CNN And The Obama Administration Made Absolute Fools Out Themselves With Russia

Last night over social media I saw a CNN story that announced Russia was going to close the Anglo American School and American vacation datcha in Moscow.  It was a shock, I spent 1979 -1982 living in Moscow when my dad was assigned to the American Embassy.  I went to that school as a little kid when it only operated on a K through 7th grade basis.  It was against policy for American personal to have teenage children living in the USSR.  I also took vacations with my family and attended summer camp at that datcha.  This was a nasty Russian attack against the families of Americans stationed in Moscow.  Today I woke up to find out the CNN was again publishing “fake news” for public consumption.  They published an outright lie.  This meant CNN and the Obama administration made absolute fools out of themselves with Russia. Continue reading “CNN And The Obama Administration Made Absolute Fools Out Themselves With Russia”

The CIA Attempted To Assassinate President-Elect Trump’s Credibility, And This Will Get Interesting

After the shock of the election of Donald Trump, the establishment was caught flat footed.  An attempt was made by progressive groups like to spark nationwide protests, but that effort largely failed. Other than the west coast, people lost interest after a few days.  Then a call was made for recounts in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin in late November.  Again the establishment failed to topple Trump.  Then December 9th, the Washington Post released an article naming a CIA source saying there is a secret report about Russian hacking that caused Donald Trump to be elected.  Pundits parroted the unproven information trying to affect the the electoral college.  In that failed campaign, I began to realize the CIA has bigger motives.  This unproven claim is the CIA attempting to assassinate President-Elect Trump’s credibility, and this will get interesting. Continue reading “The CIA Attempted To Assassinate President-Elect Trump’s Credibility, And This Will Get Interesting”

A Deplorably Merry Christmas

Dec 19, 2016 the electoral college defied the pressure of the mainstream media and Democratic activists.  Instead of acting faithlessly, they mostly cast their votes as they should.  Of the 7 electors that refused to vote for their chosen candidate, 5 of the were Democrats.  I found the one Democrat voting for Faith Spotted Eagle the strongest statement against Hillary Clinton and it was a statement made with a cynical humor.  It shows a deep disdain that Democrats feel about the leadership of their party.  After the release of the DNC emails by WikiLeaks in July showing the party rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders, I understand that disdain.  For those deemed a “basket of deplorables,” those 63,000,000 voting Americans, the electoral college acted like a Santa come early.  By doing their job and resisting the pressure of hate mail and death threats, the electors delivered a gift.  A Deplorably Merry Christmas. Continue reading “A Deplorably Merry Christmas”

The Establishment Is Testing For A Communist Style Revolution

I’ve watched America change over the last 25 years.  I grew up seeing communism, socialism, and dictatorships as I traveled overseas with my parents.  I never imagined such systems could be installed in my own country.  Each year I watched the American government has moved towards a totalitarian system.  The first Bush presidency began our militarily interventions overseas.  The Clinton’s began the age of mass incarceration and the ending of Glass-Steagall allowing the too big to fail banks form. Bush II legalized unconstitutional spying on Americans and watch lists.  Obama stepped on the accelerator and civil liberties are being signed away by the minute.  November 8 a change occurred with the election of Donald Trump.  America rebelled against the attempted totalitarian takeover of America by globalists.  This globalist establishment does have contingency plans that they have been installing for years.  The establishment is testing for a communist style revolution. Continue reading “The Establishment Is Testing For A Communist Style Revolution”

The Establishment Declared War On Fake News, Russian Propaganda, And PizzaGate

It is a month since Donald Trump scored a historic win.  Against the combined might of the banker and corporate elite, Trump trounced their billions spent.  The mainstream media in all its power of propaganda, failed to control the public opinion.  Political elite of the progressives and neoconservatives combined forces only to watch a coup occur by the will of the American public.  What was behind this massive uprising?  The political elite cried of Russian propaganda with no proof.  The Podesta emails and Anthony Weiner’s laptop started a huge open source investigation into possible child sex trafficking by DC elite called PizzaGate.  The cry went up that alternate media is “fake news” and caused Hillary to lose the election.  In panic, the establishment lashed out. The establishment declared war on fake news, Russian propaganda, and Pizzagate. Continue reading “The Establishment Declared War On Fake News, Russian Propaganda, And PizzaGate”

Why PizzaGate Is Not Going Away Despite The Mainstream Media’s Desire

It becomes more amazing by the day as I surf through the media to find shocking stories not fully covered or hidden.  If you read my last article The Problem Is, PizzaGate Is Possible, you would think this topic would be making daily headlines.  It isn’t among the giants of the mainstream media.  When PizzaGate is discussed, it is to paint the alternate media as dangerous.  They even reached the point of creating a “fake news” list that includes real journalism like Breitbart and Info Wars.  The mainstream media wants to blind America from a possible Satanic sex trafficking ring involving the nation’s political elite.  The alternate media refuses to yield and continues to investigate what is known as PizzaGate.  They then share their articles on social media like Twitter and Gab. This is why PizzaGate is not going away despite the mainstream media’s desire. Continue reading “Why PizzaGate Is Not Going Away Despite The Mainstream Media’s Desire”