All The New Reasons To Give Thanks

Thursday is swiftly approaching and with it the beginning of the holiday season.  Thanksgiving in America is Thanksgiving despite religious beliefs.  There are debates as to the origin of the celebration, but in America Abraham Lincoln made it an official holiday during the Civil War. It was an attempt to bring some unity between the warring north and south that did not take until the Reformation in the 1870s.  It stemmed from the tradition of celebrating the fall harvest that would see people safely fed through the winter.  Even though most people aren’t farmers today and the majority live in cities, we still celebrate Thanksgiving.  For me it is a time to reflect on the year.  This year will make the history books, I can’t remember another like it.  This year was special and I would like to list all the new reasons to give thanks.

Stock markets opened 2016 with the worse crash in history of a January open. It was a loss of confidence that was scary to behold.  It wasn’t only the stock markets but also the cost to ship goods hit all time lows.  There was shrinking demand and container ships remained at dock.  With the drop in demand also came a slowing in construction around the world.  Large machinery producers saw a decline in sales month after month after month.  Without the building, demand for oil decreased as production increased.  Oil storage facilities maxed out their capacity and oil tankers sat full in ports unable to offload their cargo.  Worldwide, it looked as though recession loomed.

Central banks around the world did what they always do.  They printed massive amounts of new money and lowered interest rates.  Japan and Europe now have negative interest rates.  That means the banks are charging people money to hold their money.  None of the money is real, but it is a confidence game.  This game gave the too big to fail banks the confidence to dump this money into the stock markets of the world artificially propping them up.  All the other markets I listed are still declining or are stagnant.

I know, it paints a pretty doom and gloom picture.  We sit on a cliff, actually the entire world sits on a cliff, and one surprise event or loss of confidence can send us into a crash that may dwarf the Great Recession and maybe the Great Depression.  This is all caused by Central Banks around the world.  America relinquished the right to coin the currency in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve.  They also installed the income tax and how Senators are selected in the same year forever changing America. It was the beginning of our slide towards the socialist and fascist policies that now largely run our government.  From Woodrow Wilson, to F.D.R., to Lyndon B. Johnson, the Bushes, Clinton and Obama, this decline accelerated.

I discussed all the problems I saw in America when I returned to it as a stranger in Waking Up -Patriotism Betrayed.  There are a lot of problems in America with the corruption, lack of rule of law, too much regulation, and too many laws.  We have a growing welfare state that enslaves a population.  These people lose the desire to better themselves. They vote for the Progressives so they can continue to live off of other people’s hard work.  With the growing problems in America and around the world, I saw little reason to have hope for a good outcome in the future.  Sooner or later the world will face a currency crisis that will change what we consider money.  When this happens, it won’t matter what number is on the bill you hold, it will just be paper.

My attituded changed in 2016 because I began to see beacons of hope. Something changed this year and now I am reassessing where we are headed.  I don’t think we can avoid crisis, we are to far in debt.  How our America deals with that crisis is an entirely different matter, and the picture to me is less bleak.

It started small as we moved towards the primaries.  The candidates representing the too big to fail banks and corporate industrial complexes were being seriously challenged.  The media repeatedly tried and failed to announce the end of Donald Trump’s election campaign.  Many Democrats turned to Bernie Sanders who was an open socialist.  A large percentage of the population showed they no longer supported the existing order.  They recognized the corruption and the need for change.

That population was looking for answers and knew the mainstream media did not tell the truth.  The government run American education system failed because it did not seek to teach critical thinking skills, but instead taught indoctrination into acceptable norms.  The people waking up to the corruption and government abuses wanted answers and started finding them in the alternate media.  It was in people creating their own YouTube channels, talk radio, and blogger and whistle blower websites that the population waking up started to find the truth.

The term alt-right is inaccurate for many labelled in it.  I don’t consider myself alt-right.  I am more of a Classical Liberal like a Thomas Jefferson who argues for the smallest centralized government possible.  That argument holds true for the smallest possible state, county, and city governments.  I will use the term alternate media because many of the sources of this true news and historical perspective are not active Republicans.  I didn’t consider the choices in the last six elections worth wasting my time to vote.  NeoConservative fascism versus Progressive socialism is not a choice in my opinion. 2016 created a real choice, more of the same or a change to America first.

Although I never supported Bernie Sanders, I liked that a large percentage of Democrats were waking up to the truth of America’s problems.  They saw the lies of Progressives and rejected their defense of too big to fail banks.  It saddened me that they turned to a socialist.  America’s problem is too much socialism and fascism already.  Those policies created the EPA, IRS, Bureau of Land Management, Obamacare, and the list goes on. That is what is destroying our businesses and factories.  The regulations, taxes, permits, licenses, and criminal laws have made America too expensive to produce goods in.  They took us from a productive rich economy and transformed us to a massive debtor economy.  Sanders and more socialism wasn’t the answer.

On the other side I watched the ascendance of Donald Trump.  I started off a Rand Paul supporter, but found myself leaning Trump when Rand Paul stopped running.  Trump offered several things I liked.  He offered to secure the borders and punish and deport illegal immigrants, especially the felons.  His ideas of lowering and simplifying the tax code is needed. Cutting corporate taxes and lowering regulation is needed if America wants to start producing goods again.  Trump promised to shrink the size of government.  Last he promised to hold elites like Hillary Clinton to the rule of law for criminal acts.

Even as the mainstream media wrote outright fiction in an attempt to damage Donald Trump’s campaign, they failed.  The alternate media grew in popularity.  Legacy social media like Twitter and Facebook were exposed for manipulating news streams.  The propaganda was being exposed at an ever increasing rate.  The Republican and Democratic primaries were exposed for attempted rigging.  Bernie Sanders got screwed in that process, Donald Trump triumphed despite it.

Then WikiLeaks burst onto the scene like never before in July.  Right before the Democratic National Convention, they released over 19,000 DNC emails and over 8000 attachments.  It exposed the collusion of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the mainstream media, and the DNC to rig the primaries against Bernie Sanders.  What people knew in their hearts was happening, was confirmed by the elite’s own emails.  The convention was a flop as Sander’s supporters protested in righteous anger.  Hillary’s brand was sorely damaged.  What the failed investigation into Hillary’s mishandling of classified information by the FBI failed to do, WikiLeaks achieved in that one big truth bomb.

When the DNC leak happened, I saw another change for hope.  The information hacked, I suspected did not come from a random hacker or Russia, but our own intelligence agencies.  I suspected people working within our own government were secretly rebelling against the elite that created them.  This was a group angry with the betrayal in Benghazi in 2012.  They were tired of the constant wars without attainable goals that they have to fight.  Whoever they are, they know strategy and the American perspective to use information so effectively as a weapon.

At work I saw the divide in America sharpen.  People waking up were angry but never acted out violently like the mainstream media claimed. Instead we watch a summer of discontent led by the violent Black Lives Matter riots.  It was people waking up that fell victim to assault.  At Trump rallies, protesters and rioters assault peaceful people.  WikiLeaks exposed that the DNC purposely disguised the protesters and rioters as Sanders supporters.  America saw that the intolerance and violence mostly existed on the Progressives side.  Many in the public began to understand these staged acts of violence were criminal in nature.  Being promoted by the establishment elite with political purpose, and I would argue these were acts of terrorism.

The month leading up to the election I began to become thankful for WikiLeaks and the shadowy group feeding them emails.  The Podesta email drop began in October.  This led me to write The Information Revolution Rolls On And The Establishment And Their Minions Are In Panic.  There is a real revolution against the corrupt elite happening.  The grass roots supporters of Donald Trump, who are the working class of America, are witnessing and participating in it.  We also witnessed the Brexit in June and the growing Nationalism in Europe.  The rebellion against the existing order is not just local, but international.

On the day of the election, at around 10:30pm I had a new reason to be thankful.  Donald Trump was going to be the next president of the U.S.A. An outsider beat a corrupt system rigged against him.  The American population stood up in large enough numbers to overcome the millions of illegal immigrant votes, and the massive voter fraud exposed by Project Veritas.  America was being given a new chance.

Do I trust Donald Trump to follow through with all of his promises?  The answer is no.  The political elite in Congress and the Senate will fight him when they can get away with it.  The mainstream media is still printing lies and calling it news.  Legitimate alternative news sites are being labelled “fake news” and being blocked from Twitter and Facebook.  The too big to fail banks and industrial corporate interests still profit through fraud and cronyism and will resist change.  Trump may bend to these pressures and not follow through.  There is still a battle to be fought.

But this Thanksgiving I can reflect and give thanks.  Trump’s selection of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the Department of Justice is key.  In What Trump Promised, and What He Needs To Do, I stated that the rule of law needs to be established again.  Political elite, banker executives, and corporate swindlers need to be held accountable for criminal actions.  The Progressives are trying to paint Sessions as racist.  That is lies and propaganda, Sessions has a history of being a Constitutionalist.  From my research Sessions will not shy from prosecuting any person despite status if they violate the law.  He has decades of experience as a professional prosecutor.

The appointment of Steve Bannon to being Trump’s chief strategist also gives me reason for thanks.  Bannon is an outsider who has a history of opposing the existing corrupt elite establishment.  The mainstream media is trying to paint him as anti-Semitic.  That doesn’t hold up when you realize at Breitbart he was hired by a Jewish CEO.  Then worked for the next CEO who is also Jewish.  Then is defended against the charge of being an anti-Semite by Ben Shapiro, another Jew, who quit Breitbart out of personal disgust for Bannon.  Despite negative propaganda, Trump is showing a willingness to impose outside thinkers into his Cabinet.  This will dampen the influence of the establishment elite.


So I go into this Thanksgiving thankful for having parents that taught me to take personal responsibility.  I am thankful for my ability to think critically think and see the truths about me.  The growth of the alternate media gives me reason to be thankful as I read and am now writing about the hidden truths.  To those in the government that rebelled and leaked the emails to WikiLeaks, I thank you.  If by chance that actor was a random hacker or foreign government which I doubt, well I would still thank them.  For the chance that America has to begin to move back towards a more Constitutional government is another reason for thanks.  Last for the American public that woke up and rebelled against a corrupt, rigged system, thank you.  This truly is a year to give thanks.  We have long way to go, but at least we have a start.

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