ANTIFA Are Domestic Terrorists Getting Away With Assault With Deadly Weapons

There is a very important reason that I feel I need to write this article, the mainstream media is lying to you.  Yesterday, April 15 I tracked Twitter and Gab feeds of people in Berkeley to learn of what was happening.  I also tracked mainstream media articles being posted about the riots.  According to the so trusted mainstream media, it was a give and take of an exchange of blows.  The anti-fascists and Trump supporters were equally guilty of fighting with each other.  Supposedly the police did a better job of quelling the violence.  That is all a load of crap.  Watching raw YouTube videos and following social media, a few things became very clear.  ANTIFA or the anti-fascists provoked resistance by being initially violent.  The second is that ANTIFA are domestic terrorists getting away with assault with deadly weapons. Continue reading “ANTIFA Are Domestic Terrorists Getting Away With Assault With Deadly Weapons”

Trump’s War On Mainstream Media And The Deep State Gets Nasty, Thanks WikiLeaks

Every day I am researching and writing.  I’m in the process of writing a book on the election, transition of power and the first 100 days of the Trump administration.  Between that and a full time job, that keeps me so busy that I always feel behind.  One of the main points developing for the book is this information war between the Trump administration against the mainstream media and deep state.  The deep state operates behind the cloak of being classified.  They feed information strategically to the mainstream media to drive a narrative.  The mainstream media hates President Trump, so they latch on to any negative narrative.  Trump attacks back through his press secretary and Twitter.  Then WikiLeaks operates independently to change the narrative.  The alternate media takes their information and drives the new narrative.  Trump’s war on mainstream media and the deep state gets nasty, thanks WikiLeaks. Continue reading “Trump’s War On Mainstream Media And The Deep State Gets Nasty, Thanks WikiLeaks”

Russiagate Might Blow Up In The Establishment’s and Deep State’s Faces

Monday March 20, 2017 hosted the House’s Intelligence Committee’s investigation of what I call Russiagate at this point.  It is the left leaning political establishment’s claim that Trump colluded with Russia to effect the outcome of the presidential election.  The neoconservative right has hopped on board because they hate Trump also.  Of course the politically promoted and appointed officials in the intelligence communities and federal law enforcement happily participate.  Then the mainstream media reports on it as though unproven allegations are facts.  Russiagate became more as illegally leaked classified information showed Trump and his people were being investigated and monitored.  Trump turned the argument to these illegal leaks and the need for them to stop.  After yesterday’s testimony, I am starting to think Russiagate might blow up in the establishment’s and deep state’s faces. Continue reading “Russiagate Might Blow Up In The Establishment’s and Deep State’s Faces”

Is There a Deep State Civil War Going On?


Everyday we hear about all of the leaks to the media of classified material by government officials.  This information is being used to attack President Trump and his Cabinet appointees.  First, General Michael Flynn was forced to resign as National Security Adviser, now Jeff Sessions is being attacked.  It is clear that the politically promoted and appointed upper management of America’s deep state has declared war on Trump.  Chief among the deep state agencies acting against Trump is the CIA.  Now Wikileaks has somehow gotten damning evidence against the CIA.  The first showed how the CIA interfered in the 2012 French elections, and the second exposes CIA hacking tools and the fact the CIA lost control of them.  My suspicion is that both of these came from insider leaks.  It is a deliberate attack on the CIA.  I have to ask, is there a deep state civil war going on? Continue reading “Is There a Deep State Civil War Going On?”

#March4Trump Clashes Was Just More Proof ANTIFA Groups Are Domestic Terrorists

On Saturday an event #March4Trump was held in multiple cities around the nation.  I’ve been working overtime at my regular job and putting in a lot of time on a book I am writing on the election, transition of power, and first 100 days of the Trump administration.  Even with all that I have reviewed several hours of raw footage video on YouTube from the Berkeley Ca. event in particular.  This event turned violent unnecessarily due to the actions of the ANTIFA group that showed up to “counter-protest”.  I put counter-protest in quotes, because it is clear they showed up to intimidate and attempt to violently attack Trump supporters.  The #March4Trump clashes was just more proof ANTIFA groups are domestic terrorists. Continue reading “#March4Trump Clashes Was Just More Proof ANTIFA Groups Are Domestic Terrorists”

The Comment Stream, Where Deeper Thought Starts

Running my own website is a learning process.  Between my Twitter and Gab social media accounts I rack up a fair number likes, reposts, and quick complimentary messages on my articles.  I appreciate that, but one thing I am really finding more interesting is when people make full comments on my website.  When a person reads and appreciates what I have written, but challenges me on a point of disagreement or say where I am lacking or negligent in my  argument in their view, is fascinating to me.  I often find myself agreeing with their point but realize I look at the world a bit differently.  Their comments force me to think, and I like to reply.  The comment stream, where deeper thought starts, actually makes me learn more about myself as I give an unfiltered reply. Continue reading “The Comment Stream, Where Deeper Thought Starts”

President Trump Is The Master Troll, And The Media Is His Victim

Right now is an interesting experience for me.  I have fallen behind on writing on my website because I am working on a book I want to publish in May.  Between research, writing and trying to keep up with the pace of current events, I feel like I am going nuts.  There is one thing I feel I really need to post today.  The media is baffled by Trump.  They keep latching on to the wrong story and broadcasting crap.  All the while Donald Trump is writing executive orders to move his agenda along like I expected.  He has done more in the last month than most presidents do in their first term.  To read the New York Times and Washington Post, or to listen to CNN, you would never know this.  Why?  President Trump is the master troll and the media is his victim. Continue reading “President Trump Is The Master Troll, And The Media Is His Victim”

The CIA Attempted To Assassinate President-Elect Trump’s Credibility, And This Will Get Interesting

After the shock of the election of Donald Trump, the establishment was caught flat footed.  An attempt was made by progressive groups like to spark nationwide protests, but that effort largely failed. Other than the west coast, people lost interest after a few days.  Then a call was made for recounts in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin in late November.  Again the establishment failed to topple Trump.  Then December 9th, the Washington Post released an article naming a CIA source saying there is a secret report about Russian hacking that caused Donald Trump to be elected.  Pundits parroted the unproven information trying to affect the the electoral college.  In that failed campaign, I began to realize the CIA has bigger motives.  This unproven claim is the CIA attempting to assassinate President-Elect Trump’s credibility, and this will get interesting. Continue reading “The CIA Attempted To Assassinate President-Elect Trump’s Credibility, And This Will Get Interesting”

The Establishment Is Testing For A Communist Style Revolution

I’ve watched America change over the last 25 years.  I grew up seeing communism, socialism, and dictatorships as I traveled overseas with my parents.  I never imagined such systems could be installed in my own country.  Each year I watched the American government has moved towards a totalitarian system.  The first Bush presidency began our militarily interventions overseas.  The Clinton’s began the age of mass incarceration and the ending of Glass-Steagall allowing the too big to fail banks form. Bush II legalized unconstitutional spying on Americans and watch lists.  Obama stepped on the accelerator and civil liberties are being signed away by the minute.  November 8 a change occurred with the election of Donald Trump.  America rebelled against the attempted totalitarian takeover of America by globalists.  This globalist establishment does have contingency plans that they have been installing for years.  The establishment is testing for a communist style revolution. Continue reading “The Establishment Is Testing For A Communist Style Revolution”

The Establishment Declared War On Fake News, Russian Propaganda, And PizzaGate

It is a month since Donald Trump scored a historic win.  Against the combined might of the banker and corporate elite, Trump trounced their billions spent.  The mainstream media in all its power of propaganda, failed to control the public opinion.  Political elite of the progressives and neoconservatives combined forces only to watch a coup occur by the will of the American public.  What was behind this massive uprising?  The political elite cried of Russian propaganda with no proof.  The Podesta emails and Anthony Weiner’s laptop started a huge open source investigation into possible child sex trafficking by DC elite called PizzaGate.  The cry went up that alternate media is “fake news” and caused Hillary to lose the election.  In panic, the establishment lashed out. The establishment declared war on fake news, Russian propaganda, and Pizzagate. Continue reading “The Establishment Declared War On Fake News, Russian Propaganda, And PizzaGate”