When I served as the GM of two popular bars in Atlanta for three years, my employees knew they could ask me anything.  One of my better employees asked what frustrated me the most in management.  My reply was that being lied to insulted me the most.  A lie is disrespect,  it treats a person as though they are stupid.  What is true in business is also true in my personal life.  I made a choice back around that time to turn off the TV.  The mainstream media produces a non stop stream of lies and propaganda, and it was getting worse by the month.  More and more I read alternative blogs and watched various YouTube channels.  These produce better stories with factual information.  They were debunking the mainstream media propaganda.

Today we have multiple important issues going on and the mainstream media misreports on all of them.  The press portrays Donald Trump as a pervert while ignoring Bill Clinton’s previous sexual assault and rape accusers.  Black Live Matter strokes racial tensions to an all time high with a false narrative driven by the media.  America’s military faces off with Russia on a daily basis in Eastern Europe and Syria, while the mainstream ignores that our actions make us the aggressor.  On the financial channels you hear of an imaginary economic recovery because the Federal Reserve manipulates the stock market.

If you listen to the mainstream media and believe it, you are blind to the truth.  What is told on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, and the other mainstream channels resembles fantasy more often than truth.  Their narrative is closely tied into the political elite establishment and is nothing more than propaganda.  The major newspapers and magazines do no better than their television competitors.  A recent Gallup Poll puts trust in the mainstream media at 32%, an all time low.  Yet the major media outlets continues to create lies and propaganda creating the atmosphere for their own self destruction.

The Economic Recovery

It is almost daily that I hear about America’s low unemployment rate of 5.0%.  What that rate doesn’t take into account is people unemployed so long that they are no longer eligible for unemployment compensation.  Nor does is count young adults trying to find their first job.  It counts a person with three part time jobs as three people with three jobs.  If the mainstream financial media wanted to be more honest they would call alarm to the 62.9% labor participation rate of working age adults.  That is 37.1% of working age adults producing nothing.  Some are in school or are stay at home moms or dads, but many are not.  If they wanted to tell the truth, perhaps the fact that 52.2 million Americans receive government financial assistance or welfare would be trumpeted.  That is 21.3% of Americans or more than 1 in 5 Americans are on government welfare.

No, instead the mainstream media points to the stock market and declares the economy as healthy.  What they ignore is 92 months of near 0% interest rates decreed by the Federal Reserve.  This allows big corporations to borrow money at almost no cost to buy back their own shares.  Corporate debt rose to $29 Trillion as of Jan. 2016.  That is a massive bubble and is even greater than our national debt of $19.7 Trillion. Corporations for short term gain, borrow tons of money to buyback their own stocks pushing their share prices higher.  This is a manipulation to create a falsely high stock market index by central banks.  You never hear that from the mainstream media though.

The truth is told on a daily basis in alternative news websites like Zero Hedge, or by financial truth tellers like Peter Schiff and Mike Maloney. They speak of the financial bubbles the Federal Reserve ultra-low interest rates have created.  There are housing loan, auto loan, corporate loan, student loan, and many other loan bubbles.  Debt exploded under these interest rates and no one will be able to pay back this debt, especially if interest rates rise.  The mainstream media will not call attention to this massive house of cards that threatens to collapse in the near future.

The Russian Confrontation

The most recent propaganda splashed across headlines is that Russia is interfering with our elections.  The media trumpets that the Russians are responsible for the WikiLeaks release of the DNC, Hillary, and Podesta emails.  They claim Russia is employing  WikiLeaks and Donald Trump’s advisers such as Roger Stone to drive the electoral process.  None of this is proven with facts.  Obama just threatened cyber-war with Russia.  They report of the Russian aggression in Syria by bombing civilian targets and of the Russian invasion of Crimea.  The mainstream media parades out paid pundits from the military industrial complex to give validity to their propaganda.

This attempt at distraction by creating the illusion that Russia is actively provoking America is dangerous.  Russia controls a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons, and America is backing them into a corner.  The mainstream media forgets to report that the legitimately recognized government of Syria requested Russian military aid in 2015.  They fail to inform the American public that Crimea voted to go back to being a Russian possession overwhelmingly.  That Crimea was a Russian possession since 1783 and only fell under the Ukraine’s influence in 1954 by decree of the USSR is never mentioned.  America is currently massing NATO troops on the Eastern European borders.  It also recently brought nuclear missiles into Poland.  In Syria, cease fire talks have broken down.  Heightened tensions create the danger of a deadly incident between the US and Russian military forces.  Such an incident could spark a war.

As the mainstream media pushes the propaganda of an expansionist Russia and Trump being their puppet, leaks on the internet debunk this propaganda. General Michael T. Flynn, the former head of DIA, directly stated the Obama administration, of which Hillary Clinton was a part of, created ISIS.  Hillary Clinton’s State Department funded and inspired the coup in the Ukraine installing a fascist anti-Russian regime.  The documentary Clinton Cash exposes that Hillary signed a deal giving Russia control of between 20% to 50% of America’s uranium supply.  Yet you hear that Donald Trump is a Russian puppet when he doesn’t even have any business deals in Russia from the mainstream media.

BLM Are Peaceful Protesters Myth

Ferguson, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, and Charlotte all stand of examples of mainstream media manipulation of events.  In all these cities a black male got shot to death by police officers.  The mainstream media immediately begins airing stories jumping to the conclusion that police are racist and are killing innocent black people.  When the protests start and Black Lives Matters appears on the scene, the protests descend into riots.  Yet the mainstream media, even in the middle of the looting and burning, refer to the rioters as “protesters.”  In Charlotte NC the police said 70% of the people arrested for illegal acts during the riots were from out of state.  You don’t hear about that from mainstream media sources.  The mainstream media omits that BLM is transporting in outside paid agitators.

The mainstream media won’t tell you that the founders and organizers of BLM are communist activists.  Communism calls for change through revolutionary or violent means.  By transporting in outside agitators to guarantee riots creates fear.  That fear and violence is designed to create political change.  Terrorism is by definition the use of violence to create fear forcing political change.

To hear the truth you have to go to websites like mine.  In Black Lives Matter, America’s ISIS I document from multiple sources exactly what BLM is.  They are not an activist group for social change, but a terrorist organization that uses violence to affect political change.  BLM is criminal in transporting paid thugs into areas of local dispute to create violence and fear.  You can find the truth, just not on the mainstream media very often.

The Mainstream Media and the Elections

The mainstream media currently is labeling Donald Trump as a sexual predator and pervert.  Access Hollywood released a private conversation with an intense sexual conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush.  It is locker room talk between guys not in mixed company, much like many conversations I have heard in the past.  Then the NY Times prints a story about a woman who claims Donald Trump sexually assaulted her on a plane 35 years ago.  They trot out another story about a woman who was asked inappropriately to change into a swimsuit at a swimming pool party.  Then another woman is pulled into the media light that claims Donald Trump made unwanted advances on her while during an interview for a People Magazine article.  This sexual assault was supposedly witnessed by Donald Trump’s butler.

The media forgets one simple thing when they create this propaganda, the internet.  In today’s world it is easy to access information much faster than in the past.  In the Podesta emails, it appears they sat on the Trump Bush tape for months.  They wanted to save the shocking conversation for the ideal moment.  Then the mainstream media claims shock at what men often discuss when not in female company.  The NY Times fails to highlight that their star accuser never reported the sexual assault on the airplane to anyone, not friends, family, or authorities, for 35 years.  Nor do they mention that she is a Democratic donor.  Then the woman with the swimsuit came out to accuse the media of quoting her out of context and that Donald Trump did nothing inappropriate.  The woman from People Magazine has now been called a liar by Donald Trump’s butler who was said to be a witness.  Nor did this female reporter disclose any of Donald Trump’s supposed inappropriate behavior at the time.

All the diversion about what a pervert Donald Trump is, distracts from the Podesta emails on WikiLeaks.  In these emails, it shows collusion between the elite political establishment and the mainstream media to misinform the public. The mainstream media is not only dishonest about reporting the truth, but are also dishonest in omission of important news.  They are actively steering the media narrative to favor the election of Hillary Clinton.



The political elite of the Neoconservative right and the Progressive left want to keep the American public ignorant.  Their tool to do this with the adult population is the mainstream media.  This media writes propaganda and fails to report on real news to keep the public stupid.  This is an information war to allow the political elite to oppress the people with increasing totalitarian government.

The internet allows independent journalists or the alternative media, access to facts that debunk the mainstream media propaganda.  By the creation of blogs, websites, and YouTube channels, the truth is being told and viewed more each day.  This is destroying the credibility of the mainstream media and political establishment.  This is a revolutionary war of information that is bringing an end to the status quo of corruption in Washington as people wake up to the truth.

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