I am a self diagnosed Libertarian for the last 13 years.  My journey to this philosophy began in May 1991 when I returned to the United States after growing up 15 out of my first 18 years overseas.  I returned believing I was a Conservative and in full support of the Republican Party to quickly discover I was wrong.  Although I agreed at first with many Republican ideas, I soon started discovering my errors.  I looked at the Democratic Party only to find rampant socialism.  In a two party system I found myself lost.

I was born in 1972 to grow up living in New Delhi India 1976-78, Moscow USSR 1979-82, Frankfurt Germany 1982-84, Monrovia Liberia 1984-88, and Harare Zimbabwe 1988-91. This life gave me a front row seat to the final years of the Cold War.  I witnessed the effects of Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and Dictatorship.  Seeing people have their lives ruined by Totalitarian governments shaped my belief system.  Having parents that worked in intelligence to combat Communism and Fascism allowed me to learn how deplorable these belief systems are.  I’ve seen coup attempts and riots.  I watched as the school next to my school burned at the hands of an angry mob.  I’ve lived through numerous bomb threats and felt their effect.  Not once was the answer to the problem more government.  It was for individuals and communities to become more aware and to take steps and measures to increase their own security.

Returning to America quickly made me realize the country I had grown up believing in did not exist.  I found I giant federal government that established hundreds of programs that violated its Constitutional limits.  Over time I realized we no longer had a Constitutional Republic, but a Democracy growing swiftly toward a Socialist Democracy.  Every year since 1991 I have watched the acceleration of the process become faster.  I finally became convinced it was time for me to act by adding my voice to the conversation.  Perhaps my one more voice might serve to change a few more minds.

I won’t pretend to be an academic, I am self taught on history and economics.  Reading Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell opened my eyes to what is happening.  Watching YouTube videos of Peter Schiff and Tom Woods have shown me how adding a voice does make a difference.  I spent the last 22 years of my life working in the restaurant and nightclub industry.  From server and bartender to General Manager, the government and its continued growth have done nothing but get in the way of me making a living.

I wrote my first book Barhopping: A Stumble Thru An Insane Industry as an outlet for my frustration of finding great jobs only to watch them go bad under poor management and unstable owners.  That book came out of writing stories to amuse myself.

Now I want to lend my writing towards what I consider a noble cause.  The cause is to make the American people reject the current government and demand a return to severely Constitutional limited government.