The Leftist Elite Created The Atmosphere For Shooting Republicans And A Summer Of Rage

Around noon on Wednesday I stopped working on the book I am writing on Trump and looked at the news.  The attempted mass shooting of Republican Congressmen at their morning baseball practice dominated the headlines.  Only a day before I wrote an article on how the leftists are going insane.  It was based on the counter protests that occurred Sat June 10 in support of Sharia law.  The anti-fascist communists, feminists, and LGBT groups were literally allying with radical Islam because they viewed it as opposition to Trump.  Sharia law would see many of those protesters dead or enslaved.  As I read on about the shooter being a Bernie supporter and in favor of socialism, I realized the toxic rhetoric from the leftist elite most like enabled him.  Their rhetoric also keeps driving the violent protesters. The leftist elite created the atmosphere for the shooting Republicans and a summer of rage. Continue reading “The Leftist Elite Created The Atmosphere For Shooting Republicans And A Summer Of Rage”

WikiLeaks And The Shadow Brokers Are Inside Leaks From The Deep State

I’ve been contending for quite some time that the WikiLeaks releases of the Clinton State Department emails, the DNC emails, Podesta emails, and the Vault 7 CIA hacking tools and documents are all inside leaks.  Then the Shadow Brokers leaked last August that the had the Equation Group’s hacking codes last August.  The Equation Group is some shadowy organization within the NSA.  My guess they are highly compartmentalized like the Vault 7 CIA materials were, and both leaks are from deep state insiders.  The mainstream press, the US government, and especially the spy agencies don’t want to admit it.  Their Russia story is to deflect from their own crimes.  As a bonus they use the Russia lie to discredit the Trump administration.  I say WikiLeaks and the Shadow Brokers are inside leaks from the deep state, and I will tell you why. Continue reading “WikiLeaks And The Shadow Brokers Are Inside Leaks From The Deep State”


Tuesday early afternoon I released my most recent article about an internal coup in the FBI.  This coup pitted the field agents and section chiefs against the power of the politically appointed elites running the FBI and DOJ.  Shortly after publishing a person sent me a link to a video of Steve Pieczenik declaring the starting of a deep state soft coup.  It is an orchestrated planned coup of information to remove Hillary Clinton from power without bloodshed.  At the time, less than ten thousand people viewed the video.  The person who sent me that video had one simple question.  Is there a deep state soft coup occurring?  Considering my last four articles are about silent insurrections against our government’s power, it is a fair question.  A question I can’t dismiss without looking at series of puzzling events in recent years. Continue reading “IS THERE A DEEP STATE SOFT COUP OCCURRING?”


On a daily basis I scan the headlines of the mainstream media.  Most of the news articles I see are distractions from the important problems facing our country.  To see the important news, I instead have to turn toBreitbart News, ZeroHedge, and Drudge Report.  I see more of the important news on these sites, and less of the distractions.  One distraction subject does come up because it is becoming increasingly important and dangerous.  Russia is a dangerous distraction.

The American government and Obama administration are labeling Russia as a dangerous threat to our interests.  Vladimir Putin is not what I consider any better than other politicians around the world.  He was a high ranking KGB officer in the brutal regime of the USSR.  As the Russian President and Premier, Putin rules with strongman tactics.  Putin is suspected of assassinating rivals and critics and is accused of corruption within Russia, but still pales in comparison to the crimes of the Bill and Hillary Clinton.  He’s a politician and bureaucrat which equates to a corrupt man. Continue reading “RUSSIA IS A DANGEROUS DISTRACTION”



In 1998 I took a vacation to go fishing with my dad who had just retired.  For thirty-five years he worked as an intelligence operative.  When he retired he ran the Africa, Middle East desk which he took after running the former Soviet desk.  I got curious and asked him if he missed his job.  This was when “it doesn’t fit the political narrative” really sunk in and made sense to me.  It made me understand that the government deliberately lies through media proxies to mislead the population to drive political agendas.

He looked at me with that look, I knew he was trying to figure out how to reply.  So much of his life and work was classified and this made him careful of how much to say.



The Cold War was part of how I grew up.  In India, USSR, Germany, Liberia, and Zimbabwe I witnessed the effects the Cold War had on the world.  This has made it a topic of interest since my youth.  The enemy at the gates was the Soviet Union at the end of WWII.  Part of the allies, the armies met in Germany forcing an unconditional surrender of the Nazis, only to spark a forty-six year period of hostility.

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I was at work with no TV during the fifth GOP debate.  Since I wasn’t very busy, I followed the comment stream on Twitter and got a lot of amusement.  Before I got home and pulled up the debate on YouTube, I already knew it was going to be ridiculous.  Watching it, I was stunned.  Almost every candidate was advocating escalating and expanding our current wars.  The solution of every Republican and Democrat Progressive is, well let’s make it bigger and spend more money.  Only Rand Paul stood out when he spoke the truth in talking about Chris Christie when he said, “Well if you want World War 3, you have your candidate.

It made me wonder, does our federal government want WWIII?

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A few weeks ago during a slow period at work, me and a coworker were discussing all of the craziness in the news.   We got to the subject of terrorism quickly and he asked.  “How much do you worry about being the victim of terrorism?”

I laughed, I knew he was asking me because I had grown up overseas and often looked at things differently than many people.  “I worry more about crossing the street on my walk to work or to Publix.”  I replied amused.  He looked at me questioningly.  “It’s the odds.  I have a far greater chance of being run over in the crosswalk by some idiot texting while driving than being shot, beheaded, or blown up.” Continue reading “CIRCLE OF FEAR”


I look at the wars we fight around the world and shake my head in shame.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and a number of countries in Africa, they all have one point in common, none of these conflicts do we fight with the intention of winning.  I am not even going to start with the morality of being in these conflicts, I am just going to look at the strategy.

President Obama has said that our goal with ISIS is to contain, degrade, and ultimately degrade ISIS.  Really?  Pinprick air strikes while sending in weapons that ultimately wind up in the hands of ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliates? Continue reading “FIGHTING WARS TO LOSE”