The CIA Attempted To Assassinate President-Elect Trumps Credibility, And This Will Get Interesting

Originally posted on Dec 26, 2016. Thank you Bob for giving me a way to recover these.

After the shock of the election of Donald Trump, the establishment was caught flat footed.  An attempt was made by progressive groups like to spark nationwide protests, but that effort largely failed. Other than the west coast, people lost interest after a few days.  Then a call was made for recounts in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin in late November.  Again the establishment failed to topple Trump.  Then December 9th, the Washington Post released an article naming a CIA source saying there is a secret report about Russian hacking that caused Donald Trump to be elected.  Pundits parroted the unproven information trying to affect the the electoral college.  In that failed campaign, I began to realize the CIA has bigger motives.  This unproven claim is the CIA attempting to assassinate President-Elect Trumps credibility, and this will get interesting.

The December 9 article by the Washington Post makes the claim that Russia deliberately acted to undermine the American elections and get Donald Trump elected.  They make the claim that agents of Russia hacked and leaked the DNC and Podesta emails to WikiLeaks.  The language is vague in meaning and no actual evidence of this report is provided.  The article was initially designed to affect the upcoming electoral college vote. The strongest allegation of the article is that Trump is a Russian puppet. Although the electoral college was unchanged, if the CIA can make the American population believe this report, it will cripple a Trump administration. Without public support, it will get nothing done.

The effect of the article was immediate as the mainstream media announced its release as breaking news.  Rather than questioning the vagueness of any proof of the information, newspapers and broadcast TV news blindly repeated the information.  Then progressive and neoconservative Congressmen and Senators latched onto the Posts story to call for hearings.  Nancy Pelosis daughter began a failed campaign to have the electoral college briefed.  The momentum of the information served to attempt to discredit Donald Trump as representing the American people. It painted him as a Russian agent.

The CIA and Washington Post have a problem though.  The alternate media is a real power in the spreading of real information.  Alternate media began printing and broadcasting articles with a counter narrative.  The first problem with the Posts article is that the owner Jeff Bezos has a conflict of interest.  He is the primary owner of both the Washington Post and Amazon.  Amazon has a $600 million dollar contract with the CIA to build it a high tech cloud infrastructure for storage of data.  This contract can lead to future contracts of possibly billions of dollars.  The Washington Post should disclose this information along with their unproven article about the CIAs secret report, but they didnt.  Is Bezos willing to lie for the CIA?

That led me to the CIAs second problem with this information release. The House Intelligence Committee called for a briefing on the CIA secret report on December 15.  The briefing was cancelled when the CIA refused to disclose the information contained in the secret report.  That raised the question of whether there actually is a report, or if the report exists, is the information factual or fiction?  Similarly, the electoral college never got briefed and few electors acted faithlessly.  Most that did, rebelled against Hillary Clinton.

That led to the third troubling factor for the CIAs secret report.  Even the Washington Post was forced to report that the FBI disagreed on December 10 with the CIAs report.  Six days later, after pressure could be brought to bear, the FBI reversed position and came on board to support the unproven allegation.  This reversal isnt surprising, as I wrote in The FBI Is Staging A Coup Against The Elite Overlords, James Comey is not exactly a sterling character.  In fact James Comey is a carrier establishment insider.

To complicate the fact that the FBI initially disagreed with the CIA assessment and Washington Post story, is the other sources that disagree with it.  Julian Assange interviewed with Sean Hannity December 15 on Fox News.  Assange asserts that his source for the WikiLeaks documents is not Russia.  WikiLeaks has a 10 year perfect track record of only releasing real documents.  They have never altered content or published fake content.  The establishment claims Julian Assange is lying, but why would he mar a perfect record at this point?  Assange gains nothing by yet again defying the American establishment elite.

Even with all the problems proving Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta emails, the one thing the establishment doesnt argue is their validity.  The information available to the public at WikiLeaks is real.  The establishment doesnt want to public to read those emails because of what they expose.  They expose that the Democratic primary was deliberately rigged against Bernie Sanders.  It exposes the contempt the Democratic political elite holds for the American public.  They reveal that the political elite collude with the mainstream media to create propaganda.  Political insiders want an ignorant and compliant public.  It reveals secret agendas to deceive the American people.

That is ignored by the establishment elite.  Pat Buchanan wrote an excellent article on how the interventionist neoconservative and progressives in Congress and the Senate are seizing the false CIA narrative.  They are doing this to undermine the Trump administration before it takes office.  They reach back into the past to pull forward the ghost of the tyrannical USSR and paint that on Putin to stain President-Elect Trump.  The CIA and the establishment want to change the Trump narrative.  President-Elect Trump campaigned and won on not being bought and paid for by anyone. The establishment now wants the public to believe President-Elect was aided and installed by Russia and Putin.

The CIA, with the release of the Washington Post article, directly attacked their future leader.  The CIA has a long history of releasing information to smear individuals.  CIA insiders use both true and false information as a weapon against advisories.  They use the mainstream media as a weapon delivery system to protect their secret empire.  In the past they molded what the American public believed for their own cause.  Now they are trying the same tactics, but due to the internet and freedom of speech, the CIA is failing.

As big of a threat as the alternate media is by publishing the truth, the CIA has a bigger problem in a President Donald Trump.  If one thing the last year and a half has proved, it is that President-Elect Trump is a force to be taken seriously.  He understands the power of the alternate media.  He proved this by interviewing with Alex Jones on December 2 2015.  The mainstream media was appalled by this action as they view Alex Jones as an alarmist and conspiracy theory nut.  That interview has over 2.3 million views on that single platform.  How many of millions of views are there on mirror sites and other Info Wars platforms?  Donald Trump told millions of Americans that he understood their fears and concerns about our current bloated and increasingly tyrannical government.

Trumps unabashed use of Twitter is another major offense to the establishment and mainstream media.  With over 12 million followers, President-Elect Trump uses the platform to escape mainstream media control.  In short 140 character bites, he can spread his message without outside commentary.  He uses other legacy social media platforms in similar fashion to create his own narrative.  The establishment uses the mainstream media as the gatekeepers of the narrative, Trump is exposing there is no gate.

Donald Trump does not bother with political correctness.  Political correctness is an establishment tool taught in the educational system that shuts down debate and discussion.  It created the constant narrative that white people only oppose President Obamas policies because we are racist.  They use it promote the idea of Black Lives Matter as legitimate organization, rather than exposing that they are a hard line communist terrorist operation.  It seeks to create division to keep Americans in fear of speaking the truth.  They cant outlaw the 1st Amendment, but they use social pressure as a weapon against the truth.  Trumps lack of political correctness shows he doesnt fear that social pressure.

This is where the CIA has very much to fear.  One of President Trumps platforms that is deemed not politically correct is the Drain the Swamp platform.  Donald Trump knows the CIA is trying to assassinate his credibility.  Although there are rumors Trump is softening on his drain the swamp platform, his actions speak differently.  On Dec 18 he selected Mike Pompeo as his next Director of the CIA.  Like many of the other selections for posts, Mike Pompeo is not a great fan of the CIA or its unconstitutional actions.  He in fact is the leader of the Freedom Caucus in Congress and opposes the established elite.  Many of the Cabinet selections so far are placing people opposed to their organizations as now running them.  President-Elect Trump wants a man like Mike Pompeo running this secret organization so that Trump can receive accurate intelligence.

To make that possible Mike Pompeo will have dismantle the current Obama CIA.  The Obama CIA  is built on the Bush CIA that brought the lies of Iraqi WMDs and led us into the Iraq War.  Current CIA operations serve to destabilize the Middle East and arm terrorists.  These actions are criminal according to American law.  The career bureaucrats that hold high offices are now going to face new leadership.  By attacking Donald Trump on December 9, they now have left themselves open to Trumps revenge.  If you are going to drain the swamp, Donald Trump will have to take on the deep state infrastructure.  His tool for this is Mike Pompeo.

What Mike Pompeo will do after taking his position after January 20 2017, I dont know.  What I do know is that someone leaked to the Washington Post that there is a secret CIA report.  That means the report is classified. The release of classified information to a mainstream media is an illegal act.  Mike Pompeo can start by launching an investigation into what person or people leaked the document.  When he gains that knowledge, he can not only fire those guilty, but he can also criminally prosecute them.

Then Mike Pompeo can take a look at current operations and properly inform Trump of the truth.  If the current intelligence briefings that President-Elect Trump are dishonest, they can hold investigations on why.  That can lead to other bad actors that are currently sending false information to Trump.  People involved with the arming of terrorists can be prosecuted.  All in all, having an honest man in charge of the CIA can begin a dismantling of a corrupt deep state.  It will be a difficult battle to fight and win, but I suspect Trump will take on the challenge.


I think the CIA has bitten off more than they can chew by attacking Trumps credibility.  It is going to be interesting watching after January 20 2017, as President Trump sends Mike Pompeo to Langley to clean up the CIA.  Many still suspect the CIA of being behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy today.  With the internet and the power of the alternate media growing today, I dont think the CIA still believes it can pull off a similar action.  Instead they seek to assassinate credibility of the person rather than the person himself.

Judging from the articles I see on legacy social media, and the story I just wrote and will continue writing, I think the CIA is in deep trouble.  If a President Trump follows through with his promise to drain the swamp the CIA will be on the top of his list.  If Trump backs off, the American public will know as the alternate media will turn against such a betrayal.  One way or another, 2017  promises to be an interesting year.

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