The Establishment Is Testing For A Communist Style Revolution

This post was originally written on Dec 18th, 2016.  Thank you Bob for showing me how to recover it.

Ive watched America change over the last 25 years.  I grew up seeing communism, socialism, and dictatorships as I traveled overseas with my parents.  I never imagined such systems could be installed in my own country.  Each year I watched the American government has moved towards a totalitarian system.  The first Bush presidency began our militarily interventions overseas.  The Clintons began the age of mass incarceration and the ending of Glass-Steagall allowing the too big to fail banks form. Bush II legalized unconstitutional spying on Americans and watch lists.  Obama stepped on the accelerator and civil liberties are being signed away by the minute.  November 8 a change occurred with the election of Donald Trump.  America rebelled against the attempted totalitarian takeover of America by globalists.  This globalist establishment does have contingency plans that they have been installing for years.  The establishment is testing for a communist style revolution.

Many people think America has a two party system.  For the last 28 years this has not been true.  Each presidential election has been the choice between progressive and neoconservative candidates.  The progressives are slow motion socialists, the neoconservatives are slow motion fascists. Socialism, fascism, and communism are all different sides of the same idea, totalitarianism.  They work to achieve the same goal, but just disagree on the best system to achieve that goal.  For the last 28 years the presidential elections have been the choice between one system of totalitarian control being slowly installed, or another system of totalitarian control being slowly installed.

Much like the election of Ronald Reagan, the election of President Elect Donald Trump was the public rising up to reject the political establishment.  Although the Reagan revolution ultimately failed, Ronald Reagan did stall and damage the path towards totalitarianism.  It failed because the establishment swayed Reagan from downsizing government. Then the failure compounded when the political establishment regained control after Reagans two terms as president.

Now Trump is threatening to roll back the globalist momentum and possibly dismantling it.  His Cabinet picks are a who is who of the best military minds and business elite.  Trumps stated aim when running for president was that a person like Hillary Clinton should not be immune from the law.  The selection of Jeff Sessions for heading the DOJ shows serious intent at returning the rule of law to America. This threatens the impunity of the establishment elite that have been getting away with crimes for years .

They fear this unknown that President Elect Trump presents.  They fear being held accountable for their crimes.  It is not just the political elite, but the entire establishment.  This also includes the too big to fail banks, the huge corporate industrial complexes of the military, health, and energy, and the mainstream media.  Donald Trump has threatened the systems of fraud, bribery, and propaganda that these organizations use.

This elite has spent years building organizations to become their brown shirts.  They control what the public schools teach to create generations of politically correct social justice warriors.  Mainstream media has been captured by six major corporations to control the message.  Now the politicians are moving to say what media is real, and what is fake.  Ill break down each of these four things and then tie in how they are currently being utilized to test for whether they can pull off a revolution and deny Trump the White House.

The first is the organization of the brown shirts.  In Black Lives Matter, Americas ISIS I explain how this group is actually domestic terrorists.  The founding leadership of BLM is three Marxist activists who all have advocated for the use of violence in the past.  The group was founded in 2013 after the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the murder charges in in the Trayvon Martin case.  Since then we have watched their actions in the riots of Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, and the demonstrations across the country in our recent Summer of Rage.  They most often latch on to a media driven lie as their excuse for action.  Hands up, dont shoot in the Michael Brown case is a fine example of such a lie.  The group sees funding largely from people like George Soros who have long advocated for a globalist totalitarian system.

Black Lives Matter has been testing the boundaries of how much violence they can get away with.  They do this by infiltrating a local protest against police violence and turn it into a riot.  The property damage caused by this group is in the billions of dollars.  Multiple assaults have been committed by its rioters.  They seek to destroy the very community they represent.  Their chants Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon and dead cops now have seemed to have born fruit.  In 2015 a total of 39 police were shot and killed, in 2016 the number currently stands at 62.  The property damage, assaults, and murders are being directly caused by BLM in an attempt to affect political change.  That is the definition of terrorism.

The Obama administration and the Democratic leadership in charge of Americas cities have done nothing to hold BLM accountable.  In Baltimore the mayor Stephanie Rawlings said the following regarding the Baltimore riots,

Its a very delicate balancing act because while we try to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well, and we work very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate.

Black Lives Matter is only one group of these political brown shirts.  Other groups like  work in similar fashion.  Rather than a racial statement, makes political statements.  We witnessed the nationwide protests by their members in November after the election of President-Elect Trump.  In Portland and Oakland those protests grew into full blown riots. is also funded by the likes of George Soros and enjoys the protections of the Democratic leadership.  They now are advocating for massive protests on January 20, 2017 to disrupt the presidential inauguration.

Then of course there are the groups that are directly linked to the Clinton campaign.  These were exposed by James OKeefe of Project Veritas.  In a great work of investigative journalism he gets the Democratic operatives bragging about creating the violence witnessed in anti-Trump protests this last year.  They gloat about hiring mentally disturbed people to commit assaults.  This is manipulating a protest to insert paid agitators with the intent to create violence.  These operatives openly admit they act with the approval of the Clinton campaign and Obama administration.

These brown shirt groups use outside hired agitators to spark violence at protests to turn them into riots.  They do this in my belief for two primary reasons.  The first is to see how much damage they can create before law enforcement is used to counter the violence.  The second is to see how much support they get directly from the local populations originally protesting.  Both are testing mechanisms to see if they can get a popular backing.  This is similar to Lenins tactics that led to the 1917 Russian Revolution that installed communism.

In order to understand where these organized groups are created, you first have to visit the establishment takeover of education.  The takeover began in the university system in the 1950s and 1960s.  Progressive minded socialists began to seek positions in universities around America in the social sciences and arts.  By capturing these key teaching spots, they got to educate the next generation of grade school teachers.  Their education also included the indoctrination of the idea of social justice.  This over time has influenced many educators in our school systems to lean heavily to the left politically.

By the 1980s the educational system had heavily switched from educating to instead indoctrinating Americas children.  Under President Jimmy Carter the Department of Education was created on October 17, 1979, it began operating on May 4, 1980.  This gave the political elite in Washington DC a direct influence over the public schools through funding.  The ability to grant or deny money to schools has allowed the Department of Education to influence the curriculum of what our children are taught.

From that point until now, the idea of political correctness has been taught to Americas children from the time they are 4 years old, until they are an adult.  The schools also teach minorities that they are a victim of a racist America.  That creates minority division and anger.  The teachers tell students they are victims of big business.  They push the narrative of being politically sensitive, but are really shutting down debate.  Political correctness actually creates intolerance.  The public schools are creating generations of angry politically correct minded social justice warriors.  It is from this group that they hope to gain the grass roots numbers to support their protests.  They create the SJWs hoping they will participate in the violence when they send their brown shirt groups in to turn a protest into a full blown riot.

In order to get away with allowing terrorists groups such as BLM to exist, but to keep it from being identified for what it is, the establishment needed control of the mainstream media.   In 1983, 90% of US media was controlled by 50 companies; today, 90% is controlled by just 6 companies.

How this happened was in 1975, the FCC changed the media cross-ownership rules.  Previously a person could not own both a newspaper and a radio or TV broadcast news source in the the same community.  This allowed larger media companies to buy smaller companies. Since the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was passed, the speed of mergers increased and now a very small group of people control the narrative of a nation.

With this power it is easy to see how the mainstream media and political elite collaborate to drive propaganda.  The public educational system already conditioned Americans to accept the propaganda without thought. Adults go through anywhere from 12 to 20 years of the educational system indoctrination before entering the real world.  The media then feeds a narrative to further reinforce the indoctrination.  Just by watching the CNN coverage of the Charlotte riots, you can listen to the news anchor repeatedly weaponize language.  He describes the rioters as protesters, and riots as protests.  Regardless of the evidence playing out on the screen behind him, his words change the narrative.  By controlling the language of what is reported, they control the meaning of what is perceived.

With the power of the mainstream media, a current narrative is being driven that Donald Trumps presidential victory can be challenged.  Daily you hear about the CIA claiming that Russia affected the elections by hacking the DNC and Postesta emails and giving them to WikiLeaks.  They carry these stories while ignoring that the FBI had openly disagreed with the CIA on this point.  That changed yesterday for some mysterious reason.  The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has not endorsed the CIAs claim.  This is ignored by the media.  Other than Sean Hannity and some on Fox News, the mainstream media largely discredit Julian Assange, the head of WikiLeaks.  Assange went on record saying Russia had nothing to do with the leaks.  Why believe a guy with a 10 year perfect track record of only producing real documents?

This leads right into the next part of this move towards a communist style revolution being tested.  The Russia story, WikiLeaks with the DNC and Podesta emails, PizzaGate, and the alternate media have stripped the foundation of trust away from the mainstream media.  The American public have begun to see the lies and propaganda of the mainstream media for what it is.  They are beginning to understand that the public educational system indoctrinated them into the lie.  People  were taught America is the land of the free.  What the public is witnessing, is the government becoming more tyrannical by the day.  Working class Americans are angry about the lies and deceptions.  This led to the establishments nightmare of an outsider like Donald Trump being elected as the President.

Now the government is stepping in to regulate the media.  The Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act has been quietly passed by the Congress and Senate and will soon be signed into law by President Obama.  Not able to actually write a law to strip freedom of speech, our political elite want to attempt to bar entrance into being considered a journalist.  This will allow the government to say what is real news and what is fake news.  It will allow them to set up educational courses to teach journalists what is acceptable to report on.  This Act will also allow a financial bailout of failing mainstream media companies.  This was passed by the Progressives and Neoconservatives that pretend to be the Democrats and Republicans.

This is being accompanied with legacy online media like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter now listing warnings on content they find questionable. Facebook announced that articles flagged as questionable will be put through a system of censorship similar to communist Chinas.  They will send the articles to 4 leftist mainstream media sites to be vetted.  This will determine whether it is a real or fake news story.  If it is labelled fake, the story will then be buried.  That will keep it from appearing in searches or news feeds.

All four of these elements, the brown shirt groups, the educational system, the mainstream media, and the political elites attempts at censoring are all leading to one thing, trying to keep Donald Trump out of power.  Some are pointing towards the December 20 Electoral College vote as possibly overturning the election.  The mainstream media pushed the narrative of the post election protesting as a reason Donald Trump should not take power.  That didnt work.  Now they are pushing the propaganda that Russia changed the election.  They are pushing for the CIA to brief the members of the Electoral College.  That is the same CIA that refused to present their evidence to Congress.  I dont think this will change enough Electoral College votes to matter.  It is most likely another failure.

As each attempt at creating a coup to topple President-Elect Trump has failed, the establishment has gotten more desperate.  This leaves them with three options to try in the next month.  They can start a war with a nuclear armed Russia, and declare a state of emergency.  Obama has written enough executive orders to delay Trump from taking office under a martial law scenario.  They can launch a false flag terrorist event to create a similar state of emergency.  Both of these I think are unlikely. Too many Americans are awake.  The alternate media is chomping at the bit to expose such actions.


That leaves them the third option of mass protests on Jan 20 2017 to disrupt the Presidential Inauguration.  BLM,, and the other brown shirt organizations will call for protests.  They will insert paid agitators into the protests to turn them into riots.  The educators will advocate to their SJW students to join in the violence.  Mainstream media will give favorable coverage to the uprising and downplay the violence.  They will test the boundaries of what they can get away with.  The political elite still in power up to that point will have law enforcement stand down as much as possible in hopes the unrest will grow uncontrollable.

January 20 will be a day of testing if a communist style revolution can succeed in America.  It will be a day of great change regardless.  If the globalist establishment succeeds, America will become ungovernable.  People that voted for Trump will reject a totalitarian revolution and so will many state governments.  That could lead to civil war.

Or, the revolution attempt will fail to gain enough support.  If people are aware and ready, the SJWs wont join in the cause.  If they see they will be met by real resistance, they will stay at home.  This will leave the domestic terrorist brown shirt groups exposed.  Being exposed, they can be arrested and prosecuted for being the terrorists they are.  That will allow a President Trump to begin the process of draining the swamp.

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