The Nunes Memo, Are Heads Going To Roll?

In the middle of January, Republicans in the House Intelligence Committee announced they wrote a 4 page memo on intelligence abuses.  It documents the Obama Justice Department and FBI abusing FISA laws to spy on members of the Trump campaign.  That spying was described as “shocking” and “disturbing”  It was the kind of illegal activity that would not only get intelligence officials fired, but send them to jail.  The spying was of political opponents in a Presidential election.  It was the FBI and Justice Department being weaponized for political purposes.  On Monday Jan 29 the Intel Committee voted to release the memo to the public.  The new FBI Director Wray read the memo and Deputy Director McCabe was told to stay home the next day.  It is now suspected that McCabe was very anti-Trump.  The question is, with the release of the Nunes Memo, are heads going to roll? Continue reading “The Nunes Memo, Are Heads Going To Roll?”