Alex Jones Trashed Megyn Kelly

This is an article I can’t help but to write.  Megyn Kelly left Fox News amid scandal after screwing up her career by attacking Donald Trump. Even though Fox News is mainstream, Megyn Kelly was far too leftist mainstream to hold ratings with Fox’s aging conservative audience.  She walked into a promotion at NBC with a contract making $15 million a year. After her failed attempt to demonize Russia’s President Putin, her next major conquest was Alex Jones.  This interviewing of Alex Jones has backfired in spectacular fashion.  Her own leftists have turned on her for giving Alex Jones a platform.  Now Alex Jones has leaked that he secretly recorded the interview and will release it. In short, Megyn Kelly’s attempt at a hit piece just got nuked.  Basically, Alex Jones trashed Megyn Kelly.

This all started about two weeks ago as Megyn Kelly failed badly with her interview of Putin.  The reason she failed so badly was that same weekend RT live streamed the St. Peterburg International Economic Forum on June 2nd. RT showed Putin verbally spar with Megyn Kelly as she peppered him with questions for an hour.  Putin’s replies were off the cuff and refuted Megyn Kelly’s attempt blaming the Russians for hacking the Presidential election.  His arguments were based on factual verifiable information and were well thought out.  That took power away from Megyn Kelly’s 12 minute hit piece that carefully edited Putin’s answers to frame him badly.

That was Megyn Kelly’s opening show on NBC.  It amounted to a huge failure as any analyst with a brain could compare Putin’s answers in St Peterburg to his answers in her interview.  That made me wonder if the NBC top executives weren’t kicking themselves for wasting $15 million this year on hiring more fake news.  Kelly got completely owned by Putin. That didn’t stop her from launching her next big interview with the controversial talk show host Alex Jones.

The mainstream media labels Jones as a conspiracy theorist and tries to delegitimize him regularly.  For Megyn Kelly to interview him and air it in their minds is giving Alex Jones credibility.  This has led to backlash from Kelly’s peers.  The mainstream media believes that only the mainstream media can give Alex Jones credibility.

What they fail to realize is he already has an audience of several million people.  Those people listen to Jones because they no longer believe the mainstream narrative.  Jones regularly turns conspiracy theory into conspiracy fact by breaking news the mainstream media attempts to ignore or report falsely on.  Sure Jones sometimes gets things wrong or exaggerates, but he is actually real news.  The mainstream media doesn’t understand that Alex Jones is already credible and his audience keeps growing as theirs shrinks.

What is important about this entire event is that Jones tricked Kelly into interviewing him.  Kelly first reached out to Jones and he took to the air to pretend to be conflicted about interviewing with mainstream media.  Jones knew that Kelly was going to produce a hit piece against him regardless of what she promised.  Alex Jones knew that Megyn Kelly was going to attempt a hit piece rather than a proper profile.  By playing conflicted for a week before doing the interview, Jones appears to have lulled Kelly into being incautious.  This play acting by Jones also tipped off his audience that he was setting up Kelly.

The day of the interview was hilarious.  Jones acted giddy as he continually talked positively about Kelly watching him broadcast live.  The interviews went on all day and finally finished up close to 11 pm.  Jones is infamous for being an early riser and an early sleeper.  Kelly intentionally drew out the interview to get Jones tired, so to get him to make a mistake. All in all, Jones reported that he was interviewed for about a total of four hours.

It only took a few days and NBC released a preview of the Alex Jones interview for publicity. The preview set off a firestorm in the mainstream media as pundits and anchors lashed out at Kelly for giving Jones a platform. Jones for years avoided doing mainstream media interviews and Kelly had scooped them. They seemed to have hid their jealousy behind castigating her for giving Jones legitimacy. An NBC affiliate in Connecticut even refused to air the interview.

For Jones the preview was ammunition.  As soon as he saw it he took to the airwaves and Twitter to forewarn his listeners.  Jones immediately pointed out that they put him under hot lighting to make him sweat.  NBC also lit his face from underneath to make Jones appear sinister.  This is a common Hollywood practice that is called “Halloween lighting”.  Jones then began to tear apart the narrative of the preview as it appeared to be all about the Sandy Hook mass murder of kids.  Kelly originally agreed that would not be a topic of the interview.

Then he pointed out that after 4 hours of interviewing, Kelly was airing a 7 to 10 minute piece.  This would allow her to selectively edit to make Jones sound bad.  Last, Alex Jones pointed out that the interview was going to be released on father’s day to make him look worse.  That would highlight Jones’s recent custody battle for his children while demonizing him for saying Sandy Hook was a false flag.  That would make Jones look evil for not sympathizing with the fathers that lost kids in that massacre.

Due to the preview, Alex Jones had a full week to slam Megyn Kelly’s shady fake news tactics.  Early on Jones sent Kelly a warning not to screw him with the editing of the interview.  For Jones this was a field day because he already knew that he set Megyn Kelly up for exactly this situation.  He secretly recorded the negotiations for setting up the interview and according to him, the interview itself.  This gave him the evidence of how he actually responded to questions versus what NBC would release in their edited version.

By the day Jones was able to hype the upcoming interview and turn it into a publicity bonanza.  Megyn Kelly was stuck.  If Jones recorded the interviews, she could air a heavily edited hit piece only to have Jones expose her for false reporting.  She could turn away from the narrative of the preview and air the truth.  That would make her look like she backed down because she didn’t want to be exposed.  Last she could try redirect the attack of the interview and attempt to save face.

Well tonight I watched the elongated 17 and a half minute version of the interview.  Megyn Kelly had her staff redirect the editing to attempt to attack President Trump for legitimizing Alex Jones.  As candidate Trump, he did a full half hour phone interview with Jones in Dec 2015.  The fact that Info Wars now has temporary White House press passes and that Jones and Trump speak by phone became the focus of her attack.  She knew she couldn’t go directly after Jones so she redirected to attack what destroyed her career on Fox News.  She attempted to paint Trump with the same conspiracy theorist label that she uses for Alex Jones.  The irony is spectacular.

Her interview was still designed to make Jones look bad, but it was much more softened.  Kelly attacked what she thought she could get away with. She went after Jones for blaming the parents of the victims of the Manchester bombing for it occurring.  Jones has a point on this though, it is the parents that voted for the current immigration policies that brought the Islamic jihadists into England in the first place.  She wants to cast him as a conspiracy theorist and outlandish even though they break a lot of real news.  Kelly failed badly tonight, just like she did in her opening show.


Alex Jones trashed Megyn Kelly.  He was one step ahead of her for the last two weeks.  Jones knew the mainstream media’s playbook and knew Kelly wouldn’t vary off of it.  The mainstream media is too lazy to change their habits.  Jones set Kelly up to catch her in a lie and crushed her with it.  Her show will see a boost in ratings tonight, but that is the explosion to obliteration.  As Jones said, it is like the Death Star blowing up.

Megyn Kelly, like the rest of mainstream media is dying because they don’t understand the power of the internet.  They no longer have a monopoly on what the public hears and reads.  Too many truth tellers have blogs and YouTube channels and they are gaining followers.  The mainstream media can attempt to lie and omit facts, but they are going to get exposed for being dishonest.  The internet is the printing press on steroids.  We are in the age of an information revolution and the mainstream media is losing.


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