CNN Is Destroying Themselves In The Project Veritas Videos

The holiday weekend hasn’t even started and Project Veritas just pitched a strike out to CNN.  On Monday they released the first of their videos showing how CNN is knowingly fake news.  The video release might have been a bit premature, but there was a reason for the timing. On Thursday June 22 CNN released a story trying to claim Anthony Scaramucci, a Trump ally, may have had nefarious meetings with officials of a sanctioned Russian bank.  The problem as Breitbart reported, that meeting had already been investigated and cleared.  CNN had refurbished an old disproved story, and tried to sell it to the public as though it were true.  Then Scaramucci filed a $100 million lawsuit and CNN retracted the story and issued a public apology.  That went viral giving reason for Project Veritas to strike early.  The result, CNN is destroying themselves in the Project Veritas videos.

The entire meltdown of CNN began about a month ago.  In early June CNN was forced to fire host Reza Aslan.  CNN fired Aslan one week after he called President Trump “a piece of shit” and “an embarrassment to mankind” on Twitter.  That came at the same time that another employee, Kathy Griffon put out a graphic performance art of her beheading President Trump.  That act appeared to me more akin to an act by ISIS. CNN cut all ties with Griffon due to bad publicity.  This prompted Info Wars to start a contest for people to photo bomb live CNN broadcasts with “CNN is Terrorist Media” shirts.  They are even giving large cash rewards for people who succeed.

Then you fast forward to last week’s CNN fake news article trying to claim Trump Russia collusion.  Breitbart didn’t waste any time in disproving the CNN article. Since CNN only based the article off of one unverifiable anonymous source, and the there was no current investigation, Breitbart’s work wasn’t difficult. Then when the victim of the CNN article, Anthony Scaramucci filed a $100 million lawsuit for defamation and libel, CNN panicked.  CNN getting caught for publishing intentionally fake news went viral.  Even other mainstream media reported on how badly CNN got caught.

This prompted CNN to fully retract the story and publicly apologize to Scaramucci.  On Friday night CNN stated, “That story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards and has been retracted. Links to the story have been disabled. CNN apologizes to Mr. Scaramucci.”  It was too late and CNN being fake news dominated the weekend news cycle.

On Monday June 26 Project Veritas released their first video of a 15 year veteran John Bonifield, a CNN Supervising Producer.  In the video Bonifield admitted that the Trump Russia collusion narrative was “mostly bullshit.”  He then explained to the undercover Veritas reporter that the Russia narrative was to drive ratings.  He explained that CNN reported the fake Trump Russia narrative for monetary reasons knowing what they were reporting was untrue.  Since CNN’s audience are basically brainwashed gerbils that want that narrative to be true, CNN reports on Trump Russia collusion as though it is real.

Although Bonifield had no problem bragging about how CNN had no journalistic integrity, he didn’t come off as a bad person.  He instead came off as a person resigned to being willing to lie to the public in order to keep his job.  He admitted he was cynical about the media, and didn’t sound proud of the Trump “witch hunt.”

The next day the mainstream media was void of articles talking about the Project Veritas video.  It was as though they thought that by not reporting on it, the public would remain ignorant of it.  On June 27 Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the press in the White House press briefing to watch the Project Veritas video. She did so in response to a reporter asking if President Trump calling mainstream media “fake news” on Twitter was justified. The mainstream media couldn’t understand that Breitbart, Info Wars, independent bloggers and YouTubers already made the video go viral.  By mentioning it in a live broadcast press briefing, Sanders was forcing the mainstream media to report on it.

CNN came out publicly and backed Bonifield.  A CNN spokesman stated on June 27, “CNN stands by our medical producer John Bonifield.  Diversity of personal opinion is what makes CNN strong, we welcome it and embrace it.”  Others in the media downplayed Bonifield’s importance in weighing in on a political matter, by claiming he was just a medical expert.

Project Veritas was playing chess while the mainstream media was playing checkers.  On June 28 Project Veritas released the second video in the series they are calling American Pravda.

Van Jones is one of CNN’s major political commentators.  He repeatedly has pushed the Trump Russia fake narrative.  In the video, in his own words Van Jones says, “The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger.  There’s nothing there you can do”  It is amazing how honest the mainstream media can be when they don’t realized they are being secretly recorded.

There are several reasons this second video was so strategically released. Bonifield reveals that CNN had a culture of lying to the public for several reasons.  The first reason is to make money at the expense of truth.  The second reason is to “witch hunt” Trump to appease a delusional audience. The Van Jones video shows that knowing the Trump Russia collusion narrative is fake is also shared by CNN’s political experts.

This forced the mainstream media to attempt to deflect the importance of the Project Veritas video in other ways.  They could no longer argue that the political experts didn’t know they were reporting fake news.  Now they attempted to claim Bonifield and Van Jones were not important because they were in Atlanta.  To them the important CNN people operated out of New York.  How this is supposed to negate the importance of the Project Veritas revelations boggles my mind.

The mainstream media went further in trying to downplay that their reporting of the Trump Russia fake narrative.  They attempted to claim that Project Veritas somehow misleadingly edited their videos.  The thirty second conversation with Van Jones was impossible to edit.  What Bonifield said wasn’t clipped and spliced.  He gave direct answers to direct questions.  They try to claim Project Veritas is propaganda.  It is not like Project Veritas is using anonymous sources or quotes.  They are using the words of Van Jones and Bonifield.  They are the sources of the truth the Project Veritas videos reveal.

Project Veritas decided to end the week with a bang and released their third video early June 30.  This video shows a conversation with Jimmy Carr, an Associate Producer based in New York.  So much for the location argument.

The video opens with Carr making this statement.  “We all recognize that he (Trump) is a clown, that he is hilariously unqualified for this, he’s really bad at this and he does not have America’s best interests.  We recognize that he’s just f@%*ing crazy.”   Then when asked what Carr thinks of the intellect of the America voter, this is his reply.  “Oh no.  They are stupid as shit.”  Carr comes across immediately as a jaded and hateful person.  With those two statements, it shows how Carr justifies lying to the public by producing fake news.

Project Veritas’s undercover reporter does a good job of drawing Carr out. Carr gives what he feels is the unvarnished truth.  He doesn’t believe that President Trump really cares about any of the issues he raised with his agenda.  Trump is insane as far as he is concerned.  Carr believes that 90% of the employees he directly works with at CNN agree with him.  Carr then agrees with Bonipoint’s assessment from the first video that they are directed to report the fake Russia narrative.  The orders to produce fake news comes down from the top.

What I found even more interesting was how Carr selectively edited an hour and a half interview to being eight minutes.  The interview was about voter fraud.  One of the panelists sited very real evidence of voter fraud witnessed as a poll watcher.  CNN under Carr omitted the evidence the man sites and makes it look like the man is a conspiracy theorist.  Lies by omission are one of the most common ways the mainstream media deceives the public.

Just to keep adding fuel to the fire, James O’Keefe, the President of Project Veritas sat down for an interview with Stephan Molyneux for an interview. He did so directly after releasing the third video.

This interview is almost 50 minutes long and really gets into how the mainstream media has become propaganda.  The media no longer works to inform the public.  Instead organizations like CNN serves the Democratic Party to keep the public ignorant.

O’Keefe discusses how the mainstream media keeps trying to ignore the videos he is releasing.  The media is just unable to understand that with the internet and social media, they can’t be hidden.  Real truth tellers on the internet are loving how CNN is being exposed as fake news.  Blogs, YouTube channels, Info Wars, Drudge, and Breitbart have caused the story go viral.

O’Keefe alludes to the fact that he still has investigators undercover.  He states that he is not just targeting CNN.  He plans to expose others like NBC, CBS, and ABC as fake news also.  New videos are going to be released in the near future, and he wants to destroy the mainstream media.  Since they have chosen to become political propagandists  much like Pravda under the USSR, they are fair game.


The three videos Project Veritas released this week have deeply damaged CNN.  More than that, it has crushed the fake Trump Russia collusion narrative pushed my the rest of the mainstream narrative.  If CNN is knowingly reporting fake news about Russia, then so are the other media companies.  CNN’s gerbil like audience may not want to believe the Project Veritas videos, but they are stuck.  Those videos have their trusted news sources admitting they are reporting a lie.

The mainstream media is losing power as the alternative media rises. This is happening because the alternative media is attempting to reveal the truth.  They may not always get it right, but at least they are not deliberately lying to their audience on a daily basis.  Nor are they trying to delegitimize the legally elected President with narrative of lies.  The longer the mainstream media continues to knowingly lie and use anonymous sources the worse it will get for them.  They will lose viewers and readers and this will cause them to lose advertisers.  Given time they will declare bankruptcy and go out of business.

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