ANTIFA Is Pushing Trump Supporters To The Brink And This Needs To Stop

I originally wrote this on March 31. Thanks to I was able to recover it.

On Saturday March 25 there were a series of pro-Trump rallies around the country. Quite a few of them met with disruptions from ANTIFA or “anti-fascist” movements. The videos of these anti-fascists committing both petty and felony crimes flooded YouTube and some of the alternate news sources I pay attention to. Currently I am writing a book on President Trumps election, transition of power, and first 100 days in office. That requires a lot of time and research. Events in Huntington Beach Ca. I found interesting enough to take time away from that project to write this. It is because these anti-fascist groups are dangerous and out of control ANTIFA is pushing Trump supporters to the brink and this needs to stop.

Before I even get started on the Huntington Beach events, I am going to start by stating what ANTIFA groups really are. They are groups that condone the use of violence to counter any rallies or protests they disagree with. They claim President Trump is a fascist, therefore his supporters are fascist, so it is legitimate to use violence to stop them. What kind of person thinks in this kind of manner? Communists, socialists, and anarchist do. These are the only ideologies responsible for more deaths around the world in the 20th century than fascism.

The mainstream media and establishment history drive their narrative for them. In school, our children learn about what a horrible criminal Hitler was. They hear all about the holocaust and the millions of dead as a result. Unfortunately they are taught little about the tens of millions that died under Lenin and Stalin. Nor do they hear about the 60 million plus Chinese that were literally starved to death by Chairman Mao. Nor do they know that Che Guevara liked to beat people to death or that tens of thousands were executed at his command. Communism is responsible for the murder of over 100 million people in the 20th century.

As for the anarchists, they are just insane. If you want to see what happens in the absence of any kind of authority take a look at Brazil two months ago. Police in one district went on strike over a pay dispute. In the days that followed, the murder rate spiked by 600%. Or you can look at Montreal in 1969, with the Murray-Hill riot that occurred because the police went on strike. That event is referred to as Montreal’s night of terror. I won’t claim we don’t have too much government currently, but no government like the anarchist want is a living hell.

The events at Huntington Beach were recorded and uploaded to YouTube by multiple sources. There are two sides to this story for me to tell because such events both anger me, and are starting to give me hope. I am going to start with what angers me first.

The mainstream media never fails to amaze me with their horrible reporting. This article, “Pro-Trump Rally Draws 2,000 Marchers, Some Protesters, And A Violent Brawl” got published in the Orange County Register on March 27. Just the title is amazing in itself. The implication is that because Trump supporters got together in a big group, violence occurred. It doesn’t mention that those “protesters” showed up dressed in all black, wearing hoodies and masks, and were armed with pepper spray, sticks, and flags to use as weapons. Before those “protesters” showed up, the 2,000 Trump supporters, many with their children present were peacefully marching down a 2 mile strip on a bike path.

Then we get into the body of the article and it just gets more untruthful, mostly by lies of omission. The first paragraph is bad since they are at least honest enough to truthfully tell the size of the rally. The second and third paragraphs were very misleading.

As the marchers, many in MAGA hats or carrying American flags, walked down the bike path from Pacific Coast Highway and Warner Avenue, about a dozen protesters wearing black masks formed a wall blocking them.

The situation got ugly and lasted for about a half hour; after much yelling, shoving, pushing and punching, some protesters pepper-sprayed a group of marchers.

They were accurate about the dozen protesters blocking the path, but I guess the Orange County Register did not really bother watching the raw footage that is all over YouTube. The “protesters” totaled about 30 to 40 and the were verbally and physically aggressive with the pro-Trump supporters. The first sucker punch was thrown by one of these black bloc “protesters.” Then they committed felony assault by pepper spraying the Trump supporters. That is when all hell broke loose because the Trump supporters fought back in response.

I even credit the Trump supporters for actually being amazingly restrained. If you have ever been pepper sprayed, you know it hurts and is not fun. Pepper spray may incapacitate some people, but others it only makes them more angry and aggressive. The Trump supporters in the video are clearly heard saying “You punched a woman.” and “you pepper sprayed my wife”. That gave them clear reasons to counter attack against their assaulter. When a few of the anti-fascist are getting beaten too badly, Trump supporters with clearer heads broke up the fight before it went too far. The Orange County Register doesn’t want to tell that side.

No, the media then reports that 4 of the protesters were arrested by police. Again, lies by omission. Truth is 4 of the anti-fascist criminals were arrested for committing felony assault with pepper spray. None of the Trump supporters were arrested for participating in the fighting because there was clear video evidence that they acted in self defense and for the protection of others. Thanks for leaving all that out Orange County Register.

Then the article goes on to attempt and humanize the anti-fascist protesters by entering in sympathetic quotes like this one.

Jordan Hoiberg from Newport Beach said he saw a protester wield pepper spray in self-defense.

“We were expecting it to be more peaceful,” said Hoiberg, a member of the Socialist Party USA, one of the protest organizers. “We were not about to start something when we are 10 people and they are a thousand. That would be suicidal.”

The article fails to accurately depict that first he belongs to the Socialist Party USA and is a socialist. The “protesters” came armed with pepper spray and I saw some wielding sticks, so came armed for a fight. Then after they provoked that fight by assaulting people, they whine about how their intentions were originally peaceful. Sorry, but communists and socialists are cowards at heart and attack those they perceive as easy prey. Like women and old people. The Trump supporters gave them a well deserved butt kicking.

The article goes on, but I get worked up when I see such misreported drivel. The local mainstream media covered the event because they had to. Then they put the best face they could on the anti-fascists behavior because the establishment media is populated by a bunch of socialist, communists, and progressives. They most likely secretly believe that the Trump rallies need to be stopped, so shape their article as best as they can to make the violence appear to be the Trump supporters fault. On a national scale, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times and others just refuse to cover events like this because they don’t want average American to know about it. There is no way they can edit the video footage to make the anti-fascists look good.

Here is a list of a few other ANTIFA events that the mainstream media tries to cover up.

March4Trump Berkeley Ca Riot

ANTIFA shuts down Milo speech Berkeley Ca.

Jan 20 Presidential Inauguration Riots

Now moving on to the things I found positive about the events in Huntington Beach on March 25. First is the fact that no Trump supporters appeared to have shown up with weapons. When the anti-fascist thugs assaulted them, they dealt with it using their fists. Watching the anti-fascists get a taste of their own medicine brings a smile to my face.

Why was it important that Trump supporters show up unarmed? Due to what happened in Berkeley Ca on March 4 with Based Stick Man. Kyle Chapman showed up at that pro-Trump rally in hockey pads, with a shield and a stick. He came prepared to fight and those could be construed as illegal weapons. Although his intentions seemed to be only to defend himself and those supporters around him, he engaged the anti-fascists when they attacked. In the process of self defense, due to the bad judgement call of having the shield and stick, and he got arrested. Although the last I heard, the District Attorney decided not to press charges at the time, but may in the future charge with up to six felonies.

Although people fought back and really gave the anti-fascists a well deserved pounding, people also kept their heads. They stepped in and stopped unnecessary piling on, and kept people from possibly being beaten to death. That show of level heads prevailed and no Trump supporters went to jail. People also stayed together and that kept the anti-fascists from singling a person out for a group beating. Trump supporters also gave aid to those people injured by the pepper spray.

Last thing I really liked about what happened in Huntington Beach was the police response. The police actually got involved this time rather than standing around like spectators as they did at the Milo and March 4 Trump events. Due to the police getting involved, 4 anti-fascist terrorists now face jail time with serious felonies. That immediately quelled further violence.


ANTIFA groups need to be classified as and treated as terrorists. That is what they are. They attempting to effect political change by using violence. The mainstream media needs to stop lying to the public and describing them as protesters. When anti-fascists show up at a peaceful rally to disrupt it with acts of violence and property damage, that part of the story needs to be told. If media will not be honest and report it, they are aiding and abetting people committing acts of terrorism. The people behind funding and organizing these groups need to be held accountable for their crimes also. They are funding and organizing terrorism that is being committed against the American public.

Last thought is that Trump supporters can hold their heads up high. They didn’t hold the rally looking for a fight. I don’t think people would have brought their children if they did. But when push came to shove and turned into criminal assault, Trump supporters stood up and got the better of the anti-fascists. They did it because ANTIFA is pushing Trump supporters tempers to the brink, and someone needs to stop them.

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