I was at work with no TV during the fifth GOP debate.  Since I wasn’t very busy, I followed the comment stream on Twitter and got a lot of amusement.  Before I got home and pulled up the debate on YouTube, I already knew it was going to be ridiculous.  Watching it, I was stunned.  Almost every candidate was advocating escalating and expanding our current wars.  The solution of every Republican and Democrat Progressive is, well let’s make it bigger and spend more money.  Only Rand Paul stood out when he spoke the truth in talking about Chris Christie when he said, “Well if you want World War 3, you have your candidate.

It made me wonder, does our federal government want WWIII?

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One thing I learned as I started trying to study history was that my understanding was incomplete.  Every time I went in depth into the subject, I kept finding the big boring demon of economics in the way of me understanding various subjects.  I only knew economics was boring because I had been told time and time again it was boring.  It wasn’t until I started learning about economics that I discovered the truth, Keynesian economics was boring, confusing, and complex, but Austrian economics seemed more like common sense, very logic based, and it captured my interest.

I’m not going to get into arguing about which one is better, but I am going to get into how learning about economics allowed me to understand that the US Dollar has already failed several times since the inception of the Federal Reserve. Continue reading “LICENSED TO STEAL”


I was talking to a friend and the conversation switched to politics.  I started arguing for a smaller government and the repeal of most of our laws.  My friend shook his head and hit me with the argument I heard so often.  “Come on Mike, we are a nation of laws.”

My reply comes instantly to my lips, “Yeah, far too many laws.  We have over 4,500 federal criminal laws, and somewhere around 300,000 federal regulatory laws.”

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I remember sitting in the library of St. John’s College in Harare Zimbabwe beginning my two year preparation for my Cambridge A-Level course work.  I was sixteen and spent two hours of each school day in study hall.  This time was left to me to decide what to study.  I could spend it in an unused classroom, but I chose the school library most often.

Zimbabwe, in my first six months in country, fascinated me.  I was one of two American kids my age in Harare.  In school I met hostility from many of my fellow students due to my nationality.   Continue reading “IF YOU CAN’T FIGHT IT, USE IT”


Ron Paul did a rare Sunday podcast today calling out the insane doctrine our government is shoving down our throat.  This doctrine is deliberately targeting our population’s fear, and spiking that fear to justify our current foreign policy of war against radical Islam.  The government and the politicians in it, are misleading the our citizens into believing that radical Islam is a legitimate military threat that can destroy our country.  By spiking your fear, and sparking your anger by mass propaganda of the Paris attack, and the San Bernardino mass killing, they seek to use your emotions to keep you from thinking logically.

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I just have to laugh when I listen to the mainstream media business cable channels.  They keep talking up the economic recovery all based on Wall Street and other traded markets.  They bring on all of these Keynesian economists and progressive or socialist leaning business experts and stock traders and ignore the reality of my wallet.  In fact they ignore the reality of the struggle to make a living on main street.  They all preach the government delivered statistics that are designed to trick the American people into believing things are better than the reality of the economic environment we live in every day.

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I watched a series of videos on YouTube that I found absolutely fascinating.  It helped that the interviewer is Bill Whittle who I often agree with.  He makes political speeches that are conservative, yet strikingly Libertarian.  He is no nonsense, call it like it is approach I much prefer compared to the snake oil carefully poll tested phrases used by politicians.  Although I don’t agree with all of his political points, I can agree with many because he is a very informed speaker and interviewer.  In these videos Bill Whittle is interviewing is Dinesh D’Souza, who recently got released from jail after serving an eight month sentence for campaign funding violations. Dinesh D’Souza not only tells how his harsh punishment was to teach him a lesson for his movie Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream, the second most popular political documentary in history, but how he was targeted for punishment by the Obama administration. Continue reading “FROM POLITICAL PRISONER TO REFORMED REALIST”