Friday October 28th started off as any other day in this insane election season.  I woke up to make coffee, check my social media sites, and take care of daily chores.  I didn’t have to worry about my full time job until later in the day.  An hour later the FBI announced it is officially reopening the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.  I immediately knew this would not be done without a very good reason. Something changed and James Comey found his hand forced.  This is why Hillary might be toast this time.

Conjecture flooded the web and news sites.  Was it WikiLeaks?  Was it Project Veritas? No one knew the answer but the news of the reopening of the case exploded virally.  The closing of the case by James Comey on July 5th 2016 came as a grim disappointment to many Americans.  He all but indicted Hillary’s gross negligence in her handling of classified materials in his dismissal speech of pressing any charges.  Later we learned that an unrelated investigation by the FBI had turned up thousands of Hillary emails.  An outside investigation not under the constraints of the original investigation brought forth the new evidence. When I heard this I knew it was different. Continue reading “WHY HILLARY MIGHT BE TOAST THIS TIME”



In the year 1440, the Gutenberg printing press became a reality.  A seemingly insignificant invention completely changed the societal structure of western Europe in the next few centuries.   A mechanical movable type printing technology introduced an era of mass communication.  This transcended borders and informed the masses launching the Reformation and the Renaissance.  The printing press threatened, then destroyed the existing power structure of the Holy Roman church and monarchies.  The ability to publish cheaply and quickly let the idea  of classical liberal thought to thrive.  The environment set the stage for the American Revolutionary War and the ending of slavery.  It created an information revolution.  That revolution took centuries.  Today the internet creates a new information revolution.  This revolution is moving a hundred times as fast, and is ten times as powerful.  The information revolution rolls on and the establishment and their minions are in panic. Continue reading “THE INFORMATION REVOLUTION ROLLS ON AND THE ESTABLISHMENT AND THEIR MINIONS ARE IN PANIC”


When I served as the GM of two popular bars in Atlanta for three years, my employees knew they could ask me anything.  One of my better employees asked what frustrated me the most in management.  My reply was that being lied to insulted me the most.  A lie is disrespect,  it treats a person as though they are stupid.  What is true in business is also true in my personal life.  I made a choice back around that time to turn off the TV.  The mainstream media produces a non stop stream of lies and propaganda, and it was getting worse by the month.  More and more I read alternative blogs and watched various YouTube channels.  These produce better stories with factual information.  They were debunking the mainstream media propaganda.

Today we have multiple important issues going on and the mainstream media misreports on all of them.  The press portrays Donald Trump as a pervert while ignoring Bill Clinton’s previous sexual assault and rape accusers.  Black Live Matter strokes racial tensions to an all time high with a false narrative driven by the media.  America’s military faces off with Russia on a daily basis in Eastern Europe and Syria, while the mainstream ignores that our actions make us the aggressor.  On the financial channels you hear of an imaginary economic recovery because the Federal Reserve manipulates the stock market. Continue reading “DEBUNKING THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA PROPAGANDA”


In 2008 I watched the collapse of the economy and the start of the Great Recession.  I knew the bankers loaned money to people who couldn’t afford to repay the loans.  At the time I largely blamed the government regulations and the ending of Glass-Steagall for the mess.  I blamed the Federal Reserve policy of low interest rates, but still thought the Federal Reserve was part of the federal government at the time.  I waited for the lines of bank officials to be marched into court and be prosecuted for fraud.  Instead the government bailed out the big banks and no one went to jail.  It took years for me to figure out what happened after the biggest fraud in global history occurred.  It was the silent coup, and the big bankers became untouchable. Continue reading “THE SILENT COUP, BIG BANKERS BECAME UNTOUCHABLE”


On a daily basis I scan the headlines of the mainstream media.  Most of the news articles I see are distractions from the important problems facing our country.  To see the important news, I instead have to turn toBreitbart News, ZeroHedge, and Drudge Report.  I see more of the important news on these sites, and less of the distractions.  One distraction subject does come up because it is becoming increasingly important and dangerous.  Russia is a dangerous distraction.

The American government and Obama administration are labeling Russia as a dangerous threat to our interests.  Vladimir Putin is not what I consider any better than other politicians around the world.  He was a high ranking KGB officer in the brutal regime of the USSR.  As the Russian President and Premier, Putin rules with strongman tactics.  Putin is suspected of assassinating rivals and critics and is accused of corruption within Russia, but still pales in comparison to the crimes of the Bill and Hillary Clinton.  He’s a politician and bureaucrat which equates to a corrupt man. Continue reading “RUSSIA IS A DANGEROUS DISTRACTION”


Growing up an intelligence brat travelling the world for fifteen years made classified a daily word.  I knew my parents worked for a classified organization.  It was so classified that I knew it was linked to NSA, but didn’t know its name until I was in my twenties.  There were questions I could ask that I knew they would not answer.  At the same time, they tried to make me understand their world without crossing a line.  That kept raising the same question repeatedly in my mind.  Classified, why are there so many secrets?

It is a tough question to analyse.  Now in my forties I think I have a far better grasp on the answer.  Some things are classified to protect identities and sources of information.  Others are classified to be stored ammunition against an enemy for future use.  Then others are classified to keep our government or an allied government from being embarrassed because of incompetence.  More are classified to hide the outright illegal and sometimes heinous actions approved by our government. Continue reading “CLASSIFIED, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY SECRETS?”