative.  It is a narrative that is not in favor of too big to fail banks.  The new media is not owned by the oil companies or major defense contractors.  They don’t answer to the corporate giants that drive the advertising revenue of CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, or the New York Times.  The alternative or new media doesn’t feel the need to play nice and only report what the elite want.  Nor do they care if their reporting damages the careers of progressive or neoconservative establishment politicians.  They write the truth as they see it.

It hurts that I just erased 5 months worth of work.  It happened because I got tired, frustrated, and impatient while working on a technical issue with my website.  That is embarrassing.  What is more embarrassing is the fact that I could been backing up my content regularly like I used to, and I might have lost an article or two.

Well to me there are two ways I can look at this issue.  I can bang my head on my desk and cry, or I can learn from my mistake.  Considering that it was me kicking myself in the balls, before I do more damage, I think I will learn.  I will return to my monthly back up routine.  Then I am also going to start making some changes to my website.

Currently I am writing a book on the election, transition of power, and first 100 days of President Trump.  Before all those deplorables out there get excited, this first book is a mixed bag.  President Trump ran a brilliant campaign and with the help of WikiLeaks and the alternative media he won.  He had an amazingly successful period in his transition to power.  That period also started to hit some speed bumps.  Since taking office, President Trump in some ways delivered more than I expected, but also backtracked badly in other areas.  My book is an honest personal perspective of what we have seen so far.  I hope to be offering it for sale in the middle of June.  At least I didn’t lose that work also.

Another thing I am changing is my stance on advertising.  Legacy social media has joined in the establishments war against alternative media.  YouTube is waging a campaign of demonetizing channels for their political content.  A conservative or libertarian channel is losing its ability to generate advertising revenue, while a video of Colbert say Trump is Putin’s c*ck holster is fine.  I personally detest commercials, but am going to start using Google Ad Sense and maybe one or two others so I can be on the front lines when I get banned.

I could say it is only for that reason, but it isn’t.  I have been running on support my website by hitting on the donate button at the bottom of my articles.  To those few people who have used the donate button, I say thank you.  It is largely ignored though, so my readers will soon have to start putting up with ads on my page.  Hopefully adding my new book will help build the site more.  My first book that is also listed in my support area was about an industry most people don’t care about.  It was my first venture back into writing in over 25 years.  It was fun to write, but my new book I feel is important to write.


I appreciate the people that follow me on Twitter and Gab.  The favorable comments about my writing always make me feel good.  It makes me feel I am serving a purpose to red pill people into seeing reality.  Screwing up after 10 hours on the computer red pilled me tonight.  I destroyed 5 months of writing.  That was about 50,000 words that just got erased.  That was my fault and on me.

You can either cry in the corner or admit your own stupidity and get back up.  I was a moron for not backing up my work, but there will be plenty more to come.

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4 thoughts on “I Just Lost Five Months Of Content”

    1. You are talking to a person still learning. What is the wayback machine. Of course I will google or duckduckgo it, but you might explain it a little better to me.

    1. Thanks for the help, fortunately I have been being archived. I will keep re-posting those as I have time. My book on the election, transition of power, and first 100 days of Trump is taking most of my time. Learn something new every day, and sometimes re-learn old harsh lessons because you get lazy and leave yourself exposed.

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