Is There a Deep State Civil War Going On?


Everyday we hear about all of the leaks to the media of classified material by government officials.  This information is being used to attack President Trump and his Cabinet appointees.  First, General Michael Flynn was forced to resign as National Security Adviser, now Jeff Sessions is being attacked.  It is clear that the politically promoted and appointed upper management of America’s deep state has declared war on Trump.  Chief among the deep state agencies acting against Trump is the CIA.  Now Wikileaks has somehow gotten damning evidence against the CIA.  The first showed how the CIA interfered in the 2012 French elections, and the second exposes CIA hacking tools and the fact the CIA lost control of them.  My suspicion is that both of these came from insider leaks.  It is a deliberate attack on the CIA.  I have to ask, is there a deep state civil war going on?

This is a complex question to answer.   Most of what the CIA does is classified, so is hidden from the public eye.  We can learn things from the leaks of the classified material to the media, but then we have to deduce what is going on.  When you look at the two Wikileaks document dumps, a picture starts to emerge.  It is possible hackers got in and stole the documents about the CIA screwing with the French election.  The CIA hacking tool documents were supposed to be on a separate and completely secure system.  That leads me to believe someone with security access stole them, smuggled them out of the secure location, and gave them to Wikileaks.  A disgruntled insider is directly attacking the CIA and Wikileaks is their weapon.

There is a lot of background to cover on this ongoing insider information war.  If my suspicion is correct, this civil war started a long time ago.  I am starting to believe that there is a small group of disgruntled insiders that are secretly assisting Trump to help him dismantle the establishment.  This dates back to Wikileaks releasing Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails and perhaps dates back further.  It was with the release of the DNC emails and then the Podesta emails that I started to believe it was deep state insider leaks attacking the DNC and Clinton campaign. I wrote Is There a Deep State Soft Coup Occurring because of my suspicion.

I will explain, the Hillary emails were released in early March at the beginning of the primaries while Hillary was still under investigation by the FBI.  This caused the DNC to outright rig the primaries or Hillary would have lost the nomination to Bernie Sanders.  The DNC emails were released right before the Democratic Convention started.  This exposed the rigging of the primaries and caused an outright rebellion against the establishment by the Bernie supporters.  It also exposed the mainstream media and DNC were colluding to drive a false narrative.  Then the Podesta emails were slowly released over a month long period leading up to the November 8th election.  Each day more damaging information came out undermining the Clinton campaign by exposing them as absolutely corrupt.

I didn’t buy the establishment narrative fed to the American public about it being the Russians.  The Russians might have and probably did at least try to hack Hillary, the DNC, and John Podesta.  That is  part of the world of spy craft.  I didn’t see such a well planned coordinated strategic attack against the Clinton campaign as being a foreign attack.  First, whoever did it understands the American mind very well.  Who understands the American mindset better than a fellow American?  The release was done in such a fashion as to discredit the DNC and Hillary herself at the most inopportune times.  It was also released to stay in the public discussion for as long as possible.  Whoever did this knows Americans have short attention spans and the slow drip effect of the Podesta emails was a brilliant attack.

Second was the fact that NSA definitely has access to all of this information that was in the leaks.  The NSA hacks everyone’s communications all of the time.  Wikileaks who has a 100% accuracy record in reporting true documents, claimed they came from a leak. William Binney, a 36 year NSA veteran, claimed he thought the DNC emails came from an deep state insider leak.  He also voiced this same opinion on the Podesta emails.  On Nov 1, 2016 Steve Peizcenik released a video on YouTube stating that a soft coup and counter-coup were occurring.  Peizcenik is a long time deep state operative who has kept his hand in the game even after retirement.  He alluded to a small group of insider rebels fighting to take down the neoconservative and progressive establishment by helping Trump get elected.  They were using leaks to Wikileaks to nuke the Clinton campaign.

Between Wikileaks perfect honesty in reporting record and the word of two former deep state operators, I find them much more credible than the corrupt establishment.  The fact that the CIA under the Obama administration started pushing the Russia crap in an attempt to discredit Trump only makes my belief stronger.  The establishment elite, discredited deep state, and mainstream media lie regularly.  With the election of President Trump, they are losing their grip on power.  They are desperate to point to an outside enemy to hide that they are failing. Trump promised to drain the swamp and that threatens their cushy jobs.

The CIA has been one of the chosen weapons of the establishment to fight Trump.  They tried to derail him with a false smear campaign trying to make Trump look like a Russian stooge.  I have written extensively on it here, here, here, here, and here.  There are more pieces I have written but I got tired of typing here.  The establishment deep state is committing treason in my opinion against the legitimately elected president of America.  The CIA is using the media to spread half truths and outright lies to deceive the American public.  This is giving the establishment political class in Congress and Senate a platform of falsities and deceptions to attack President Trump and his staff.  It is an attempt to stall his agenda and destroy his presidency.  It is an outright coup attempt.

Then on Feb 16 Wikileaks released the documents showing the CIA’s attempt to interfere in the 2012 French elections.  What is the strategic value of this information?  The CIA is trying to push the narrative that Russia rigged the elections for Trump.  This is direct evidence produced by CIA officers and it shows the CIA interferes in foreign elections.  To the American mind, if the CIA lies publicly about this fact, but then their own documents incriminate them, the CIA then can not be trusted.  What they are claiming about Trump and the Russian is now greatly in question as being truthful.  It also angers the populations in Europe because they now have evidence the CIA directly tried to rig the French elections.  This discredits the CIA as a legitimate source for the mainstream media.

People like me knew this was going on for decades.  I grew up a foreign service intelligence brat.  Our government in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s interfered in foreign governments all over the globe.  Growing up around my parents, I was well aware of what they did.  I’ve been officially briefed on the importance of maintaining cover.  Many of their friends were civilian and military intelligence officers.  Don’t ask me about classified details, I wasn’t privy more often than not.  What I do know I choose to share rarely and only for good reason.  What I can tell you is the operators in the field are often unhappy with the political elite that send them their marching orders.

One thing I have a very hard time with the Libertarians, is their tendency to demonize all things government.  I grew up around deep state operators and know better.  They are often highly patriotic people trying to do something they believe in.  I may not always agree with their political ideology or actions, but many of them are good people.  Those who work in the field are trying to do what they think is right, but they are at the mercy of the political elite.  You don’t achieve the  rank of GS-15 or higher without political backing.  That means upper management in the CIA is full of progressive and neoconservative ideologues.  They are directing the attack narratives against Trump.

Now there is an individual or group of rebellious insiders disgruntled with that corrupt management and is now leaking information to Wikileaks to discredit them.  The Vault 7 document dump shows the CIA built a massive arsenal of cyber weapons to hack communications.  It exposes that the CIA can falsify digital forensic evidence so they can initiate a hack, and make it look like Russia did it.  By releasing this highly classified, compartmentalized information, these leaks declare nothing is now safe.  It shows the utter incompetence of the current establishment upper management currently running the CIA. Now the entire world has access to these hacking weapons.  That makes every person vulnerable to attack.

Since this Vault 7 information was supposedly on a separate and completely secure system, only a small number of people would have had clearance to access that information.  Within that group is an individual who is deliberately undermining the current entrenched treasonous establishment management attacking Trump.  Through Wikileaks flawless reporting record, they are scoring major blows.  This will turn public support away from current CIA management.  That will make it easier for President Trump and CIA Director Michael Pompeo to begin dismantling the current CIA management.

I know from experience of watching the government try to blackball my dad into resigning in the early 1990s that firing long term employees is difficult.  The details of that incident are not clear, but I know my dad was filing official reports that went against the political narrative.  That left his career stunted at the GS-14 level.  His organization tried to leave him idle to frustrate him into quitting.  Time and shit hitting the fan again force them to use his skills again.  He might have gone against the narrative, but he was very good at his job.  That caused him to run regional desks that were normally populated with GS-16s, even though he officially remained a GS-14.  When retirement time came he walked away in disgust.  He was disgruntled, but still tried to work legally within the system he was stuck in to protect our country.

Not everyone is staying honest to the system today and Wikileaks is proving it.


In the last twenty years, the corruption in the deep state has gotten a hell of a lot worse.  Whistle blowers coming into the public attention used to be a rarity.  Now the government pursues them relentlessly because so many are coming to light with more and more regularity.  Wikileaks created a platform for whistle blowers to broadcast their information worldwide a decade ago.  Their record of protecting sources and staying honest has legitimized them in the eyes of many in the public.

I see the leaks going all the way back to the Hillary Clinton State Department email dump as most likely a group within our deep state rebelling against the existing order.  This group launched attacks first at Hillary Clinton and the DNC to effect the outcome of the election.  They are now attacking the legitimacy of the CIA.  They are exposing the hidden corruption that normally hides behind the curtain of classification.  This very well may be a deep state civil war.  If it is, and if it continues, we are going to learn a lot of dirty stuff about our government.

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