The Facts And The Seth Rich Story Are Blocking The Attempt To Impeach Trump

The #Russiagate story is again falling apart.  The Democratic politicians latched onto the Russia colluded with Trump to hack the elections narrative in December.  Since then they haven’t let go. I thought that the FBI’s silly official report written on Dec 29th 2016 would sink the narrative.  The Grizzly Steppe report after all starts off with a disclaimer. Then it provides no evidence of collusion.  Some of its information and accusations have been heavily challenged.  The Democrats doubled down even when FBI Director James Comey and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified under oath that there is no evidence of collusion.  Now Fox News has released a story on the murder of Seth Rich. This story claims Seth Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks.  It captured momentum and now the Democrats are in panic.  The facts and the Seth Rich story are blocking the attempt to impeach Trump. Continue reading “The Facts And The Seth Rich Story Are Blocking The Attempt To Impeach Trump”

Comey’s Memo, How Many Laws Did He Break?

I have been mulling this over for a few days because my first thought on it seemed ludicrous.  Suddenly the New York Times produced a story about a memo Former FBI Director James Comey wrote about President Trump trying to influence an ongoing FBI criminal investigation.  According to the New York Times, this memo showed Trump, as the sitting President, was trying to obstruct justice.  The date and time of the memo seemed really wrong to me.  After that memo was written, James Comey testified under oath that he had not experienced any attempt at obstruction in any investigation from the White House.  If the memo existed, that meant James Comey had perjured himself while under oath.  That is a felony.  As I listened to better legal minds than my own, a bigger question entered my mind.  Comey’s memo, how many laws did he break? Continue reading “Comey’s Memo, How Many Laws Did He Break?”

This Inauguration Will Be The First Major Attempt At A Communist Revolution

This post I originally wrote on Jan 18, thanks to archive sites, I was able to recover it.  My bad for not backing up my site.

One thing I am learning about writing is that there are days that I feel like I am repeating myself.  On Dec 18 2016 the hype stood around the coming electoral college vote.  Only a week before the CIA began it’s attack against President-Elect Trump with a flimsy attempt to tie him to Russia. What was I saying at the time?  I was saying the real fireworks are going to center around Jan 20 2017.  The Establishment Is Testing For A Communist Style Revolution is what I saw coming.  Now Project Veritas is bringing out the video evidence proving my point from their investigative reporting.  The establishment politicians on both sides are totalitarians and they seek to destroy what America was founded on.  The left is much closer to communism in their attempt.  This inauguration will be the first major attempt at a communist revolution. Continue reading “This Inauguration Will Be The First Major Attempt At A Communist Revolution”

WikiLeaks And The Shadow Brokers Are Inside Leaks From The Deep State

I’ve been contending for quite some time that the WikiLeaks releases of the Clinton State Department emails, the DNC emails, Podesta emails, and the Vault 7 CIA hacking tools and documents are all inside leaks.  Then the Shadow Brokers leaked last August that the had the Equation Group’s hacking codes last August.  The Equation Group is some shadowy organization within the NSA.  My guess they are highly compartmentalized like the Vault 7 CIA materials were, and both leaks are from deep state insiders.  The mainstream press, the US government, and especially the spy agencies don’t want to admit it.  Their Russia story is to deflect from their own crimes.  As a bonus they use the Russia lie to discredit the Trump administration.  I say WikiLeaks and the Shadow Brokers are inside leaks from the deep state, and I will tell you why. Continue reading “WikiLeaks And The Shadow Brokers Are Inside Leaks From The Deep State”

The Establishment Is Testing For A Communist Style Revolution

This post was originally written on Dec 18th, 2016.  Thank you Bob for showing me how to recover it.

Ive watched America change over the last 25 years.  I grew up seeing communism, socialism, and dictatorships as I traveled overseas with my parents.  I never imagined such systems could be installed in my own country.  Each year I watched the American government has moved towards a totalitarian system.  The first Bush presidency began our militarily interventions overseas.  The Clintons began the age of mass incarceration and the ending of Glass-Steagall allowing the too big to fail banks form. Bush II legalized unconstitutional spying on Americans and watch lists.  Obama stepped on the accelerator and civil liberties are being signed away by the minute.  November 8 a change occurred with the election of Donald Trump.  America rebelled against the attempted totalitarian takeover of America by globalists.  This globalist establishment does have contingency plans that they have been installing for years.  The establishment is testing for a communist style revolution. Continue reading “The Establishment Is Testing For A Communist Style Revolution”


October 28th, 2016 James Comey notified Congress that he was reopening the Hillary Clinton email server investigation due to the discovery of a new devise.  Of course the details became public knowledge almost instantaneously.  Anthony Weiner who is a former Congressman is being investigated for sexting with a fifteen year old girl from North Carolina.  He is also the husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top aide.  In the course of this investigation the NYPD obtained a laptop from Weiner and it contained 650,000 emails from Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, and Hillary Clinton.  It was the ultimate October surprise damaging the Hillary presidential campaign.  A mere ten days later Comey comes out with the November surprise closing that investigation.  I sat stunned.  James Comey makes the FBI a laughing stock, and the gloves will come off. Continue reading “JAMES COMEY MAKES THE FBI A LAUGHING STOCK, AND THE GLOVES COME OFF WIKILEAKS”


Tuesday early afternoon I released my most recent article about an internal coup in the FBI.  This coup pitted the field agents and section chiefs against the power of the politically appointed elites running the FBI and DOJ.  Shortly after publishing a person sent me a link to a video of Steve Pieczenik declaring the starting of a deep state soft coup.  It is an orchestrated planned coup of information to remove Hillary Clinton from power without bloodshed.  At the time, less than ten thousand people viewed the video.  The person who sent me that video had one simple question.  Is there a deep state soft coup occurring?  Considering my last four articles are about silent insurrections against our government’s power, it is a fair question.  A question I can’t dismiss without looking at series of puzzling events in recent years. Continue reading “IS THERE A DEEP STATE SOFT COUP OCCURRING?”


On Friday October 28 2016 James Comey notified Congress that the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server had been reopened.  This came eleven days before the general election for the presidential race.  It set off a political firestorm.  The DOJ accused the FBI of interfering in an election process.  Harry Reid denounced the FBI for violating the Hatch Act.  Then the White House interestingly slapped down Harry Reid and the DOJ by backing James Comey.  The public is drawn to the political drama, but it is what is going on behind the closed doors in the FBI that fascinates me.  Where the reporting is scant, but leaks are developing, is a story of rebellion.  This rebellion is being conducted by career FBI agents against their politically appointed bosses.  The FBI is staging a coup against the elite overlords and the story is confused. Continue reading “THE FBI IS STAGING A COUP AGAINST THE ELITE OVERLORDS”


Growing up an intelligence brat travelling the world for fifteen years made classified a daily word.  I knew my parents worked for a classified organization.  It was so classified that I knew it was linked to NSA, but didn’t know its name until I was in my twenties.  There were questions I could ask that I knew they would not answer.  At the same time, they tried to make me understand their world without crossing a line.  That kept raising the same question repeatedly in my mind.  Classified, why are there so many secrets?

It is a tough question to analyse.  Now in my forties I think I have a far better grasp on the answer.  Some things are classified to protect identities and sources of information.  Others are classified to be stored ammunition against an enemy for future use.  Then others are classified to keep our government or an allied government from being embarrassed because of incompetence.  More are classified to hide the outright illegal and sometimes heinous actions approved by our government. Continue reading “CLASSIFIED, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY SECRETS?”


Last night I watched news from Charlotte NC blow up my Twitter feed for a second night.  Tuesday Sept 20, 2016 a black man, Keith Scott, 43 was shot and killed by Brentley Vinson, 26 a black police officer. This shooting occurred when Scott would not drop his hand gun when repeatedly ordered to do so.  The officers were called to the scene to address another issue.  On arrival they found Scott getting out of his car holding a handgun.  Scott refused to drop his gun after repeatedly being ordered to and the officer shot him four times.  This is the official story, and is yet to be proven absolutely  accurate.  Black Lives Matter, America’s ISIS took to the streets hours later despite this evidence.

The reason I would call Black Lives Matter, America’s ISIS is that they really don’t need the truth or confirmation.  Their aim is to create chaos, destruction and terror by agitating an already angered community. Continue reading “BLACK LIVES MATTER, AMERICA’S ISIS”