The Anti-Fascists Goal Is To Destroy The 1st Amendment

The violence in Charlottesville Va. on August 12th caused the mainstream media to finally cover Antifa.  Antifa is the short term used for the “anti-fascist” violent communist groups that attack and shut down conservative events. They showed in Washington D.C. during the inauguration.  Over 200 of them were arrested on felony charges.  Mainstream media coverage was nearly nonexistent or downplayed the violence and property damage. After the election they turned Portland Or. into a week long riot.  In Berkeley Ca. they violently attacked conservatives standing in line to listen to a Milo speech.  Then free speech advocates attempted to hold a series of free speech rallies.  Twice it erupted into violence as police stood down. The mainstream media was silent.  Now the mainstream media is making Antifa out as heroes fighting NAZIS.  They are not heroes, the anti-fascists goal is to destroy the 1st Amendment.

Why am I so concerned about Antifa?  It is because the mainstream media lies to the public to cover up the crimes Antifa commits.  A perfect example comes from BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed News reporter Blake Montgomery: “Most white supremacist and Nazi groups arrived armed like a paramilitary force — carrying shields, protective gear, rods and, yes, lots of guns, utilizing Virginia’s loose firearm laws. They used militarized defensive maneuvers, shouting commands at one another to ‘move forward’ or ‘retreat,’ and would form a line of shields or a phalanx — it’s like they watched ‘300’ a few times — to gain ground or shepherd someone through projectiles. It seemed that they had practiced for this.”

This article written by Blake Montgomery fails to mention that the Unite the Right rally was legally permitted until near the end.  Nor does he mention that the police stood down.  This allowed the “counter protesters,” who were not permitted, to violently disrupt the legal rally. Antifa showed up with flag poles, clubs, bottles filled with concrete, mace, balloons filled with urine, others filled with feces, and even a home made flame thrower.  They showed up to violently shut down the legal rally.

Antifa loves to say, “It is okay to punch a NAZI.”  What that means is Antifa advocates using violence to shut down anything they don’t like. Blake fails to acknowledge that Antifa has a history of violently assaulting anyone they don’t like. (I am retracting the next statement I made as false. A reader pointed out after I published this article that this guy got arrested for lying. This came out a little over an hour after I published. I will leave my original statement in so you can see how I got that wrong. Guy who was stabbed was lying about it being Antifa.) Hell, some guy got stabbed because his haircut got him mistaken as a NAZI.  (But I stand by the rest of the article.) Blake’s story continuously construes that all of the violence was initiated by the legal protesters.  That is just a blatant lie.

Blake is right that the rally was heavily populated with Southern Nationalists, White Nationalists, the Alt Right, and even some NAZIs.  All of these groups identify by race and say a lot of things normal people don’t agree with.  Other people at the Unite the Right rally were from less extreme groups.  Although some of the speakers have a racially repugnant message, none of them have advocated the initiation of violence publicly. Even the stupid tiki-torch march the night before was peaceful until a couple dozen Antifa idiots showed up at the end.

I agree that the tiki torch march looked horrible.  It looked like something out of the 1930s in Germany.  They did chant a bunch of racist crap and fascist sloganns.  At the same time they committed no arson and no violence until attacked at the end of the march.  They have a right to speak, even when that speech is vile.

What Blake fails to report is all the other violence leading up to the Unite the Right protest.  The violence at Trump rallies during the election campaign have given conservative groups a reason to not trust the police to protect their safety. The violence during the inauguration was not cracked down on until after Trump took office.  In Berkeley Ca., people standing in line to watch a Milo speech were violently assaulted.  Then free speech advocates tried to hold a series of rallies in Berkeley.  The first rally the police stood down as rally attendees were violently assaulted. Things changed at the second rally as attendees showed up equally armed and they fought back after being attacked.  Antifa got it’s ass kicked that day.  The third went off peacefully as the police decided to do their job and Antifa chickened out.

Where was the mainstream media on reporting any of this?  This is a great compilation of the mainstream media lies around the violence earlier this year.

That is my first major concern with Antifa and the mainstream media lies. Media refuses to report on Antifa’s violent crimes.  They outright lie to the public and attempt to blame President Trump, the conservatives, and libertarians.  Since six corporations control over 90% of the mainstream media, the corporate controllers can keep the truth from being reported on.  They deliberately have not reported on the Anitifa violence to keep the public ignorant.

This video shows why right leaning groups feel the need to arm up for self defense.  The assaults, arson, and property damage shown in this short video are felonies that have gone unpunished.

This brings on my second major reason for being so concerned about Antifa, the police stand downs.  During the Milo event, the riot police stayed safely locked indoors as the riot occurred.  They watched through the windows while innocent people were beaten unconscious, maced, and attacked with deadly weapons.  In Charlottesville, they had around 1,000 police officers and national guard members in the area.  As the permitted protesters arrived, the police forced them into a small area subject to easy attack.  They forced them to arrive through the heavily armed Antifa not permitted counter protesters.  As soon as violence erupted, the police disappeared.

This is a mainstream account from Fox News on the police refusing to do their job.

This article claims a police officer came forward and says they were ordered to stand down.  Unfortunately the police source is anonymous so I can’t verify everything the article says, but the narrative makes sense.  It says the police were ordered to bring the violent Antifa and ready to defend themselves permitted protesters together, then to stand down and let the violence happen.  It goes on to claim that this confrontation has been in the works since May.  The source claims that Mayor Signer of Charlottesville and Jason Kessler, the Unite the Right organizer worked together to create the violent situation.

Again, I can’t verify whether that is true, but it fits when you look at several pieces of information.  Michael Signer before becoming Mayor worked closely with John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman in the past.  Signer is a Democratic activist and has ties to groups known for hiring paid protesters.  Then it is claimed by the Southern Poverty Law Center that Jason Kessler used to be an Obama supporter and a member of the Occupy movement.  Both the Occupy Movement and Hillary campaign were heavily supported by George Soros.  Soros a billionaire who is infamous for funding extreme leftist movements and toppling governments.

For anyone who is not clear on this, NAZIS are national socialists.  That makes them an extreme leftist movement.  The white identitarian movements do not support free markets and support an authoritarian government.  That makes the Southern Nationalists, White Nationalists, Alt Right, and NAZIS all extreme leftists who happen to support President Trump.  They support Trump because they think his immigration policies will preserve a whiter America.

Finding out the Kessler was with a group formally funded by Soros didn’t surprise me.  The tiki torch march looked just like what happened in the Ukraine in 2013 and 2014.  That was when Hillary’s State Department and George Soros supported a fascist coup in the Ukraine.  They financially and militarily aided Neo-NAZIS in toppling the legitimately elected government.  What the tiki torch marchh really makes Kessler look like he is either a leftist operative or a moron.

Getting back to the stand down of police, this isn’t the first time it happened.  Here is an example from the battles of Berkeley.

In Charlottesville it clearly happened again.  The police do not make policy, they follow it.  Orders clearly came down the chain of command to tell them not to arrest the illegal Antifa protesters.  They were ordered to retreat as the violence occurred.  The worst violence from Antifa always happens in Democratically controlled cities.  You can list them, Berkeley, Portland, Charlottesville, Chicago and it goes on.  The orders I believe came down from the Mayors.  If they did, then in the case of Charlottesville, Mayor Signor should be charged with aiding and abetting the creation of a felonious riot.  Signor should be charged with aiding and abetting in the assault of everyone who went to the hospital and for the murder of a woman.

Mayor Signor and other mayors around the country that order their police not to defend legal protesters are complicit with Antifa.  That shows that Antifa is being protected from prosecution by leftist politicians.  This emboldens them to be more violent and destructive at the next rally they shut down.  The mainstream media failing to report the truth allows the public to largely remain ignorant of Antifa’s criminal behavior.  Antifa’s goal is to destroy the 1st Amendment and they are starting to succeed.

I’ll move on to the “peaceful” counter-protest in Boston.  On Aug 19 a right leaning group organized the Boston Free Speech Rally.  This rally received a lot of public attention when the mayor held a press conference just days before it occurred.  He claimed that against his better judgement, he would allow the rally because the courts would overrule him if he banned it.  What was against his better judgement?  Was it dangerous for a number of Libertarian and Conservative minded speaker to peacefully talk to a crowd of a few dozen attendees in a park.  Well, the answer is YES, because violent Antifa types and Black Lives Matters would show up and get violent.  Of course having that very public announcement only added fuel to the fire.

On Aug 19, 30,000 not permitted leftist counter-protesters marched on the Boston Free Speech Rally.  Their intent was to shut down the free speech rights of what could only be described moderate voices on the right.  That put the Boston Police in a tough spot.  Unlike Charlottesville, the police chose to evacuate the people attending the rally.  Then the police stood their ground.  The illegal counter-protesters were largely not violent, but the worst elements were.  The Antifa types and Black Lives Matters zeolots began throwing bottles of urine, rocks, and other things at the police.  The result was 33 “peaceful counter-protesters” being arrested.

I think this Fox News clip shows just peaceful Antifa and Black Lives Matters were in Boston.  The media was forced to report on it because they had a live stream up showing the violence.

The big question is why is the media now covering Antifa?  President Trump is the simple answer.  The day that Charlottesville happened, Trump held a press conference to make a statement on the violence. Trump did the unthinkable and denounced the violence on both sides of the conflict.  This forced the leftist mainstream media to panic, and they declared Trump supported White Supremacists.  That was a blatant lie! Trump denounced both side, meaning the leftist commies and the fascists and Alt Right.

The mainstream media and establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle all came out the next week to denounce Trump.  Mainstream media destroyed a forest writing fictional accounts of how Charlottesville was all Trump’s fault or the fault of his fascist followers.  The cable news cycle was filled with panels of idiots discussing how the American right is so violent.  They lied so much that Trump came out and doubled down.

This has forced the mainstream media to actually cover up what happened in Boston.  They create the narrative of how positive it is that Antifa kept an extreme group in California from holding a book burning.  I’m getting lazy so I won’t link to the story, but I think it was the 3 Percenters wanted to burn books publicly.  They were asking their own members to contribute books they owned that they didn’t like.  This moron group was asking their members to destroy their own property.  If Antifa had just let the book burning happen, the 3 Percenters would have just looked stupid. The average American rejects the fascist imagery that a book burning creates.  Instead Antifa with threats of violence shut down the event.  That created a story the mainstream media tries to gloss over.

Yesterday, Aug 27 2017, Antifa struck again.  In Berkeley Ca. Antifa showed up to violently shut down a conservative prayer rally organized by a Japanese American.  There were only a few dozen people at the prayer rally, and Antifa arrived by the thousands.  Again the police stood down and peaceful conservatives got assaulted, had urine poured on them, were maced, and were not able to speak freely.  After the people at the rally left, Antifa then turned their anger to attacking police, journalists, and normal citizens.

Just watch this and ask yourself a simple question.  Are these extreme leftists terrorists?  They are using violence against innocent people to get a political outcome.

Don’t let the mainstream media lie and say, “There is nothing to see there folks.”  Don’t let the politicians get away with claiming, “The political violence is due to the Alt Right.”  The violence is being initiated by the communist scum that participate in Antifa and Black Lives Matters.


America is divided and is reaching a dangerous point.  The Alt Left is violent and extremely dangerous.  Leftist Democratic politicians are actively covering up the crimes of Antifa to protect them.  They are ordering their police not to protect innocent people just trying to assemble and freely express their opinions.  The mainstream media is complicit by not covering Antifa’s actions for well over a year.  What the media does cover, the lie about.  This is a conspiracy of the political establishment, mainstream media, and extremist communists to shut down the free speech of anyone they disagree with.  They are starting to succeed.

Our country is getting to a crisis point.  If you are a Trump supporter or a free speech advocate who gets violently attacked, the media demonizes you if you defend yourself.  You are branded a fascist for desiring a smaller Constitutional government.  The Republican neoconservatives are too scared of being called a racist to defend their own constituents.  We need to keep speaking out and supporting the online alternative media to fight back.  When America financially boycotts the mainstream media, and vote out of office the incumbent establishment politicians, they will crack down on Antifa.  We have to demand that Antifa and Black Lives Matters are treated as terrorists.

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He looked at me with that look, I knew he was trying to figure out how to reply.  So much of his life and work was classified and this made him careful of how much to say.



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