Tuesday President Obama announced his new executive action to increase the background checks of potential gun buyers not only to licensed dealers, but to individual occasional sellers.  By this, occasional sellers may now be forced to go through through the licensing process in order to sell a personal item (gun) to another individual.

As I watched the mainstream media act like this wasn’t a big deal, I became alarmed at this Unconstitutional action.  My first thought turned to the average gun owner and how this would punish him.  If you own a 9mm and you want to upgrade to a different handgun, but want to sell your old handgun to help pay for the new one, you might now have to be forced to become a licensed gun dealer first. Continue reading “HIDDEN DANGERS – OBAMA’S NEW GUN CONTROL”


The Cold War was part of how I grew up.  In India, USSR, Germany, Liberia, and Zimbabwe I witnessed the effects the Cold War had on the world.  This has made it a topic of interest since my youth.  The enemy at the gates was the Soviet Union at the end of WWII.  Part of the allies, the armies met in Germany forcing an unconditional surrender of the Nazis, only to spark a forty-six year period of hostility.

Continue reading “WAS THE COLD WAR NECESSARY?”