CNN Is Blackmailing An American Citizen For Crap Posting.

Last night CNN proved that they are completely mentally unhinged due to President Trump’s Twitter.  They tracked down and threatened the guy originally behind the meme of Trump body slamming CNN.  CNN reacted in horror that the meme retweeted by President Trump last week was a call to violence against journalists.  Last night CNN announced it had tracked down the individual Reddit user responsible for creating that meme. They knew his identity, sent him an email, and could release his personal information.  CNN decided not to reveal the identity since that individual took down his offensive posts and issued an apology.  They went further and claimed the right to reveal the identity if the individual posts anything more CNN finds offensive.  CNN is blackmailing an American citizen for crap posting on social media.

Let’s be clear on what CNN found so incredibly dangerous and offensive. This is the video that was tweeted.

I don’t know, I found it kind of funny.  What was more funny was watching CNN pundits and anchors meltdown over the video.  They became completely insane and claimed Trump was calling for violence against journalists.  The fact that violence by Trump supporters against the media or the left except in self defense is nearly nonexistent has alluded CNN.

When it comes to political violence, YouTube is loaded with raw evidence of leftists attacking Trump supporters.  This video shows attacks of Trump supporters during the election campaign and transition of power. Another video shows “anti-fascists” violently shutting down a conservative speech at the University of Berkeley.  At that event the leftists committed felony arson, vandalism, and multiple assaults that never got prosecuted.   That led to the battles of Berkeley that prompted free speech advocates and Trump supporters to defend themselves violently.  Then of course, who could forget the leftist who shot up the Republican Congressional baseball team.

The mainstream media ignores all of the news of political violence committed by the left.  CNN refuses to accept responsibility when it’s own anchors call Trump “a piece of sh#t.” Of course some of their employees went further when Kathy Griffin pretended to behead President Trump. Now those two specific employees did get fired.  Others that had advocated, written about, and otherwise fantasized about killing Trump or committing violence against his supporters still hold their jobs.  They do this on a daily basis on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social media platforms.  Their calls for violence are heeded and obeyed by the nut jobs on the left.  Then the mainstream media refuses to report on those real acts of political violence.

We get to one guy who took credit for making the meme that President Trump retweeted.  CNN tracked him down through social media and found him on Reddit.  They then found out his real name and address and sent him an email.  I don’t know what that email said, but it prompted the individual to take down his social media posts and issue an apology.  After that was done, CNN published that they had knowledge of who was responsible for Trump’s offensive tweet.  They threatened to reveal the identity and address of the individual if he posted any future offensive tweets.  You can read it yourself in this CNN article.

Let’s break down exactly what CNN did.  CNN decided to track down and identify a private citizen who created a meme that President Trump retweeted.  They then contacted the person through email to let him know they might expose his identity.  CNN knows that to publicly dox a person to their audience will prompt their nut job “anti fascists” and other violent type viewers make that person’s life a living hell.  It could result in vandalism against their property, possibly arson, possibly violent assault, and maybe even murder.  CNN made sure to make a private citizen aware that their life was in danger for the sin of crap posting a meme.

After the person removed their posts and issued an apology, CNN didn’t let them off the hook.  They went further to identify their account on Reddit.  I find the name “HanA##holeSolo” quite comical, but that account has now been deleted.  CNN did this quite possibly so that others could track down the identity of this person.  Rumor has it that the person responsible for the offensive meme is a teenager.  To the mainstream media giant, that doesn’t matter as they just laid a trail of breadcrumbs for their leftist nut jobs to follow.

CNN then threatened the future of the individual if he posts anymore offensive posts.  This is direct from the CNN article.

CNN is not publishing “HanA**holeSolo’s” name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.
CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.
That is a direct threat to crush that individual’s freedom of speech.  If that person shares anything on social media that CNN finds offensive, they will destroy his life.

I think CNN has lost it’s mind.  CNN just doesn’t understand how the internet, the alternative media, and crap posters work.  By blackmailing one person, CNN declared war on everyone who thinks they are fake news. We are talking about the people that tracked down the identity of the anti-fascist bike lock attacker in Oakland.  These are the people that made #CNNBlackmail the number one hashtag on Twitter in America.

Mark Dice puts it promptly in this.

CNN’s action has prompted the online community to create more anti-CNN memes than ever before.  Twitter has come alive with people defying CNN and posting new funny memes.

Perhaps CNN is just suicidal at this point.  CNN has just had a really bad couple of months.  It didn’t start with President Trump calling CNN “fake news” in a January press conference, but it got worse.  Then Trump revised his opinion of CNN calling them “really fake news” in a February press conference.  Then CNN was forced to fired two employees in the beginning of June for distasteful social media posts.  Three more employees were fired at the end of June for publishing fake anti-Trump news.  On the heels of retracting and apologizing for the fake news, Project Veritas began publishing videos of CNN employees admitting they report fake news intentionally.

This led to Trump trolling CNN by retweeting the short meme of Trump body slamming CNN.  CNN’s reaction has been to track down and publicly blackmail the creator of that meme.  The result is today’s current backlash by the conservative and libertarian leaning social media community. Their reaction is to make as many offensive postings as possible against CNN.


When CNN goes out of business it will be their own fault.  Yesterdays act of tyranny has angered many of the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump.  It angered many more freedom of speech advocates that chose not to vote for Trump.  CNN doesn’t understand that they no longer control the narrative.  They can threaten one person, but when they announce that blackmail publicly, they do not cause fear in the rest of this population.  CNN instead invokes anger at themselves from a large percentage of the American population.

Fortunately for CNN the political right is largely a very peaceful population.  Even though many of them own guns, they choose not to use them. Since the political right think for themselves, many of them have a sense of humor.  It is that satirical humor that is now being used to discredit CNN as fake news.  The accounts of the political right on social media are now in control of the news narrative.  For this reason CNN is already dead, but just doesn’t know it yet.

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