Flynn’s Resignation is a Victory For the Corrupt Establishment

It has been an exciting and tough month for the Trump administration. Daily I watch the daily press briefings and the mainstream media has gone insane.  Trump has expanded media access to smaller and some alternate outlets.  This is a break in tradition.  Establishment politicians in the Senate fight tooth and nail to delay allowing the Cabinet to be approved.  Behind the scenes and not well covered, upper management of many government agencies quake in fear of those Cabinet appointments.  All these groups are working against the proposed Trump Cabinet because they fear it.  This is the corrupt establishment that fears losing their unconstitutional power, cushy paychecks, and being forced to find real jobs.  General Michael Flynn’s resignation is a victory for the corrupt establishment.  The Trump administration caved to pressure and draining the swamp just became more difficult.

The election of Donald Trump was a revolution against the status quo.  Average Americans waking up to the reality of corrupt Washington establishment flocked to support outside candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  Bernie Sanders talked tough about the big banks but was openly a socialist.  The problem Americans are rebelling against is too much socialism already written into law.  Over regulation is destroying manufacturing, welfare is enslaving tens of millions to vote for phony promises, and the banks defraud their customers with impunity.  Sanders proposed being a cure for herpes by having sex with more people with syphilis.  Bernie Sanders being a socialist would have only made things worse.

Instead America chose to vote for Donald Trump.  Trump promised to deport illegal immigrants and secure the southern border.  He promised to renegotiate our trade deals and cut regulation to revive American manufacturing.  Perhaps most importantly to me, he promised a return to the rule of law.  That meant that powerful politicians, big banks, and corporate giants would be held accountable for violating the law.  These giants being held accountable like an everyday citizen promised to stamp down on the fraud and cronyism common in a corrupt America. I wrote this article and this article about the corruption and how and why it operates.

That promise from Donald Trump later morphed into a new promise, the promise to drain the swamp.  Draining the swamp meant bleeding the corruption out of the Washington DC establishment and government organizations.  This was a declaration of war on the lifetime bureaucrats that inhabit the IRS, CIA, EPA, BLM, State Department and all of the other government agencies.  It was a threat to take away their powers to write regulations and guide the policies that created our current dysfunctional America.

To fulfill this promise to drain the swamp, Donald Trump strategically selected members of his cabinet.  Betsy Devos is a strong supporter of school choice, vouchers, and strongly opposes Common Core.  She represents exactly the opposite of the educational industrial complex run by the teachers unions that currently soaks the educational system for tax payer dollars.  Betsy Devos will work to hold teachers accountable for how well they educate children and seek to return to schools to being controlled at a local level rather than being directed poorly from a federal level.

Scott Pruitt was another important Donald Trump selection to fight the bureaucratic government corruption in the EPA.  As the Oklahoma attorney general, Scott Pruitt sued to the EPA on 14 separate occassions to block what he viewed as unconstitutional regulation.  Pruitt described the idea of man made global warming a “religious belief.”  I agree with his assessment, I have a strong science and math background and distrust the methodology of modelling science that created this theory.  I wouldn’t even call man made global warming a theory, but a thinly supported hypothesis with evidence that can not be consistently reproduced.

Donald Trump made two selections for his Cabinet to drain the swamp I consider the most important.  The first is Jeff Sessions to become the Attorney General and restore the rule of law.  The second was General Michael Flynn to be the National Security Adviser and to clean up the corruption in our intelligence agencies, especially the CIA.  This started an information war that really got rolling in early December. General Flynn represented a very real threat to upper management in the CIA and they have been attacking Donald Trump through the media to fight back because of it.  It has been a dirty disinformation campaign that I have followed quite closely.

General Flynn and Donald Trump moved with astounding speed in the opening days of the administration in an attempt to remove the fangs from the venomous corrupt intelligence community.  Saturday January 28 2017 Donald Trump signed a presidential memorandum to change the make up of the National Security Council.  It excluded the inter-army Chief of Staff and the director of the CIA from the council.  Trump and Flynn also announced a desire to eliminate the post of Director of National Intelligence.  This was done to lessen the power of the Bush/Obama intelligence giant.

In order to clean up the corruption in the CIA that continuously feeds false propaganda to the mainstream media to brainwash Americans into believing falsehoods, Trump looked to remove the top power players with Flynn advising him how.  To really drain the swamp in the CIA though, getting rid of John Brennan is not enough.  Trump and Flynn needed time to dismantle the upper management of the CIA.  To do this they would need to purge the CIA of many of its GS-15, 16, and 17 level employees.  These ranks represent Colonels and Generals and they attain their rank by being politically pliant.  The ones in position today are Obama supporters, so staunchly opposed to Donald Trump’s agenda.  Still sitting in their seats of power, they can launch attacks through their mainstream media proxy.

The CIA and mainstream media spent a lot of time and effort discrediting themselves by publishing easily debunked fake news stories.  So they changed tactics away from directly targeting President Trump and instead targeted General Flynn.  The Washington Post, a favorite mouthpiece for the CIA, published an article on Feb 9 2017.   It made the accusation that General Flynn discussed with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak what the Trump administrations plans were for dealing with the sanctions imposed by Barack Obama before taking office.  This implied General Flynn directly undermined the authority of the Obama administration before he had to power to do so.  General Flynn denied the meetings took place, and then had to back away from his denial.  This points to hard evidence of the meetings.  It also points to General Flynn lying.

As I was discussing about the CIA’s upper management, although John Brennan is gone and they no longer have a place on the National Security Council, they are still dangerous.  If a rattlesnake with no fangs bites you, that doesn’t mean you might not die a week later if you don’t medically treat the bite correctly.  A rattlesnake’s mouth is loaded with infectious bacteria that if allowed to fester and infect the victim, can be just as deadly over time. From the evidence above, I have to conclude that the CIA was running bugging operations on the Trump administration officials during the period of transition of power.  This gave them recording of General Flynn’s discussions, so they turned the information into a weapon.

The fact is that the meetings between an incoming administration official such as General Flynn and the Russian Ambassador are not really uncommon.  What was talked about might have been a real breach in what is allowed though.  By denying the accusation, General Flynn set himself up for being caught in a lie when evidence was presented.  The mainstream media that oppose all things Trump, took him being caught in a lie and ran wild.  That is why I can write so much of this article off the cuff.  I have been reading article after article for days on this subject. This backed General Flynn and the Trump administration into a corner, come clean about the discussions, or at fear of the recordings being leaked, General Flynn could step down.

Monday night February 13 the CIA succeeded in fatally infecting the victim and General Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Adviser.  This is a blow to President Trump’s inside ring of nonconformists.  General Michael Flynn previously exposed the CIA and Hillary Clinton State Department for creating the conditions in Syria and Iraq for the formation of ISIS.  The 2012 DIA classified reports showed the Obama administration ignored good intelligence to begin our illegal intervention creating the Syrian civil war.  That led to the rise of ISIS and the current migrant crisis destroying Europe.  That whistle blowing effort by General Flynn got him fired from his position as the head of DIA.  That is why the CIA targeted him and used the media to destroy him.


This represents the first step backwards for Donald Trump in his quest to drain the swamp.  Always before with the help of Steve Bannon, the Trump administration fought the negative mainstream press ruthlessly. This time a key team member to Donald Trump’s strategy to end the American empire and return to an America first policy got taken down. General Flynn is now the first casualty in the war between Donald Trump and the mainstream media, corrupt establishment and the CIA.

This will be a momentum blow to the Trump administration.  Inside there are the nonconformists who seek real change like Flynn, Bannon, and Sessions.  Then there are the establishment that seek a continued status quo like Preibus.  This was a victory for the establishment and that is a bad sign.  The Trump administration showed weakness in the face of adversity and blood is in the water.  The media, and behind them the CIA are the sharks circling in the water.  This fight is just getting started.


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The War Between The Mainstream Media and President Trump

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There Are Times to Put Up or Shut Up

This is a tough post for me to write.  Not because I separated my shoulder three weeks ago and if feels like someone is shoving a knife in my shoulder as I type, but because I have to admit failure.  A person came to me about how the state of Nebraska was screwing his dad, and I promised results.  I failed.  I can say all kinds of excuses, but I failed.  The path to corruption is clear, but it was done mostly as the internet just got started.  I need to be in Omaha to find what I think I can find.  Living in Georgia and needing my full time job will not allow that to happen.  I need to realize there are times to put up or shut up.  On this, I was really wrong and I feel like an idiot.

One of the things that gets interesting when you are investigating things that are before the internet, is it is all photocopied documents.  Back then people used to meet face to face.  There was no text messaging or emailing which is part of everyday life.  Funny enough, that made conspiratorial theories easier to keep secret.  It kept fewer eyes and ears on information.

I grew up in an interesting fashion.  Never in my life did I question that my phone was bugged.  My dad was listed as one of the top 10 most damaging spies by the Stazi in the late 1980s.  We were tracked, monitored, bugged, followed, and couldn’t do anything without a bit of an audience my entire life.  Do I laugh about some East German having to listen to me take a dump.  They may have only really been interested in my parents, but that didn’t matter.

Then it comes to times to get much more serious.  When I started my website, a little over a year ago, I thought Hillary Clinton would be the next president.  I saw the voter fraud for what it was, but I didn’t see Trump winning.  I started my website as a way to speak out.  She promised repeatedly to crack down on the internet and alternate media that was telling the truth.  It was going to be a beacon for people to view when I was jailed for writing the truth.  I had no clear picture, I just needed to write.  Now the tables are turned and I don’t think Homeland Security will view my work as dangerous.  How do you deal with those kind of changes?  I am still a bit baffled.

No, my promise to put up or shut up comes from what I am promising myself.  Lord forgiving, I will follow through.  In my last monthly newsletter I warned my readers that I am also writing a book.  That will take time away from me writing on my website.  I have been doing a shit ton of research and the process is not fun.  I am doing anyway.

I should be far ahead of where I am at now.  By trying to help one person, I haven’t been writing and that is letting down everyone else that is following my writing.  By taking on too many projects at once caused me to lose focus and fail at all of them at the same time.  I is time to refocus and get back to writing what I know.

Sorry I am going to cut this short, that knife in my shoulder really sucks.

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Politician vs Businessman, Promises Broken vs Promises Kept

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Here it is, the third day of 2017 and “Russian hacking” again takes a front page position on the Washington Post.  This story is to report that the Washington Post’s original article from 3 days ago was nothing but a bunch of lies.  It also serves to attempt to defend the legitimacy of a recent government report that was supposed to prove Russia hacked the election. The report did no such thing.  That of course is tied to the Obama administration and the Washington Post trying to paint Donald Trump as a Russian stooge.  All of these things keep being exposed as lies.  That doesn’t stop the Washington Post and the government from spreading these lies purposefully. That is why I can’t trust the government or mainstream media on Russian hacking. Continue reading “Why I Can’t Trust The Government Or Mainstream Media on Russian Hacking”

CNN And The Obama Administration Made Absolute Fools Out Themselves With Russia

Last night over social media I saw a CNN story that announced Russia was going to close the Anglo American School and American vacation datcha in Moscow.  It was a shock, I spent 1979 -1982 living in Moscow when my dad was assigned to the American Embassy.  I went to that school as a little kid when it only operated on a K through 7th grade basis.  It was against policy for American personal to have teenage children living in the USSR.  I also took vacations with my family and attended summer camp at that datcha.  This was a nasty Russian attack against the families of Americans stationed in Moscow.  Today I woke up to find out the CNN was again publishing “fake news” for public consumption.  They published an outright lie.  This meant CNN and the Obama administration made absolute fools out of themselves with Russia. Continue reading “CNN And The Obama Administration Made Absolute Fools Out Themselves With Russia”

The CIA Attempted To Assassinate President-Elect Trump’s Credibility, And This Will Get Interesting

After the shock of the election of Donald Trump, the establishment was caught flat footed.  An attempt was made by progressive groups like to spark nationwide protests, but that effort largely failed. Other than the west coast, people lost interest after a few days.  Then a call was made for recounts in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin in late November.  Again the establishment failed to topple Trump.  Then December 9th, the Washington Post released an article naming a CIA source saying there is a secret report about Russian hacking that caused Donald Trump to be elected.  Pundits parroted the unproven information trying to affect the the electoral college.  In that failed campaign, I began to realize the CIA has bigger motives.  This unproven claim is the CIA attempting to assassinate President-Elect Trump’s credibility, and this will get interesting. Continue reading “The CIA Attempted To Assassinate President-Elect Trump’s Credibility, And This Will Get Interesting”

A Deplorably Merry Christmas

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