This Inauguration Will Be The First Major Attempt At A Communist Revolution

This post I originally wrote on Jan 18, thanks to archive sites, I was able to recover it.  My bad for not backing up my site.

One thing I am learning about writing is that there are days that I feel like I am repeating myself.  On Dec 18 2016 the hype stood around the coming electoral college vote.  Only a week before the CIA began it’s attack against President-Elect Trump with a flimsy attempt to tie him to Russia. What was I saying at the time?  I was saying the real fireworks are going to center around Jan 20 2017.  The Establishment Is Testing For A Communist Style Revolution is what I saw coming.  Now Project Veritas is bringing out the video evidence proving my point from their investigative reporting.  The establishment politicians on both sides are totalitarians and they seek to destroy what America was founded on.  The left is much closer to communism in their attempt.  This inauguration will be the first major attempt at a communist revolution.

In my article a month ago I predicted that the establishment would fail in their attempted soft coup against Donald Trump.  I didn’t see the electors of the electoral college being swayed from their duty.  The allegations the CIA leveled at Trump through the Washington Post showed little in evidence.  The Senate and Congress although filled with establishment types is too divided by various special interest groups to succeed at uniting.  I instead gave the greatest danger to our country to the progressive socialist and communist groups of private citizens in America.  Under the umbrella of, Black Lives Matter, and now DisruptJ20 the seeds of a communist revolution is blossoming.
On Jan 16 Project Veritas released this video documenting one groups efforts towards committing a terrorist act against the DeporaBall.  The video exposes members of the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition plotting to set off a chemical stink bomb to disrupt a gathering of Trump supporters.  The plan these activists came up with was to set off butyric acid bombs in the HVAC of the National Press Building.  By doing so, they hoped to force the Trump supporters attending the ball outside destroying their celebration, and then to disrupt them further with protesters.
What bothered me the most about this video is the lack of coverage in the mainstream media.  The video already has well over a million views on YouTube.  Independent media like Info Wars and Breitbart covered it in depth.  CBS, ABC, Fox, and CNN are all holding off.  Perhaps the mainstream is getting shy after the most recent BuzzFeed and CNN debacle of publishing a poorly fabricated and grammatically unsound pee fiction report about Donald Trump.  I doubt that is the answer because the mainstream media toes the line of establishment propaganda.  The establishment doesn’t want to American public to know they secretly support these extremist activities.  To keep the vast majority of Americans ignorant, the media refuses to report on this subject.
One would think that the professional law enforcement community in America would have a better grip on such matters.  The sad truth is that they do not.  The FBI is run by James Comey who is a political appointee that failed in investigating Hillary Clinton’s State Department email server for some mysterious reason.  The fact that her server was hacked by half a dozen parties didn’t matter.  It was an unsecured server and she put classified materials on it.  That FBI agents investigating had to get special compartmentalized security clearances just to read some of her emails. None of that mattered and somehow no sane prosecutor would pursue charges against Hillary Clinton according to James Comey.  That is the reason I find it no surprise that such moronic extremists that Project Veritas is exposing are left free on the streets to plot acts of terror.
Instead, the detecting, investigating, and exposing of these extremists falls to independent journalists.  Project Veritas in much the same way I first wrote about this topic a month ago is wise enough to read their emails. They received invitations to these meetings to plot terrorism from people they didn’t even know.  According to the latest email I recieved, on Sunday 14,000 people attended 500 community meetings in 40 states to plan protests for the inauguration.  I know these people are plotting violence against the average American because I read their literature.  Project Veritas just took it a step further and recorded the open plotting of terrorist acts.
Then on Jan 17 Project Veritas released two new videos.  The first video was an official response to what the DisruptJ20 organizers told the press.  The extremists attempted to claim that they were just hoaxing Project Veritas.  Somehow they were so smart, they knew their meeting were infiltrated and being recorded so they pretended to plan violent acts.  Project Veritas is correct in their response by calling that an outright lie.  They then reveal that they went to law enforcement with their evidence and were taken credibly.  Hopefully that means law enforcement will act before their politically appointed establishment bosses stop them.
Then a few hours later Project Veritas released theirsecond video revealing more organized planning of terrorist acts.  This second video starts by centering on a plan to stop the Washington DC metro rail.  The hair brained scheme calls for chaining the trains up so they can’t run.  They actually planned to the point on how long such an action would take and what thickness of chain would be needed to stop the trains.  Such an act according to American law is a criminal terrorist act and comes with a jail sentence up to 20 years.  To these extremists that Project Veritas recorded, such an act is quite reasonable and is openly discussed in a group setting.
The video goes on to reveal that the organizers of DisruptJ20 are making plans to have large groups of people march in the streets to block traffic in Washington DC.  They are organizing it in such a fashion as to attempt to stop all traffic in and out of the DC area.  I have no problem with people holding peaceful protests.  The problem here is once you start blocking traffic and impeding the free mobility of others, your protest is no longer peaceful or lawful.
I’m thankful for the Project Veritas video because it also confirms a lot of my points from my article a month ago.  These extremists expect that if they can initially get hundreds of people out protesting, thousands more will join them.  If they get enough latitude and space before law enforcement acts to attempt to contain their illegal protests, the protests will become too big to contain.  Unfortunately as I discuss in my article, the political establishment in America has spent decade fomenting such extremist movements.  Mainstream media is complicit in not exposing the danger of these extremists by not reporting on it.  Then you have Project Veritas who thankfully has the guts to reveal the truth.
If you look at what these organizers of DisruptJ20 groups are, you will discover their movement is not grassroots or spontaneous.  That makes you wonder if when you read articles about ads being placed offering money for protesters is really a hoax or not.  According to DisruptJ20, the first video released by Project Veritas was all just a hoax.  Now according to whoever placed the ads for paid protesters who got called out, that his ads were just a hoax.  These organizers hide behind various names like MoveOn, they continuously lie, but what they really are, is communists. Their desire and goal is a communist America.  The mainstream media and political establishment won’t tell you that.
Perhaps that is the last thing that the Project Veritas video establishes, that these groups have professional protesters.  These are protesters that have been travelling the country for months to attend protests.  They brag about being disruptive and violent.  To feed themselves, someone has to be paying them to be professional protesters.  If they are paying protesters to protest, that is hardly a grass roots effort.
The extreme left in this country is under the delusion that they can successfully stage a revolution.  They are openly plotting to chemically bomb unsuspecting party goers, to chain down the trains, and shut down all traffic in and out of the Washington DC area.  Project Veritas has brought this evidence to the FBI, Secret Service, and Metro DC Police.  Law enforcement needs to react to this incriminating evidence.  They need to start arresting the people who can be criminally charged with conspiracy.
The left always claims they are about love, but they are not.  They are about hate, violence, and control.  The progressive and neoconservative establishment supports this behavior by hiding that they know about it. Mainstream media aids by not reporting on it.  Americans that desire freedom can shut down this extremist behavior by sharing this information with as many people as possible.  A well informed public can stand against their attempt at communist revolution and make it a failure.
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